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Reality Check750May 12May 1210 hrs ago
Karen McDougal - Playmate Model will testify in Hush Money Trial2773Apr 24May 96 hrs ago
Unions support Democrats!32210Apr 24May 9May 13
How far is too far?1310May 6May 6May 17
Sleepy Don!2134May 1May 5May 12
More Proof The GOP is a Criminal Organization1964Apr 25May 1May 14
The Best of the GOP870May 1May 1May 11
Would you hire this guy - for any job?1700Apr 22Apr 22May 14
The GOP Representatives owned by Vladimir Putin1530Apr 21Apr 2156 mins ago
One week of the most outrageous GOP leadership!1470Apr 17Apr 1712 hrs ago
Have it both ways!1120Apr 17Apr 1711 hrs ago
The Real Stormy Story1310Apr 16Apr 16May 17
Trump Elementary1200Apr 16Apr 16May 16
Trump on Trial1693Apr 15Apr 16May 15
American Patriot3165Mar 21Apr 15May 12
One more reason to vote Democrat....Arizona Supreme Court1390Apr 11Apr 11May 16
Desperation5184Mar 21Apr 10May 16
The American Economy is doing Great!64412Feb 1Apr 9May 16
Are you better off than you wee four years ago?2774Apr 5Apr 9May 14
Why do people support Trump?3321Apr 1Apr 6May 11
Putrump4594Feb 16Mar 294 hrs ago
Money talks. Losers walk!1750Mar 29Mar 29May 15
The GOP Party is Dead3492Mar 19Mar 28May 16
The Face of America1,0860Mar 22Mar 2223 hrs ago
The Weakest Link1670Mar 17Mar 1720 hrs ago
This is the Best They Can Do!2310Mar 1Mar 1May 15
The State of American Politics4942Dec 13Feb 25May 12
America? or Trump?1,61023Dec 14Feb 248 hrs ago
How to know if your president is a dictator.60611Jan 9Feb 247 hrs ago
"Please....Blame it on me"!3576Feb 9Feb 2218 hrs ago
What a week of Losing!1670Feb 20Feb 2020 hrs ago
If we made this up - you would scream "Liar"!3795Feb 16Feb 20May 8
The 'Do Nothing' Republicans do it again.1360Feb 8Feb 8May 16
Move back....or Move Forward!1240Feb 7Feb 7May 16
Trump: The Revenge Tour-20241550Feb 2Feb 2May 11
These are the problems we need to fix......1500Feb 1Feb 1May 14
A call to all Republicans1840Jan 29Jan 29May 14
Which President Needs Blanket Immunity3225Jan 20Jan 27May 2
God Made a Dictator!2350Jan 24Jan 24May 2
Getting to the Truth2110Jan 11Jan 11May 14
Skip the Debate. There are better things to do.63313Aug 2023Jan 8May 5
The GOP Final Days5101Nov 20Dec 279 hrs ago

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