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Trudeau gave the Clinton's 20 millon dollars626Jun 4Jun 15Jun 15
The Clinton's Foundation ; America the Secret History of the Democratic Party by Dinesh D;Souza's24419Jun 4Jun 13Jun 15
Reporter; "What went through your mind when you saw your house burned down....Huh?1066Jun 6Jun 12Jun 15
Anger management really works13411Jun 10Jun 11Jun 15
Anger management it reall does work.............................392Jun 10Jun 106 hrs ago
The Clinton and friends plot thickens16211Jun 8Jun 820 hrs ago
Obama spoke to Canadians in Ottawa, he sees himself as the saviour, arogant yep13117May 31Jun 714 hrs ago
Trudea gave the Clinton's 20 million dollars1607Jun 4Jun 714 hrs ago
The Clinton's Foundation Hillary's book; America the secret History of the Dems Party391Jun 4Jun 5Jun 15
"Home Exchange" Anyone ever used it? I did and it was a very great experience442Jun 3Jun 3Jun 15
"Home Exchange" Have you ever done this? I have and it was a great experience670Jun 3Jun 323 hrs ago
North Korea Executed and Purged Top Nuclear Negotiators, South Korean Report Says565Jun 1Jun 25 hrs ago
Yep it is happening boys and girls Yippee13712May 24Jun 215 hrs ago
Obama spoke to Canadians in Ottawa, arrogant as Obame sees himself as the saviour301Jun 1Jun 13 hrs ago
Declassication incoming (original mueler investigation) It is happening guys77161May 24May 284 hrs ago
Anyone watching Jeapardy? James may win over 2 milliion tday541May 24May 28Jun 13
]Mount Everest on track for one of its deadliest years10813May 26May 2710 hrs ago
He works throught people, to answer your prayers36034May 26May 271 hrs ago
One of my favorite stories, too bad you could not have seen the face of this black brother his eyes340May 26May 2614 hrs ago
He works through people to answer your prayer, true story430May 26May 263 hrs ago
This is the only one we really need as it says it ALL1625May 23May 23Jun 13
This is the only one we really need as it says it all612May 23May 2321 hrs ago
Checkout scams1004May 13May 197 hrs ago
More than 400 infected as outbreak of HIV sprarks panic in Pakiatan, doctors using dirty needles745May 18May 18Jun 6
Would appreciate your prayers or good thoughts13913Mar 5May 152 hrs ago
The wall is being built right now13912Apr 24May 10Jun 10
The horror in Sri Lankan, now 207 death and over 400 wonded28112Apr 21Apr 299 hrs ago
Would Jesus celebrate Easter..............NO He would not..............45036Apr 20Apr 272 hrs ago
Why tomorrow is Good Friday, the cross is empty for He has risen from the dead30716Apr 18Apr 2615 hrs ago
You can change your name but your M.0. stays the same so is is easyly recognized1,06372Apr 17Apr 218 hrs ago
Some things to think about........................802Mar 13Apr 21Jun 14
Why tomorrow is Good Friday, He has risen from the dead966Apr 18Apr 18Jun 12
Is Vaping healthier than smoking?45028Mar 8Apr 10Jun 14
A few smiles .................1085Mar 12Mar 30Jun 15
Stay alert. They walk among us. They breed, They vote18210Mar 15Mar 24Jun 15
We survived child hood, .............the good old days26517Mar 17Mar 23Jun 11
The truth about Mc.Cain20218Mar 17Mar 23Jun 5
That is how it is .............................a few jokes for you today752Mar 14Mar 21Jun 9
Laughter is like vitamins for the soul30420Mar 16Mar 20Jun 7
Lol, this makes sense to me711Mar 18Mar 19Jun 8
College admissions scandal:1098Mar 19Mar 1911 hrs ago
Was Obama a good president, a saint or a crook?87694Mar 11Mar 183 hrs ago

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