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How dumb do they think we are anyway?1,18443Mar 30Apr 1712 hrs ago
Acronyms drive me bats.2399Apr 10Apr 17May 14
Well! I NEVER!1602Apr 10Apr 102 hrs ago
Crazy jeans.3116Mar 26Mar 30May 15
Do you get enough fiber?3356Mar 13Mar 28May 13
Memorial to he but not to thee.1580Mar 13Mar 13May 13
Heres a laugh!1670Feb 4Feb 4May 13
Truth in advertising77611Jan 24Feb 3May 13
Insane English.1,00745Jan 17Jan 25May 13
No miracles here.79038Jan 17Jan 25May 14
Oh no, they canceled my SS card.3578Dec 4Dec 11May 13
Who is third world?1,22444Nov 28Dec 6May 13
No wonder kids can't add.49721Nov 20Nov 27May 13
Santa Bill Gates wants to buy you a Christmas gift.39517Nov 12Nov 20May 13
I am not old, see me jog.2101Oct 21Oct 21May 13
It's always about color.31816Oct 20Oct 20May 13
Saint RBG died. Finally!3,980231Sep 21Sep 2814 hrs ago
Tired of people being crammed in my face.87231Sep 21Sep 24May 13
Tech rant redux1977Sep 2020Sep 2020May 13
Just wear the blasted mask!4,820345Jul 2020Sep 2020May 13
Black Panther observations.1431Aug 2020Aug 2020May 13
No one reads profiles and freeloaders dont care.2306Aug 2020Aug 2020May 13
Bugs lives matter1557Aug 2020Aug 2020May 12
How to put pics into threads.73953Aug 2020Aug 2020May 15
Unrigged real vote poll.58630Jul 2020Aug 2020May 6
Dear soldier, how many tears will be enough?54025Aug 2020Aug 2020May 13
Why doesn't anything work!3367Jul 2020Aug 2020May 14
Ellen is a bully.1,03732Jul 2020Aug 2020May 13
Covid frustrations1,57685Jul 2020Aug 2020May 14
Smartest cats in the world?1802Jul 2020Jul 2020May 5
Where oh where has time gone.1761Jul 2020Jul 2020May 13
History just keeps on recycling.1550Jul 2020Jul 2020May 6
Free pick up is expensive.1620Jul 2020Jul 2020May 7
Liberty and my die?70322Jul 2020Jul 2020May 12
I'm too old for that, winding down, not up.52929Jul 2020Jul 2020May 11
Next statue to go, Mother Teresa1,47962Jun 2020Jul 2020May 9
How many of you know who Doc Holiday was.56031Apr 2020Jul 20205 hrs ago
Alabama Covid parties.49919Jul 2020Jul 20203 hrs ago
Robo calls are fun to mess with.2506Jun 2020Jul 2020May 15
Question, what happens if Biden drops dead?77823Jun 2020Jul 2020May 1
New evil lurks, beware foolish ones.4327Jun 2020Jul 2020May 10
Masks are contrary to civil rights.1,29946Jun 2020Jul 2020May 13

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