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Playing in winter.42612Feb 9Feb 2722 hrs ago
What to do about aliens?6549Dec 2Dec 229 hrs ago
Why cant we hire?1,34026Jul 8Sep 38 hrs ago
It ends February 1st.4015Aug 19Aug 22Feb 28
Rosy bidenomics37010Aug 9Aug 20Feb 23
It's the economy dummy.3458Aug 4Aug 1114 mins ago
No forgivness for loans from papa Biden.41318Jun 2023Jul 15Mar 1
Boycott gassed meats1,23436Jul 3Jul 137 hrs ago
Is it just me?6416Jun 2023Jul 811 hrs ago
Fav way to eat a?6695May 2023May 202342 mins ago
The US is a dictatorship!69010Apr 2023Apr 2023Mar 1
Why are you sick?1,61329Dec 2022Jan 2023Feb 28
Why?2831Jan 2023Jan 2023Feb 25
Blackouts by 20503313Nov 2022Nov 2022Feb 25
Never live on the windward side!2171Nov 2022Nov 2022Feb 13
Was Jesus married?4168Nov 2022Nov 202218 hrs ago
The evening political ads half hour.2720Oct 2022Oct 20224 hrs ago
Campaign ads.2980Oct 2022Oct 2022Feb 16
Lets compare real prices by you.1,01020Oct 2022Oct 2022Feb 29
Rennaissance faire.2050Oct 2022Oct 2022Mar 1
Anyone want to write a story?76619Sep 2022Sep 2022Feb 18
Down with Kraft mac and cheese.4526Aug 2022Aug 2022Feb 12
Count out old shoppers.1,60937Aug 2022Aug 2022Feb 27
Attention one lungers, tractors and traction engines.3613Aug 2022Aug 2022Feb 25
Queen Pelosi does a junket.72712Aug 2022Aug 20224 hrs ago
What is wrong with babies?1,41128Jun 2022Jul 2022Mar 1
Ads have lost all intellegence!3963Jun 2022Jun 2022Feb 29
What is nature up to by you?3895Jun 2022Jun 202221 hrs ago
How do kids graduate!3381May 2022May 2022Feb 21
Mom and Popisms1,32522Jan 2022Jan 2022Feb 28
Pop up ads for other sites, mostly women ones.61715Dec 2021Jan 2022Feb 21
Where's cossackcat?3623Dec 2021Dec 2021Feb 14
Anyone with my warped mind?4025Dec 2021Dec 2021Feb 17
Why cant I find a gal?2,38249Nov 2021Dec 20216 hrs ago
Letter to Santa3414Dec 2021Dec 2021Feb 26
No, we dont all have...1,52738Dec 2021Dec 202121 hrs ago
let there be glitter.4211Nov 2021Dec 2021Mar 1
Herd question2,710101Nov 2021Nov 2021Feb 28
Save the Queen.98318Oct 2021Nov 2021Feb 22
Tired of do-gooders.3993Oct 2021Oct 2021Feb 28
Wanna buy a can full of emptyness?4818Oct 2021Oct 2021Feb 19
Resting easier...coffin is done.6388Oct 2021Oct 2021Feb 26

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