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Our definitions of true love and the power of true love1,14719Dec 2013Dec 2013Apr 10
According to a new controversial new book, cheating is evidence of love and keeps couples together.2,36342Mar 2012Mar 2012Apr 13
Say hi!2,54448Sep 2011Sep 2011Apr 18
Pharma and Vaccine Quackery10,276331Apr 2011Jun 2011Apr 16
Meditation1,76552Apr 2011Apr 20116 hrs ago
How Well Should You Know Your Online Lover?1,45922Apr 2011Apr 2011Apr 5
Perception, something to think about...79515Apr 2011Apr 2011Apr 8
Artificial Intelligence and Technological Singularity72511Feb 2011Feb 2011Apr 8
More than 1,000 blackbirds fall out of Arkansas sky7,163251Jan 2011Jan 2011Apr 6
Survey Finds Religious Americans Healthier, Happier55910Jan 2011Jan 2011Apr 2
I loved this story :-)5152Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 10
Unexplained paranormal event that just doesn't make sense1,00723Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 8
It just doesn't matter!!!1,44137Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 9
Food Safety Bill passed1,31229Nov 2010Dec 2010Apr 5
I still haven't figured out the capital of Europe?5,151144Oct 2010Nov 20105 hrs ago
Happy 20th Anniversary, Pearl Jam4874Oct 2010Oct 2010Apr 11
?"What I have to say can be summed up in six words---tune in, turn on, drop out"75212Oct 2010Oct 2010Apr 18
Open letter to the poets3993Oct 2010Oct 2010Apr 10
Official 2010 NFL Thread2,865110Sep 2010Oct 2010Apr 13
Bigfoot/Sasquatch - Do you believe?1,25225Oct 2010Oct 2010Apr 3
Everything She Wants!!!111!!!1,24029Oct 2010Oct 2010Apr 13
EUROPE - you best damn show respect5206Oct 2010Oct 201022 hrs ago
UFOs eyed nukes, ex-Air Force personnel say99626Sep 2010Oct 2010Apr 6
CS Foxy women...2,58658Oct 2010Oct 2010Apr 18
Real Love, True Love80616Sep 2010Sep 2010Apr 4
U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey1,04525Sep 2010Sep 2010Apr 9
How deep is your love?1,36627Sep 2010Sep 2010Apr 5
For the CS men only...4,756133Sep 2010Sep 2010Apr 16
Stephen Hawking: God did not create Universe8,036255Sep 2010Sep 2010Apr 19
Young (I'm 37, is that old?) and looking for older/young sexy women to2,26060Aug 2010Aug 2010Apr 1
Casual Sex and One-Night Stands17,861376Aug 2010Aug 2010Apr 19
Nutty ideas by the 'Naturists'1,56147Aug 2010Aug 2010Apr 13
My Official Man-Crush Appreciation Thread...2,79688Aug 2010Aug 2010Apr 15
Did you or do you spank your kids to teach them a lesson?2,76578Aug 2010Aug 2010Apr 9
Are women the barometer of our culture?97628Aug 2010Aug 2010Apr 14
40% of American citizens think premarital sex is immoral?2,32969Aug 2010Aug 201023 hrs ago
Women under 401,64362Mar 2010Aug 2010Apr 7
Convince me the soul/consciousness does not move on after death12,034509Jun 2010Jul 201017 hrs ago
Students Kicked Off Campus for Wearing American Flag Tees3,241113May 2010May 2010Apr 16
The Disco Stick...2810May 2010May 2010Apr 13
What are you...2,80889May 2010May 2010Apr 8
One door closes, another one opens....6123May 2010May 2010Mar 20

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