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Keep It Going!3034Apr 12May 1316 hrs ago
Which Of These Is Your Favorite Breakfast1672Apr 12Apr 12May 15
Happy New Year!4419Dec 31Jan 4May 14
Is Your President A Good Leader?53415Nov 12Nov 156 hrs ago
Who Is The Better Leader?2759Nov 12Nov 126 hrs ago
You Know It’s Time To Leave A Relationship When…1,85836Aug 2023Aug 20231 hrs ago
If You Are Going To Retire, Where Do You Want To Live?6547Aug 2023Aug 20235 hrs ago
If you ever wanted to donate to a charity, What charity would you like to help84914Jul 2023Aug 20235 hrs ago
Open dicussion….What killing marriages/ relationship this days?1,32321Jul 2023Aug 202331 mins ago
Which Of These Is Your Favorite Fast Food Chains?1,60053Jul 2023Jul 20235 hrs ago
In case of breakup in relationship, who get hurt most man or woman?4946Jul 2023Jul 20235 hrs ago
Fill In The Blank......JESUS is my________6545Nov 2022Mar 2023Apr 28
Words Start with P and End with E1,41641Dec 2022Jan 2023May 12
What Vices Of Your Partner Can You Accept?56010Dec 2022Dec 20225 hrs ago
Which Of These Is Your Favorite Music Genre5474Nov 2022Nov 2022May 13
I dip my fries in _______ (you can't say ketchup)2,49150Aug 2022Aug 2022May 15
Which Of These Is The Most Important For A Relationship To Last:86414Aug 2022Aug 2022May 13
Words Start With L And End With G1,00833Aug 2022Aug 20229 hrs ago
Name A Country That Starts With The First Letter Of Your Name61610Jul 2022Aug 2022May 15
Words that start with U and end with E2,548105Jul 2022Jul 20225 hrs ago
Give A Word That Is Very Liar3260Jul 2022Jul 202216 hrs ago
Arrange This In Order Of Importance63214Jul 2022Jul 2022May 14
Who Will You First Save In A Sinking Ship?60815Jul 2022Jul 2022May 16
What Physical Activities Should You Do Everyday1,17431Mar 2022Mar 20225 hrs ago
Colors That Start With "M"53116Mar 2022Mar 2022May 8
If you could be any again, What age would it be?4646Feb 2022Feb 2022May 16
Connect with ur preferred age4644Feb 2022Feb 2022May 13
Which Of These Water Activities Is Your Favorite92731Feb 2022Feb 2022May 16
What is your Motto?2,96578Feb 2022Feb 20229 hrs ago
The day you raise your hand to a woman that's the day you're officially no longer a man?1,47920Jan 2022Feb 202216 hrs ago
Who is the most handsome actor who played superhero movie?(For womens members only)88410Feb 2022Feb 2022May 13
You Have Your Own Late Night Talk Show. Who Is Your First Guest?1,40224Nov 2021Feb 2022May 15
Where Do You Stand?91524Jan 2022Jan 2022May 1
Define love in one sentence2,28951Jan 2022Jan 202219 hrs ago
What the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your mother?1,21842Jan 2022Jan 2022May 13
What is your favorite tv series from 70's and 80's83815Jan 2022Jan 2022May 13
A movie you've watched over 3 times that you're still entertained by.63512Jan 2022Jan 2022May 13
Which is the best apps for video calling and chatting?5845Jan 2022Jan 20225 hrs ago
Your ex sent you a text....."Baby i'm in jail. Reply with just 2 words1,79031Dec 2021Jan 202218 hrs ago
Name a movie that takes place on the water1,74559Dec 2021Dec 20215 hrs ago
Which of the Group Band Singers is your Top 1?45810Dec 2021Dec 2021May 16
Can You Name A Song That Mentions The Weather?1,42365Dec 2021Dec 2021May 16

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