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Boobies5,245222May 2020Jul 202013 hrs ago
Men ......2,987127Aug 2019Aug 2019May 14
The Shed5057Jun 2019Jul 2019Apr 25
Taking Charge53119May 2019Jul 2019May 16
World Food1,55467Jul 2019Jul 2019May 13
The Shed1,28054Jun 2019Jun 2019May 6
Agoraphobia1,20558May 2019May 201911 hrs ago
Old girl , New tricks :)2,48836Jan 2014Apr 2014May 2
Racial Blindness1,85866Aug 2009Aug 20096 hrs ago
Reminiscing ........1,25551Aug 2009Aug 2009May 9
What is your idea of 'Sweet Surrender' ?2,361111Aug 2008Aug 2009May 14
the miserable gits and nag thread1,67057Aug 2008Aug 2009May 5
The stray dog91739Aug 2009Aug 2009May 14
Sex Education51818Jun 2009Jun 2009May 4
Don't you hate... (again dont read if easily offended)1,61048May 2008Feb 2009Apr 30
Approaching people in public ?2,17188Feb 2009Feb 2009May 3
Are you available this year ??1,18349Jan 2009Jan 200924 hrs ago
youth and beauty or age and wisdom?73024Jan 2009Jan 2009May 10
What do you do ??1,61477Sep 2008Jan 2009Apr 23
The break in42814Jan 2009Jan 2009May 5
Jokes and humor97536Dec 2008Jan 2009May 12
Beware , shear filth2,44875Nov 2008Dec 200811 hrs ago
Eye problem62618Sep 2008Sep 2008Apr 6
Which of the 7 deadly sins applies to you?2,543101Jun 2008Sep 2008May 12
Tell me1,36633Jul 2008Sep 2008May 14
Humor is the best remedy48315Sep 2008Sep 2008May 5
just some advice1,39349Sep 2008Sep 20086 hrs ago
Have you experienced love at first sight?2,06765Sep 2008Sep 2008May 9
Vertical Tabulation91425Aug 2008Aug 2008May 4
Morning people83137Aug 2008Aug 2008Apr 18
My own 10 commandments1,33553Jul 2008Aug 2008May 1
and you want a man ?87128Aug 2008Aug 2008Apr 29
joke3076Aug 2008Aug 2008Apr 27
francine rivers64419Aug 2008Aug 2008Apr 16
just for us ladies3,599156Aug 2008Aug 2008May 6
Must Knowledge Come Before Desire?91031Jun 2008Aug 2008May 16
Can you give the philosophy of life in a sentence ?3,921146Jun 2008Aug 2008May 15
marriage ??4,983210Jul 2008Aug 2008May 10
What are the three "nevers" of your life?2,60187Jul 2008Jul 2008May 13
Put that in the stupid category88233Jul 2008Jul 2008May 6
dog advice1,19057Jul 2008Jul 2008Apr 26
The mind is a terrible thing to waste57216Jul 2008Jul 2008Apr 26

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