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Hermione Granger of Harry Potter fame, is she a hero or not? Please comment.1,40710Jul 2013Jul 2013Apr 8
Longtime CS poster needs your help with poll for research paper77612Jul 2013Jul 2013Apr 6
Ok folks you can engage in all these goofy threads on this site Now I would like your help!!8632Jul 2013Jul 2013Apr 3
to sex or not to sex that is the question88240Dec 2009Dec 2009Mar 28
sunrise rock47915Oct 2009Oct 2009Apr 5
you picked me up39513Sep 2009Sep 2009Mar 24
Sing You to Me4779Apr 2009Sep 2009Apr 9
love is four doors down3195Aug 2009Sep 2009Apr 8
broken temporarily81630Aug 2009Aug 2009Mar 17
Looking for nonsnarky input tonight.91949Jul 2009Jul 2009Mar 20
For Lisa (Stepmonster)2433Jul 2009Jul 2009Mar 18
Feeling broken hearted so wrote something73922Jun 2009Jun 2009Apr 11
Underneath by Alanis Morrisette79332Jun 2009Jun 2009Apr 9
I ain't your booty call mamma4429Jun 2009Jun 2009Apr 6
Food Slave3145Apr 2009Apr 2009Apr 7
Bridge Over Troubled Waters Simon and Garfunkel48515Apr 2009Apr 2009Apr 2
Broken People For Moonlightstar1,65368Apr 2009Apr 2009Apr 12
Got Me Searching For a Heart of Gold.74514Dec 2008Apr 2009Mar 31
Bleeding Heart51316Dec 2008Apr 2009Mar 17
I am right you are wrong no wonder I am single. lol76536Mar 2009Apr 2009Mar 25
Need your input to finish this quote75129Mar 2009Apr 2009Apr 6
Where in the world is Desmond San Diego?3247Apr 2009Apr 2009Apr 6
Fruition2966Apr 2009Apr 2009Mar 29
No fighting or sadness only silliness2,077153Mar 2009Mar 2009Apr 7
Longing83220Mar 2009Mar 2009Apr 3
Beauty97028Nov 2008Mar 2009Mar 21
Answer to IM Comments87642Mar 2009Mar 2009Apr 5
I See Your Heart Beating Everywhere.72026Feb 2009Mar 2009Apr 11
In the moment83731Mar 2009Mar 2009Feb 28
Aging36510Feb 2009Mar 2009Apr 4
For those who wait.3148Mar 2009Mar 2009Feb 25
There seems to be a problem of having the same old lame hineys on this site. What shall we do?80343Feb 2009Feb 20091 hrs ago
For Phil3408Feb 2009Feb 2009Mar 28
Final Journey54812Jan 2009Jan 2009Mar 4
Someday by Nicole Nordeman3835Jan 2009Jan 2009Feb 26
20121,26448Jan 2009Jan 200923 hrs ago
What does the word "hope" mean to you?2,80652Jan 2009Jan 2009Apr 4
Slate Blue Funk2287Jan 2009Jan 2009Apr 8
Share something that someone you respected has passed onto you2,235101Dec 2008Jan 2009Apr 7
Valentine (021403) For Dan3197Dec 2008Dec 2008Mar 31
still3013Dec 2008Dec 2008Apr 6
07-11-052211Dec 2008Dec 2008Mar 10

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