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How would you like to die?1,04072Jul 319 hrs ago1 hrs ago
Boring CS profile names....74337Jul 6Jul 2020 hrs ago
When last did you meet up with a new CS contact?55624Jul 8Jul 194 hrs ago
Fake profiles and scammers69329Jul 9Jul 154 hrs ago
Gimme your three Best movies of All Time.70447Jul 6Jul 1420 hrs ago
The End of An*l Friday and D*ck Pics49026Jul 10Jul 1314 hrs ago
Ok, so here's the next big thing - bread.38534Jul 11Jul 124 hrs ago
Who are the greatest motivational speakers today?813Jul 11Jul 1123 hrs ago
Men don't understand women.1,03366Jul 1Jul 1115 mins ago
Superficial and deep.16612Jul 9Jul 921 hrs ago
The only clique I want to belong to...42821Jul 8Jul 83 hrs ago
The grass is always greener...30320Jul 6Jul 720 hrs ago
This is the first day...24712Jul 3Jul 712 hrs ago
From the Red Hand Files1331Jun 29Jul 311 hrs ago
Frankly, I'm shocked.2766Jun 27Jul 3Jul 21
The Princess Syndrome, or The Curse of Being Beautiful.1,11647Jun 27Jun 3012 hrs ago
Today's Life Lesson2287Jun 28Jun 2817 hrs ago
Why do people love drama?70931Jun 19Jun 279 hrs ago
Famous960Jun 27Jun 272 hrs ago
The way to a man's heart is trhu is.....1605Jun 26Jun 2620 hrs ago
Single Men: How self-sufficient are you?2357Jun 25Jun 26Jul 21
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!1615Jun 25Jun 2511 hrs ago
If I can spot them, why can't the mods?25418Jun 23Jun 235 hrs ago
Ladies, how do you react when a handsome hunk passes you by on the street?28416Jun 21Jun 2123 hrs ago
Do you believe we will have another war in the Middle East within the next 2 years?2159Jun 20Jun 202 hrs ago
What percentage of profiles on CS do you think are fake?27411Jun 20Jun 20Jul 21
Bad behaviour32516May 31Jun 933 mins ago
Anonymous profiles57025May 31Jun 1Jul 21
How long have you been on CS?1,25158May 22May 3019 hrs ago
Why are the forums....1,622123May 28May 3026 mins ago
Beauty is the beast.43520May 21May 22Jul 21
This means War34622May 11May 194 hrs ago
The Awful Truth women don't realise.1,25369Mar 21May 115 hrs ago
Sugar your daddy...24110May 9May 9Jul 17
Are you wasting your time on earth?27111May 9May 9Jul 21
I like zombie turtles28617Apr 28May 4Jul 19
Adam and Eve....86157Apr 28May 19 hrs ago
Timeout1331Apr 19Apr 19Jul 18
Julian Assange Arrested.1,30863Apr 11Apr 1810 mins ago
Does age affect your dating prospects?1,19157Nov 2018Mar 10Jul 21
Singledom is a positive choice, not a death sentence.99757Oct 2018Mar 510 hrs ago
Your most favourite movie of all time - and why?84047Oct 2018Feb 27Jul 21

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