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I'm not prejudices, I hate everyone.2019Jun 215 hrs ago2 hrs ago
Man grunt like caveman.1568Jun 2Jun 37 mins ago
I hate captcha!41431May 16Jun 24 hrs ago
Aging through time travel1768May 23Jun 2Jun 4
Old people must be stupid.60320May 25Jun 118 hrs ago
Is Covid 19 the new HIV?54035May 18May 2818 hrs ago
How many of you know who Doc Holiday was.28530Apr 22May 244 hrs ago
I am A Luddite, already!2958May 19May 221 hrs ago
Survey companies and polls are slanted.19517May 16May 209 hrs ago
You know you have made it when...2297May 19May 207 hrs ago
Seriously, do you know of anyone that got Covid 19?1,00262May 8May 1318 hrs ago
What percentage has Covid 19 changed your lifestyle?56127Apr 24May 101 hrs ago
Confess, your underwear should be tossed.47232May 1May 5Jun 3
Causing racism25514Apr 29May 1Jun 2
Fellow gearheads, lets talk classic cars.19714Apr 22Apr 24Jun 2

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