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dog's tail never lies.........................2548Nov 261 hrs ago58 mins ago
slavery3266Nov 192 hrs ago51 mins ago
happy mood17011Nov 26Nov 2724 mins ago
meaningless words872Nov 26Nov 271 hrs ago
flexible and stubborn33613Nov 16Nov 258 hrs ago
do you lie?61619Nov 17Nov 2538 mins ago
empathy3444Nov 19Nov 232 hrs ago
inner happiness1051Nov 22Nov 223 hrs ago
Words starting and ending with the same letter.1,70866Feb 10Nov 214 hrs ago
rare combination64921Jun 27Nov 213 hrs ago
let's Chill3637Jun 23Nov 186 hrs ago
Life is a strange mixture of goodness and badness.2358Nov 14Nov 185 hrs ago
broken trust57613Jun 25Nov 1710 hrs ago
want do but can't do48917Sep 26Nov 163 hrs ago
Tips to be happy in life21511Nov 12Nov 167 hrs ago
ideological differences65721Nov 12Nov 162 hrs ago
love attraction94720Jun 8Nov 153 hrs ago
life is a good teacher2583Aug 30Nov 1319 hrs ago
Can you say "no" to yourself?95027Aug 28Nov 132 hrs ago
nobody loves anybody2145Nov 12Nov 13Nov 27
being single84726Aug 27Nov 1314 hrs ago
your birthday53218Sep 17Nov 1322 hrs ago
hold your breath4058Oct 2Nov 13Nov 27
the power of holy book5928Oct 18Nov 124 hrs ago
life is a blessing or life is a curse?87928Oct 27Nov 1219 hrs ago
How long does the relationship last?84841Nov 8Nov 119 hrs ago
Which is superior between wisdom and faith?87810Nov 5Nov 1016 mins ago
choosy2217Nov 8Nov 1020 hrs ago
truth is the biggest lie in this world2184Nov 6Nov 9Nov 27
unspoken30111Nov 5Nov 84 hrs ago
lacking and excessing3467Oct 27Oct 31Nov 27
contradiction5109Oct 8Oct 189 hrs ago
precious lessons4365Oct 14Oct 1516 hrs ago
Advice1,07626Oct 5Oct 127 hrs ago
female mindset1,58043Oct 2Oct 122 hrs ago
tears behind smile3869Oct 9Oct 12Nov 28
What is the use of a man in the life of a woman?4,45580Jun 2022Oct 92 mins ago
health advice3526Oct 5Oct 821 hrs ago
hidden intention1980Oct 5Oct 5Nov 27
Why does goodness always lag behind badness?3115Sep 22Oct 1Nov 27
disturbing questions70410May 3Sep 301 hrs ago
Why toilet-paper?2,08433Feb 23Sep 3033 mins ago

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