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Timeout561Apr 19Apr 193 hrs ago
Julian Assange Arrested.1,19764Apr 11Apr 1810 mins ago
The Awful Truth women don't realise.43521Mar 21Mar 216 hrs ago
Does age affect your dating prospects?1,08457Nov 8Mar 1014 hrs ago
Singledom is a positive choice, not a death sentence.87057Oct 7Mar 512 hrs ago
Your most favourite movie of all time - and why?76647Oct 15Feb 27Apr 19
Have you ever considered how difficult you are to live with?82339Oct 22Feb 2523 hrs ago
Why? Why?65937Jan 24Feb 1417 hrs ago
Dingbats, wackos, rejects and numbnuts.2253Feb 13Feb 148 hrs ago
Does the man always pay for the woman?2,608168Nov 2Jan 98 hrs ago
Big and beautiful, Bag o' Bones - what's your tag?1,13258Oct 28Dec 1Apr 18
What are the biggest dating profile No-No's?2,724141Oct 17Nov 29Apr 18
Eating out alone.71241Nov 12Nov 222 hrs ago
Are we F*ckwits?52413Nov 15Nov 2218 hrs ago
Ladies, here's your 2019 calendar. You're welcome.50424Oct 13Nov 1816 hrs ago
Do you research online reviews before booking a hotel or restaurant?21814Nov 6Nov 17Apr 19
Happiness in two things.48533Nov 10Nov 15Apr 18
What type of childhood did you have?35726Nov 11Nov 15Apr 19
What's your worst job? Stop whining, it could always be worse.28517Oct 11Nov 15Apr 14
UFO or UF no?2459Nov 12Nov 15Apr 17
Partner search: How important is the 'Smoker/Non-Smoker' issue?71843Nov 8Nov 1315 hrs ago
Meanwhile, south of the Mason-Dixon....1233Nov 4Nov 13Apr 19
The Greatest Love Story...26114Nov 13Nov 135 hrs ago
Are you a 'handyman'?1,14578Nov 10Nov 13Apr 19
Older men dating younger women.1,74799Nov 4Nov 116 hrs ago
Please VOTE on this poll.35014Nov 11Nov 11Apr 19
What are the BEST things about living alone?48031Nov 7Nov 1010 hrs ago
A kind of immortality...18713Nov 3Nov 9Apr 19
What's your best-ever pick-up line?41123Nov 8Nov 99 hrs ago
Has watching porn ruined your love-life?72049Nov 8Nov 8Apr 19
Is this guy in love with you? ?1,632105Nov 6Nov 82 hrs ago
What's for breakfast darlin'?...30020Nov 4Nov 519 hrs ago
This little piggy went to market....1533Nov 5Nov 5Apr 14
Right-wing conservative insanity2,637143Oct 24Nov 48 hrs ago
We are the champions....1170Nov 2Nov 2Apr 19
Why are you on Connecting Singles?1,974105Oct 16Nov 15 hrs ago
You pompous celibate, full of sh*t.....!!61433Oct 31Oct 3116 hrs ago
Boy of summer....1220Oct 31Oct 31Apr 14
Absence makes the heart grow fonder.86957Oct 21Oct 3112 hrs ago
Something about your life.91957Oct 28Oct 3010 hrs ago
What did you think of the movie 'Pride and Prejudice'?54532Oct 30Oct 3018 hrs ago
Types of men to avoid.1,57376Oct 22Oct 3018 hrs ago

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