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.. And all that Jazz...16,064565Nov 2020Sep 252 hrs ago
Long time, so much chit... Play the blues30,399819Jul 2020Sep 25just now
Dino's Good Lovin' International Reggae Shack30,9551,096Oct 2019Jan 86 hrs ago
One for the road..8,940333Aug 2020Sep 20222 hrs ago
Growing up in the North6,724132Feb 2020Jul 20222 hrs ago
I want your Funk, not your Junk..2,539102Jan 2021Apr 20227 hrs ago
Today is Pancake day, how do you like yours?79621Feb 2021Feb 2021Sep 25
CS Valentine message board 2021...5,794233Feb 2021Feb 2021Sep 25
When I was a soldier..3442Feb 2021Feb 2021Sep 22
On a man or woman..1,21537Feb 2021Feb 2021Sep 19
If I were a dog...1,09241Feb 2021Feb 2021Sep 26
It's just not country..60219Feb 2021Feb 2021Sep 25
Hogging78124Feb 2021Feb 2021Sep 22
The English...1,47155Jan 2021Jan 2021Sep 21
If it looks and tastes like a prawn..51015Jan 2021Jan 2021Sep 24
This is not a food or music thread..36012Jan 2021Jan 2021Sep 12
Snacks..41417Jan 2021Jan 2021Sep 20
My first of the year..2905Jan 2021Jan 2021Sep 23
My favourite cheese..88043Jan 2021Jan 2021Sep 18
So much whining on one site..1,61540Jan 2021Jan 2021Sep 20
Happy Fryday..72036Jan 2021Jan 2021Sep 21
Let me take this opportunity..65722Jan 2021Jan 2021Sep 25
Why do women...1,46238Jan 2021Jan 2021Sep 26
Binge watchable?2,488126Nov 2020Jan 20214 hrs ago
I'm never....36514Jan 2021Jan 2021Sep 25
Sausage Fest..77917Dec 2020Dec 2020Sep 25
Seasons greetings and best wishes1,60663Dec 2020Dec 20202 hrs ago
If you're Irish...73515Nov 2020Dec 2020Sep 11
Build it and they will come...65819Dec 2020Dec 2020Sep 26
The Queen speaks on new restrictions...43917Dec 2020Dec 202055 mins ago
Lets have your Soul...34515Dec 2020Dec 2020Sep 24
Bing Crosby.. What a guy!43813Dec 2020Dec 202019 hrs ago
The History of Ireland..1,06425Dec 2020Dec 2020Sep 21
Charlie Pride taken by Covid.. R.I.P.3465Dec 2020Dec 2020Sep 20
A woman scorned..1,41041Dec 2020Dec 2020Sep 23
The sad news..4896Dec 2020Dec 202024 hrs ago
That's the tree up.. Ho Ho Ho38711Dec 2020Dec 2020Sep 24
Have you ever sang at a Karaoke?1,22249Nov 2020Dec 2020Sep 24
This evenings offering at Dino's reggae shack..77223Nov 2020Dec 2020Sep 24
Warning my fruit...1,19226Nov 2020Dec 2020Sep 23
When Irish Eyes..39315Nov 2020Dec 2020Sep 16
The Russians are coming!!77734Nov 2020Nov 2020Sep 22

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