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Post the "Fetish" of the person above you....7,489314Mar 2008Jun 2010Oct 11
Obama and The UN Global Tax...1,20429Mar 2008Oct 2009Oct 15
MY AMERICA and MY CONSTITUTION1,10030Mar 2008Oct 200912 hrs ago
I'll give you the middle....You fill in the rest...3769Mar 2008Jun 2009Oct 7
Why are there no contemporary writers in Jesus' time?11,960231Jun 2008Feb 2009Oct 18
Simple Words We Miss Hearing Because We're Single.....6,384212Mar 2008Nov 2008Oct 14
What is the MOST spontaneous thing you've ever done?18,66763Mar 2008Jul 2008Oct 16
What is the first word that pops into your head....(part 2)4,857270Mar 2008Jul 2008Oct 17
Wink a Dink Dink....3225Jun 2008Jun 2008Oct 10
I'll ask my dog.....68725Jun 2008Jun 2008Oct 9
Phobias and fears....1,57669Mar 2008Jun 2008Oct 18
Who looks the absolute HAPPIEST in their profile pic?42013Jun 2008Jun 2008Oct 8
Phrases you can use to take someone down a notch....5,452389Mar 2008Jun 2008Oct 17
Who's on YOUR list???1,18425Jun 2008Jun 2008Oct 15
WHat are the emoticons REALLY thinking???1,10246Jun 2008Jun 2008Sep 24
Do you look at the Toilet paper when you wipe?1,51663Mar 2008Jun 200811 hrs ago
For Men: What makes your Junk Chubby?1,69448Mar 2008Jun 20089 hrs ago
Good ideas to annoy people......1,11842Mar 2008Jun 2008Sep 26
Another person above you thread.....Where are his/her hands?47618Mar 2008Jun 2008Oct 7
Things you shouldn't do when you're drunk....3006Jun 2008Jun 2008Oct 9
The SLAM Obama Threat......69926May 2008May 2008Sep 22
Obama 57.....1,98261May 2008May 2008Oct 18
Give terrible advice to the one above you....1,58992May 2008May 2008Sep 25
Dear Mom......5228May 2008May 2008Sep 29
Went grocery shopping today.....(my serious hat is on)56118May 2008May 2008Oct 2
Does the Bible recognize the existence of other "gods"?3,879228May 2008May 200823 hrs ago
Was Moses just another cult leader? (and other borrowed ideas)1,86360May 2008May 2008Oct 9
Our deepest fear.....89523May 2008May 2008Oct 17
Dam It....3173May 2008May 200816 hrs ago
What period of your life most influenced the person you've become today?1,43228Apr 2008May 2008Oct 17
Little Known Facts41110Apr 2008Apr 2008Oct 9
Procrastinator's....Maybe I'll just post this later....96632Apr 2008Apr 2008Oct 2
Wors movies of all time.......1,19830Mar 2008Apr 2008Oct 18
Ain't nobody gonna keep ME down!!!1,04137Apr 2008Apr 2008Oct 15
Here's a spin on the name thread......1,64762Apr 2008Apr 2008Oct 17
Answer a question with a question....12,7501,001Mar 2008Apr 2008Oct 16
Pulling punches....Be Farking Real FFS!!!!3,466178Mar 2008Apr 2008Oct 9
goose update94918Apr 2008Apr 2008Sep 28
Ig Pay Atin Lay ead thray....64318Apr 2008Apr 2008Oct 17
Should we abort gay prostitutes, or leave it up to The godfather of terrorism?3,103113Apr 2008Apr 2008Oct 17
Does bad taste have a role in humor and life?1,36356Apr 2008Apr 2008Oct 13
So what's the difference between Rev. Wright and Otis Moss III?5818Apr 2008Apr 2008Oct 13

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