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A song for whomever..15,685563Sep 2022Sep 2719 mins ago
Proverbs..2,05340May 2022Dec 2022Sep 25
Any Irish women?4,95592Jun 2022Nov 20229 hrs ago
Women of Europe on CS..7452Sep 2022Nov 2022Sep 29
Things not to give on a first date?4,928134Jul 2022Oct 202213 hrs ago
Matching lounge wear1,18232Oct 2022Oct 2022Sep 24
What will you have?81929Oct 2022Oct 2022Sep 25
Back in my day..6729Sep 2022Oct 20221 hrs ago
Tickling..1,06125Sep 2022Oct 202215 hrs ago
Obscure songs...1,01330Aug 2022Sep 2022Sep 28
Surely all male Brits aren't8342Sep 2022Sep 202224 hrs ago
The man who would be king in pictures..6,68778Sep 2022Sep 20222 hrs ago
#Notmyking3471Sep 2022Sep 20225 hrs ago
The Queen is dead!1,22420Sep 2022Sep 2022Sep 29
Are you miserable?1,34226Aug 2022Sep 202244 mins ago
Let them eat cake..2761Sep 2022Sep 2022Sep 25
Are there any European women even on this site?1,22215Jun 2022Sep 202219 hrs ago
This song speaks to me..30513Aug 2022Aug 20222 hrs ago
Where is it?????4918Aug 2022Aug 2022Sep 23
Have you ever?90719Aug 2022Aug 202254 mins ago
*For the Ladies"1,55632Jul 2022Aug 2022Sep 25
Laughter therapy56017Jul 2022Jul 2022Sep 25
Macho Fantastico2600Jul 2022Jul 2022Sep 23
Long queues of lorry's travelling to France.. Putin's fault?1,24934Jul 2022Jul 202217 hrs ago
Ghosted..1,73641Jul 2022Jul 2022Sep 26
#MandelaDay57316Jul 2022Jul 20228 hrs ago
We would have gotten away with it..4571Jul 2022Jul 2022Sep 28
Happy Eid Y'all2131Jul 2022Jul 2022Sep 24
Wimbledon 20221,73156Jun 2022Jul 202211 hrs ago
What would be your first song?54035Jul 2022Jul 2022Sep 26
Are you an attention seeker?52915Jul 2022Jul 202222 mins ago
4th of July Quiz thread...1,36540Jul 2022Jul 20222 hrs ago
Why do you?5409Jun 2022Jun 2022Sep 28
Best of luck to..4171May 2022May 202222 hrs ago
The struggle continues5356May 2022May 202215 hrs ago
Free Speech2,21666May 2022May 20221 hrs ago
Where has the master bloviator gone?2,70045May 2022May 2022Sep 25
Dating post Covid..1,44244Apr 2022May 2022Sep 24
Easter Week..3642Apr 2022May 202217 hrs ago
Guess that song..2560May 2022May 202213 hrs ago
Eid Mubarak.3551May 2022May 2022Sep 29
The good ole days...1,61944Apr 2022May 2022Sep 25

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