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Last to post wins part 215,2611,170Mar 20218 mins ago4 mins ago
Sir Paul McCartney31713Jun 17Jun 1913 hrs ago
What are you doing?18,618639Sep 2020Nov 283 hrs ago
Watching The River Flow36714Aug 2021Sep 202112 hrs ago
R.I.P. Don Everly34217Aug 2021Aug 2021Jun 25
Why do some60621Apr 2021Apr 2021Jun 21
What would you do if you found the person above you in your bed?4,453206Nov 2020Dec 20203 hrs ago
Guys vs Girls14,4981,454Nov 2020Nov 202012 hrs ago
Who was/is your favorite Pop Culture Sergeant?38615Nov 2020Nov 2020Jun 25
Things that make you go hmmmm.1,00944Nov 2020Nov 2020Jun 26
Breaking News: This just in3417Nov 2020Nov 2020Jun 15
Someone asked me who is George Carlin39515Oct 2020Oct 2020Jun 24
Leave an anonymous or not so anonymous message4,628123Jul 2020Sep 202010 hrs ago
Communication Breakdown1,10849Aug 2020Aug 20207 hrs ago
Would you swap your childhood44718Jul 2020Jul 2020Jun 26
Happy 80th Birthday Ringo Starr!33217Jul 2020Jul 2020Jun 17
Ladies, someone called me a dirty old man pervert65219Jun 2020Jun 2020Jun 19
Happy Birthday Sir Paul McCartney!44118Jun 2020Jun 20202 hrs ago
I am still hoping for baseball this year2440Jun 2020Jun 2020Jun 20
Congratulations to the astronauts3213May 2020May 2020Jun 22
R.I.P. to a very funny man4416May 2020May 2020Jun 23
I think it is time I learn how to properly bake4279Apr 2020Apr 2020Jun 17
Happy Festivus78130Dec 2019Dec 20193 hrs ago
But I didn't mean to start a group conversation3826Dec 2019Dec 2019Jun 15
The 60's1,95593Nov 2019Dec 201914 hrs ago
Raking leaves1,29850Nov 2019Dec 2019Jun 25
Three things I don't like89431Nov 2019Nov 2019Jun 25
Post a song that is colorful1,69089Nov 2019Nov 2019Jun 25

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