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filter box6203Aug 2012Aug 2012May 16
describe urself in more than one word,@ least a sentence.5,933166Jul 2011Sep 2011May 18
Riots in England4,239104Aug 2011Aug 201121 hrs ago
favourites1,13956Aug 2011Aug 2011May 4
how long is ur blocked list?4,480115Jul 2011Aug 201124 hrs ago
mistaken identity48713Aug 2011Aug 2011Mar 15
happy birthday 54xmax83423Jul 2011Jul 2011May 21
happy birthday yabbadabba DONT!37312Jul 2011Jul 2011May 20
having flu/cold1,17944Jul 2011Jul 2011May 22
friction @ the work place73630Jul 2011Jul 2011May 18
horrible how can you eat a baby fetus?2,62061Jun 2011Jun 2011May 23
horoscopes - the funny ones3469May 2011May 20113 hrs ago
happy birthday [email protected]74925Apr 2011Apr 2011May 22
do u have ...skype1,90465Nov 2010Apr 20118 hrs ago
accident anyone?61022Apr 2011Apr 2011Apr 29
Connecting Singles Anonymous2,95196Apr 2011Apr 2011May 19
extra money3,223105Apr 2011Apr 2011May 22
sara bareilles-King Of Anything2301Mar 2011Apr 2011May 8
lamest excuses1,48448Mar 2011Mar 201118 hrs ago
sex sells!1,19933Mar 2011Mar 2011May 22
how many90933Feb 2011Feb 201114 hrs ago
glutony88336Feb 2011Feb 2011May 22
pick up they really work?1,11145Feb 2011Feb 2011May 18
mail on cs98534Feb 2011Feb 2011May 19
money1,10448Feb 2011Feb 2011May 21
nudity1,52133Jan 2011Feb 2011May 19
freedom!60721Feb 2011Feb 2011May 15
do people still keep promises?1,31245Jan 2011Feb 201110 hrs ago
organ donars1,29649Jan 2011Feb 2011May 22
things ur mother told u...which was never true2,855103Jan 2011Jan 2011May 20
pity party1,52347Jan 2011Jan 2011May 4
little pleasures in life...95948Jan 2011Jan 2011May 14
borrowed1,36351Jan 2011Jan 2011May 22
lust/love2,28673Jan 2011Jan 2011May 18
the beatles were wrong73533Jan 2011Jan 2011May 22
txt msg99241Jan 2011Jan 2011May 16
posts1880Jan 2011Jan 2011May 21
doors1,42343Jan 2011Jan 201112 hrs ago
travel for love...88150Jan 2011Jan 201110 hrs ago
how far wud u go for friendship?even if its against ur morals?93143Jan 2011Jan 2011May 21
new year29715Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 24
hang over1,51965Dec 2010Dec 2010May 16

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