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JUNE 11-14- Get-together in ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA36,397765Feb 2010Feb 20152 hrs ago
we're all the same1,4035Nov 2012Nov 2012Apr 5
The more rational U.S. election thread...2,52949Nov 2012Nov 2012Apr 15
Just for Gina- because she deserves it!2,25362May 2012May 2012Apr 9
As a newly wed, what would you do if...58112May 2012May 2012Apr 7
Revolutionary treatment of MS on the horizon - spread the word1,04323Apr 2012Apr 20129 hrs ago
Revolutionary new treatment of MS on the horizon - spread the word1,15313Apr 2012Apr 20128 hrs ago
What is your idea of a challenge?2,16240Mar 2012Apr 2012Apr 6
Well, I never....and did you know that....?1,78339Feb 2012Feb 2012Apr 16
Children's book...are they just for kids?89219Feb 2012Feb 2012Apr 7
Who's the a**, then??1,69215Jan 2012Feb 2012Mar 30
Australia Day - the other side captured1,63136Jan 2012Jan 2012Apr 8
What gives you joy? - Meet Skidboot :)1,26427Jan 2012Jan 2012Apr 1
What gives you joy? - Meet Skidboot :)7088Jan 2012Jan 2012Apr 9
A smorgasbord of the arts - Adelaide Festival 201279619Jan 2012Jan 2012Mar 22
Is it fair to tax fat passengers?4,331124Jan 2012Jan 20125 hrs ago
How screwed up is this??? - Copyright infringement basket case!2,88191Dec 2011Jan 2012Mar 31
Bushfires near Margaret River1,48445Nov 2011Nov 2011Apr 14
Fig Jam and all things figgy,lol - ideas? -:)1,90530Sep 2011Sep 2011Apr 14
Removing chemicals and minerals from,29150Sep 2011Sep 2011Apr 14
What's your music or dance passion...maybe from your 'roots'??1,43648Sep 2011Sep 2011Apr 10
What reading appeals to you most?4,562163Aug 2011Sep 2011Apr 13
Site changes - (no, I am not a moderator,lol)4,046112Jul 2011Aug 2011Apr 14
Love at first sight - Is there such a thing?2,61347Dec 2010Aug 2011Apr 8
Which leader would you strip for???1,10720Jul 2011Aug 2011Apr 14
A picture paints a thousand words.....1,05017Jul 2011Jul 2011Apr 12
Sharia law lashing of young man in Sydney3,174112Jul 2011Jul 2011Apr 11
Ideas for a women only B & B in Italy3,52875Jul 2011Jul 2011Apr 12
Sharia law lashing of young man in Sydney78212Jul 2011Jul 2011Mar 15
What tickles your film fancy? - Please share3,41165Jun 2011Jul 2011Apr 2
What tickles your film fancy? - Please share1,49556Jun 2011Jun 2011Mar 30
Twentieth Century Courtesans - your take on this?5,809214May 2011Jun 2011Apr 11
Solar flare up causes communication stuff??3,045113Jun 2011Jun 20112 hrs ago
Celebrate "International Australia Day" on January 26th3482Jan 2011Jan 2011Apr 13
Love at first sight - Is there such a thing?3,86196Dec 2010Jan 2011Apr 8
Where the farrrrrrrrrk is?........3,803104Nov 2010Dec 20101 hrs ago
All Americans: Where's your First Amendment now???3,716127Oct 2010Nov 2010Apr 2
Would you make a good spy?3,907111Oct 2010Nov 2010Mar 12
Funny Halloween stories. Here's one, add yours,,,6264Oct 2010Oct 2010Mar 17
What makes some men think it's OK?1,57941Feb 2010Oct 2010Apr 9
Well, tickle me pink!!!1,47230Aug 2010Aug 2010Apr 5
What odd, strange, interesting thing did you learn today?2,07866Aug 2010Aug 2010Mar 11

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