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a few flawless ways to get women!!1,15023Feb 2009Feb 2034 mins ago
The Neverending (and incoherent) Story56632May 2009May 2009Jun 8
EPIC EPIC FAIL64527May 2009May 200918 hrs ago
To all those people out on the tear last night!!25610May 2009May 2009Jun 6
Rejected44318Apr 2009Apr 2009Jun 7
So....Are there any eligible cork women who would actually like a date (no kidding!!)751Apr 2009Apr 2009Jun 4
Time to mix it up a bit!! :)47112Apr 2009Apr 2009Jun 5
God I'm mad after Older Irish Chicks!!!1,09751Apr 2009Apr 2009Jun 16
What is your status in the dating game?2579Apr 2009Apr 2009Jun 18
Well, This is interesting....!!!59026Apr 2009Apr 2009Jun 7
Lock up your wives and daughters.....2165Apr 2009Apr 2009Jun 18
Are some people here too "high maintenence"??.....68228Apr 2009Apr 2009Jun 2
I think Cork is the love county....38317Mar 2009Apr 2009Jun 5
What to do!!962Apr 2009Apr 2009Jun 12
So?............2787Apr 2009Apr 2009Jun 11
Boo!!1987Apr 2009Apr 2009Jun 7
Settling Down41916Mar 2009Mar 2009Jun 17
I'm tired of doing all the chasing....3117Mar 2009Mar 2009May 23
I'm tired of doing all the chasing....960Mar 2009Mar 2009May 22
Dip me in chocolate.....1353Mar 2009Mar 2009Jun 11
random thoughts25316Mar 2009Mar 2009Jun 5
PARTY HARD!!!1201Mar 2009Mar 2009Jun 11
I could do with...1,06556Mar 2009Mar 2009Jun 13
Who would win......1276Mar 2009Mar 2009Jun 5
Quote: "It takes mail to get mail"30810Mar 2009Mar 2009Jun 2
I often wonder what the point of this site is...1,09634Mar 2009Mar 2009Jun 10
Which saint patricks day parade are you going to this year?27513Mar 2009Mar 2009May 15
Hey Girls.....Don't be afraid to IM or E-Mail me :)2844Nov 2008Nov 2008Jun 4
Hey Girls.....Don't be afraid to IM or E-Mail me :)790Nov 2008Nov 2008May 28
Hot Polish Shop Girl Is Well Into Me!!!!!34812Nov 2008Nov 2008Jun 4
Oh it's going to be my birthday soon!!..........29212Oct 2008Oct 2008Jun 12
Is it just me.....????1922Oct 2008Oct 2008Jun 18
Last night was frickin hilarious!!!1955Oct 2008Oct 2008Jun 5
What is a better place to find dates?50634Oct 2008Oct 2008May 19
Stargate Movies3204Oct 2008Oct 2008Jun 14
Thinking of moving to waterford city1935Oct 2008Oct 2008Jun 5
I've been single 5 years as of this month :(48216Sep 2008Sep 200817 hrs ago
what do women look for in a guy these days then??58420Jul 2008Jul 2008Jun 1

This is a list of threads created by boarduser.

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