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say some more1402 hrs ago2 hrs ago13 mins ago
my daily1305Jul 94 hrs ago20 mins ago
the land of the free?71757Jul 46 hrs ago2 hrs ago
say no more1919 hrs ago9 hrs ago52 mins ago
if the phoenix bird can fly14113Jul 8Jul 95 mins ago
where you heading? Illinois672Jul 9Jul 99 hrs ago
i'm back, i'm back, extra, extra752Jul 8Jul 86 hrs ago
i've had enough572Jul 8Jul 85 hrs ago
did you hear that?884Jul 8Jul 850 mins ago
192042010Jul 8Jul 831 mins ago
is not, flied lice26214Jul 7Jul 86 hrs ago
the piano29014Jul 2Jul 810 hrs ago
florida is #1 in covid2939Jun 26Jul 44 hrs ago
20201,3479Jul 3Jul 49 mins ago
ain't no sunshine when34518Jun 19Jul 11 hrs ago
not karma, but it happened1311Jun 28Jun 286 hrs ago
gone with the wind, back with disclaimer2075Jun 25Jun 285 hrs ago
hey look950Jun 27Jun 2724 mins ago
2nd wave is here1601Jun 27Jun 279 hrs ago
guerrah, guerrah,760Jun 26Jun 26Jul 7
these songs are ok1898Jun 22Jun 25Jul 9
now, who's the real king of R&R?1693Jun 20Jun 2415 hrs ago
they keep showing their ignorance42832Jun 17Jun 2320 hrs ago
on weather1343Jun 22Jun 229 hrs ago
the song840Jun 22Jun 221 mins ago
Tarzan boy1293Jun 21Jun 2121 hrs ago
this must come down as well2238Jun 19Jun 214 hrs ago
but in the meantime1071Jun 1Jun 424 hrs ago
in vain38519May 29Jun 423 hrs ago
extra, extra, read all about it1732May 21May 2118 hrs ago
it's official1773May 15May 1524 hrs ago
nothing else matters1455May 14May 15Jul 9
i'm asking for your permission3205May 12May 1515 hrs ago
mira que loco1231May 13May 13Jul 7
sank you1551May 9May 129 hrs ago
oye perro, no te vayas1271May 9May 9Jul 8
oye tu,1461May 6May 66 hrs ago
damn1482May 4May 5Jul 6
if I fell1662Apr 21Apr 2823 hrs ago
VA Hospital reporting that61031Apr 23Apr 2614 hrs ago
and the winners are1160Apr 25Apr 25Jul 9
finally, we're living in a green planet1312Apr 22Apr 22Jul 1

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