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Whats new on CS?1,51340Nov 2016Jul 1Jul 14
Easter eggs or Green Beer?2077Mar 1Mar 73 hrs ago
Cheating...67943Feb 23Mar 34 hrs ago
Food and drink picture thread7,338398Mar 2017Mar 26 hrs ago
Matches on CS43814Nov 2017Nov 201718 hrs ago
Will another atomic bomb be dropped somewhere soon?1,56782Aug 2017Aug 201714 hrs ago
How old is too old?1,44375Aug 2017Aug 20179 hrs ago
Error: Our games do not work on mobile devices at this time - on a PC??3462Dec 2016Jun 2017Jul 12
I am confused..1,00551Jun 2017Jun 20179 hrs ago
Top Forum posters that we never see46420Apr 2017Apr 2017Jul 14
How many times should you break up with your SO without calling it splittsville?56432Apr 2017Apr 201723 hrs ago
How long do you want your next relationship/marriage to last?2,02987Oct 2016Jan 201715 hrs ago
Rejected spouse and absolute control3226Jan 2017Jan 2017Jul 15
What will you be doing on New Years Eve and Day?63934Dec 2016Dec 2016Jul 14
What will you be doing on Christmas and Boxing day?1,07832Dec 2016Dec 2016Jul 14
Women are an enigma/indomitable!1,27129Nov 2016Nov 201615 hrs ago
Separation and women2,36654Apr 2016Nov 2016Jul 14
Do you have a conscience?1,40834Nov 2016Nov 2016Jul 14
Passive Aggressive behaviour1,41134Sep 2016Oct 2016Jul 14
The evolution of CS...5,851143Aug 2016Sep 2016Jul 15
What are some of your funniest dating experiences..?1,90058Aug 2016Aug 2016Jul 14
Do we truly have the ability to love if our love is insanely selective...?1,992108Jul 2016Aug 2016Jul 14
Common sense is not so common...1,75728Jun 2016Jun 2016Jul 14
What's on your mind?3,83572May 2016Jun 20166 hrs ago
List of friends..83514May 2016May 201621 hrs ago
Experience5460Apr 2016Apr 2016Jul 14
Do's and don'ts of a newly separated spouse...1,37934Apr 2016Apr 2016Jul 10
10 secondss..10 minutes...or going onto 10 hours?94521Apr 2015Apr 20153 hrs ago
Motorcycles2,31444Apr 2015Apr 20157 hrs ago
Motorcycle anyone:1,8811Apr 2015Apr 2015Jul 13
Motorcycles2741Apr 2015Apr 201520 hrs ago
---Poof---2,13634Mar 2015Mar 2015Jul 12
Why do you say you are still single?2,16777Feb 2015Mar 201521 hrs ago
A partner is more than...3232Jan 2015Jan 2015Jul 13
This is not a joke..for men only..unless women have real input..5,351194Dec 2014Jan 2015Jul 15
Romance or assault?7,21633Nov 2014Nov 2014Jul 11
Why am I unable to see my previous posts & comments other than the first page?1,80733Nov 2014Nov 2014Jul 15
Last post shows as zero seconds although comment posted 30 minutes ago..1,29412Sep 2013Sep 2013Jul 15
Just so there is no misunderstanding, I am 100%:2,06436Oct 2011Sep 20136 hrs ago
Love nook or the garage? Poll for women..1,14520Aug 2013Sep 2013Jul 3
Fathers role in parenting6,47976Dec 2011May 201323 hrs ago
What do you miss..?1,85939Jul 2012Jul 2012Jul 13

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