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Does anybody know how to post your own pictures in a thread?40921Mar 2824 hrs ago5 hrs ago
Israel is deporting Ukrainians seeking refuge!1,19767Apr 23May 17 hrs ago
Navalny is Ukrainian and a part time NAZI!61325Apr 27May 113 hrs ago
Things become more precious with age!2674Apr 22Apr 2917 hrs ago
When the forum is boring and not fun. Post here to complain.1,15034Mar 28Apr 2814 mins ago
Finland is smuggling Russian fuel.51226Apr 25Apr 2813 hrs ago
Swedish propaganda in the Ukraine/Russia affair.2,579133Mar 9Apr 2811 hrs ago
The diabolical plan of education inflation.25910Jul 2021Apr 27Jun 24
What will happen with the homeless in USA?3,596203Aug 2021Apr 273 hrs ago
The ever rising bar.38213Aug 2021Apr 26Jun 16
Why doesent 18000 per day emigrate to Greenland?47933Apr 16Apr 24Jun 25
Intelligent people and relationships.1,00740Apr 19Apr 2324 hrs ago
Intelligent world VS dumb world.1,06079Apr 19Apr 22Jun 23
Trump and Biden are both not the solution!54636Apr 19Apr 2222 hrs ago
Be honest now! Would you sit in the passenger seat when Biden overtakes a semi truck?2026Apr 14Apr 2114 hrs ago
New fantastic thread. Ad next letter in the alphabet.1457Apr 19Apr 20Jun 25
Check what military airplanes are doing and where.34911Mar 27Apr 191 hrs ago
Please state your psychological emergency!34812Apr 17Apr 185 hrs ago
Annual mean temperature and how it relates to charity.20210Apr 8Apr 17Jun 21
Who is the worst US president ever?38417Apr 9Apr 1515 hrs ago
Who is the best US president ever?32112Apr 9Apr 146 hrs ago
What qualities are you looking for in a possible partner.1,06441Apr 9Apr 14Jun 21
Soviet leaders VS Russian leaders. Who was/is the best?22313Apr 8Apr 1410 hrs ago
What a smart man!1450Apr 13Apr 13Jun 26
I think I am going to create a fake profile and fight with my self in the forums!1,05330Mar 16Apr 13Jun 25
Cleaning crew did it again. Terminated threads thread.39410Apr 4Apr 12Jun 20
Kings who still have political power and your thoughts about them?1464Apr 9Apr 10Jun 19
Do you think you could be a successful scammer?2149Apr 8Apr 922 hrs ago
Are you sometimes drunk or high when you post on forum?57022Mar 30Apr 8Jun 26
I1777Apr 8Apr 85 hrs ago
Murderer of Russian prisoners identified as Mikheil Saakashvili's bodyguard.41717Apr 6Apr 7Jun 25
I don't answer to some profiles replying to my posts anymore.39012Mar 29Apr 618 hrs ago
USA is not an democracy!1,05242Mar 31Apr 6Jun 26
Matrix 2.0 Is the world really real!952Apr 5Apr 5Jun 25
Tactical drones.760Apr 4Apr 4Jun 22
Will Smith comes clean! It was a hoax!69023Apr 1Apr 46 hrs ago
The comet Gliese 242 will impact our planet system the year 2029!1084Apr 1Apr 321 hrs ago
Hunter Biden has an Ukrainian daughter!2699Apr 1Apr 3Jun 26
Why do women destroy pictures after a separation?31912Mar 29Apr 26 hrs ago
I have to confess! I am really an 22 year old women from Pyongyang.2002Apr 1Apr 1Jun 23
Mind reading!2075Mar 31Apr 1Jun 17
Chines auto maker Chery relizes a car that runs on water!822Apr 1Apr 1Jun 25

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