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Jubilee celebrations36313Jun 7Jun 9Jun 22
Are there any European women even on this site?1310Jun 7Jun 78 hrs ago
This is NOT Ukraine2,891165Mar 14Jun 78 hrs ago
Why do you?2599Jun 3Jun 6Jun 25
Best of luck to..1471May 29May 3016 hrs ago
The struggle continues2579May 24May 2722 hrs ago
May 9th Victory Day..1,20061May 9May 17Jun 24
Free Speech1,56271May 11May 138 hrs ago
**BREAKING NEWS** Putin calls end to special operation!!!61220May 11May 12Jun 25
Where has the master bloviator gone?1,84948May 1May 10Jun 25
Proverbs..1,00637May 4May 928 mins ago
Dating post Covid..1,07156Apr 26May 711 hrs ago
Easter Week..1924Apr 13May 4Jun 25
Guess that song..1430May 2May 2Jun 26
Eid Mubarak.2011May 2May 213 hrs ago
The good ole days...1,26951Apr 4May 115 hrs ago
Thoughts and prayers...48425Apr 20Apr 2013 hrs ago
The date was going well, until...1,05044Apr 13Apr 18Jun 25
It's my birthday, and I dedicate it..24910Apr 13Apr 1719 hrs ago
Accents can confuse I guess..67765Apr 3Apr 13Jun 25
Distant Drums..40619Apr 12Apr 13Jun 20
If you believe...42617Apr 2Apr 12Jun 24
It's been 9 years..1,32664Apr 8Apr 1110 hrs ago
Milwaukee and other places..25915Apr 9Apr 10Jun 24
Nihilism...43916Apr 3Apr 73 hrs ago
The grand Old Duke of York..1450Apr 6Apr 62 hrs ago
Dot Cotton has left the stage...:(31417Apr 4Apr 513 hrs ago
Tom Barry, a Cork and Irish legend..1120Apr 4Apr 4Jun 22
Mothers day...81342Mar 27Mar 311 hrs ago
The best discription I have heard...32914Mar 23Mar 2523 hrs ago
Mohamed is...59930Mar 21Mar 23Jun 25
They have been declared..55623Mar 15Mar 21Jun 26
What is the most interesting fact you know?2,297145Feb 26Mar 16Jun 25
Why is life so cruel?73643Mar 10Mar 13Jun 25
Lets talk about love76957Feb 27Mar 1321 hrs ago
Bring out your dead..2,823248Mar 4Mar 134 hrs ago
Some Good News, to counter the Bad...2768Mar 11Mar 11Jun 20
A woman's place is...1,56292Mar 8Mar 10Jun 21
Do you shop at Walmart?52831Mar 4Mar 8Jun 22
War,,,1,62485Feb 24Mar 417 hrs ago
Eastern European Women!!!2389Mar 4Mar 4Jun 23
And just like that...45330Mar 2Mar 321 hrs ago

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