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kkitty4ukkitty4u Threads (33)

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what are you doing? and what will you do after that?8,327368Aug 2008Oct 2009Apr 16
lets talk about sex baby2,14365Nov 2008May 20098 hrs ago
WHERE THE HELL IS ALL THE REAL MN. MEN1,99250Sep 2008Jan 2009Apr 18
YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST34713Dec 2008Dec 2008Mar 13
The turkey day thread1,24161Nov 2008Nov 2008Mar 22
if u could describe your life with one word what would it be?5,683198Sep 2008Nov 2008Apr 13
what does being s*xual2,11878Jul 2008Nov 2008Apr 6
what would you give?48417Nov 2008Nov 2008Apr 13
I always wanted to tell the person below me70833Oct 2008Nov 2008Apr 15
I really want to know why?44117Nov 2008Nov 2008Apr 8
intelligence2,44795Aug 2008Nov 2008Mar 10
when its over53914Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 17
profile pictures (which type do you like the best?)83412Aug 2008Oct 2008Feb 26
anybody thats special............................3,375184Sep 2008Sep 2008Apr 17
what is your favorite way to kiss3,218116Aug 2008Sep 2008Apr 17
where is everyone1,75896Sep 2008Sep 2008Apr 17
just a thought.............1,12039Aug 2008Sep 2008Mar 31
when u take it slow83535Sep 2008Sep 2008Mar 31
Are you democrat, republican, or redneck50011Sep 2008Sep 2008Apr 1
can you?99536Sep 2008Sep 2008Mar 9
how long does it take you to have the big O2,611111Aug 2008Sep 2008Apr 11
what if?1,68767Aug 2008Aug 2008Mar 27
what is your favorite way to sleep in the bed at night?1,01022Aug 2008Aug 2008Apr 16
something I would like to know4,230194Jul 2008Aug 200824 hrs ago
part 2 what is the reason women wait and let the men make the first move60817Aug 2008Aug 200811 hrs ago
dogs1,33747Aug 2008Aug 2008Apr 18
would you?1,60041Aug 2008Aug 2008Apr 4
the welfare office2542Aug 2008Aug 2008Mar 12
do guys really like nice gals?2,44992Aug 2008Aug 2008Apr 10
has this happend to you1,23243Aug 2008Aug 2008Mar 28
summer classes for men1,24051Jul 2008Jul 2008Apr 6
kkitty1,83267Jul 2008Jul 2008Mar 31

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