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What is a cop?23813Jul 4Jul 92 hrs ago
Mob burns the elk statue in Portland.30920Jul 2Jul 812 hrs ago
Illegal fireworks in California1476Jul 5Jul 510 hrs ago
You're never too old to dance31416Jun 28Jul 513 hrs ago
The future of transportation.1132Jul 3Jul 35 hrs ago
Man has four erection caused by covid-1950824Jul 1Jul 3Jul 12
Meghan Markle for president?86147Jun 22Jun 264 hrs ago
Was Christopher Columbus a racist?1,56885Jun 10Jun 201 hrs ago
How can I get rid of these pesky Hello Molly ads.60930Jun 11Jun 1418 hrs ago
Hippo eats watermellon5716May 11May 1411 hrs ago
COVID mask joke1963May 5May 5Jul 8
Should states get a bailout or go bankrupt?991Apr 22Apr 24Jul 12
Ruh roh SS cuts getting closer891Apr 17Apr 1810 hrs ago
Covid-19 humor91542Apr 12Apr 1710 hrs ago
Ruth Chris steakhouse get 20 million dollar bailout.5749Apr 14Apr 16Jul 11
Nobody told me1200Apr 5Apr 52 hrs ago
Anybody else see Tiger King yet?2959Mar 23Apr 1Jul 11
Will your corona virus mask keep you from snoring?2358Mar 18Mar 26Jul 11
No TP no problem.2516Mar 18Mar 18Jul 10
I know a grave digger2085Mar 17Mar 18Jul 10
Double-Entendres2469Mar 9Mar 11Jul 12
What's your favorite "bum" wine from the 70s?33712Feb 28Mar 1Jul 12
Anybody see "Breakin Bad"?1632Jan 12Jan 122 hrs ago

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