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What is wrong with babies?73838Jun 12Jun 1812 hrs ago
Ads have lost all intellegence!1414Jun 8Jun 11Jun 26
What is nature up to by you?1806Jun 5Jun 6Jun 23
How do kids graduate!1351May 28May 292 hrs ago
Mom and Popisms99723Jan 4Jan 15Jun 24
Pop up ads for other sites, mostly women ones.35115Dec 27Jan 411 hrs ago
Where's cossackcat?1993Dec 27Dec 27Jun 16
What evil lurks under your car?2646Dec 19Dec 272 hrs ago
Anyone with my warped mind?2949Dec 4Dec 14Jun 19
Why cant I find a gal?1,75965Nov 28Dec 12Jun 26
Letter to Santa2234Dec 7Dec 11Jun 20
No, we dont all have...1,22744Dec 1Dec 9Jun 26
let there be glitter.2081Nov 27Dec 212 hrs ago
Sesame Street fails.37517Nov 18Nov 20Jun 22
Herd question2,279110Nov 10Nov 197 hrs ago
Save the Queen.68832Oct 30Nov 98 hrs ago
Tired of do-gooders.2783Oct 27Oct 27Jun 25
Wanna buy a can full of emptyness?3578Oct 2021Oct 2021Jun 26
Resting easier...coffin is done.4709Oct 2021Oct 2021Jun 23
The dodo dollar store.37912Oct 2021Oct 2021Jun 21
Lets get personal. Around the world.67115Sep 2021Oct 20215 hrs ago
Merch2752Sep 2021Sep 2021Jun 25
Mask 10162321Sep 2021Sep 2021Jun 23
Contradictory inventions for the stupid and lazy.3786Sep 2021Sep 2021Jun 22
What good is sax ed?37313Sep 2021Sep 2021Jun 24
De-clutter50616Aug 2021Sep 2021Jun 25
Year of the hornet30711Aug 2021Aug 2021Jun 25
Critical stupidity.4739Aug 2021Aug 2021Jun 24
Targeted ads.39516Aug 2021Aug 202117 hrs ago
Is the world on fire?79529Aug 2021Aug 2021Jun 21
The cowards way out.1,19632Jul 2021Jul 2021Jun 24
Chasing the clock, chasing the calendar.34413Jul 2021Jul 2021Jun 18
The age gap.1,22245Jul 2021Jul 20214 hrs ago
Is the whole world going insane?94927Jul 2021Jul 2021Jun 25
Sites for older75723Jun 2021Jul 2021Jun 25
Look at me, did.42914Jun 2021Jun 2021Jun 13
Surrender your rights.3026Jun 2021Jun 2021Jun 16
What I notice about date sites.1,51657Jun 2021Jun 2021Jun 23
Lets out PC, PC69421May 2021Jun 2021Jun 26
So you think your life stinks?3968May 2021May 2021Jun 25
How dumb do they think we are anyway?1,41943Mar 2021Apr 2021Jun 26
Acronyms drive me bats.3409Apr 2021Apr 2021Jun 21

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