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Joint bank accounts?2,44023Aug 2008Apr 2021Feb 28
Lonely1 Lovers Rock International, R&B, Reggae, Pop, Blues, Country3,013139Jan 2021Mar 2021Mar 1
The not so nice song thread..82822Feb 2021Mar 2021Feb 26
Tribute to the Dino: music to chill with your roots girl1,46239Mar 2021Mar 2021Feb 28
Why males like females, why females like males, and other such rantings2,89823Aug 2008Mar 202120 hrs ago
Jack of all trades...1,69242Jan 2021Feb 2021Feb 26
Sparks..54316Jan 2021Jan 2021Feb 27
Being in a relationship is like a bed of roses but the alternatives can be worse. How say ye?41410Jan 2021Jan 2021Feb 14
Bags...1,20042Jan 2021Jan 2021Feb 26
2021..52710Jan 2021Jan 2021Feb 22
Whats new on CS?53611Jan 2021Jan 2021Feb 12
Crossroads1,20425Sep 2019Sep 20196 hrs ago
Whats new on CS?3,37344Nov 2016Sep 2019Feb 27
Ottawa tornado damage- Sept 21, 20184773Sep 2018Oct 2018Mar 1
Easter eggs or Green Beer?1,0137Mar 2018Mar 2018Feb 19
Food and drink picture thread16,913361Mar 2017Mar 201837 mins ago
Matches on CS92614Nov 2017Nov 201723 hrs ago
Error: Our games do not work on mobile devices at this time - on a PC??7892Dec 2016Jun 2017Feb 27
Top Forum posters that we never see90516Apr 2017Apr 2017Feb 27
How many times should you break up with your SO without calling it splittsville?1,24730Apr 2017Apr 2017Feb 28
How long do you want your next relationship/marriage to last?3,05981Oct 2016Jan 20177 hrs ago
Rejected spouse and absolute control6286Jan 2017Jan 2017Feb 26
What will you be doing on New Years Eve and Day?1,12534Dec 2016Dec 2016Feb 26
What will you be doing on Christmas and Boxing day?1,72832Dec 2016Dec 2016Feb 27
Women are an enigma/indomitable!1,76827Nov 2016Nov 2016Feb 23
Separation and women3,37849Apr 2016Nov 20167 hrs ago
Do you have a conscience?1,95630Nov 2016Nov 20166 hrs ago
Passive Aggressive behaviour2,45928Sep 2016Oct 201635 mins ago
The evolution of CS...7,359131Aug 2016Sep 2016Feb 29
What are some of your funniest dating experiences..?2,70453Aug 2016Aug 2016Feb 29
Do we truly have the ability to love if our love is insanely selective...?3,04595Jul 2016Aug 2016Feb 29
Common sense is not so common...2,20828Jun 2016Jun 2016Feb 27
What's on your mind?5,04369May 2016Jun 2016Mar 2
List of friends..1,25814May 2016May 2016Mar 1
Experience7590Apr 2016Apr 2016Feb 22
10 secondss..10 minutes...or going onto 10 hours?1,33717Apr 2015Apr 2015Feb 24
Motorcycles3,13143Apr 2015Apr 2015Feb 25
Motorcycle anyone:2,1511Apr 2015Apr 2015Feb 14
Motorcycles4751Apr 2015Apr 2015Feb 16
Why do you say you are still single?3,27075Feb 2015Mar 2015Feb 28
A partner is more than...5322Jan 2015Jan 2015Feb 23
This is not a joke..for men only..unless women have real input..7,023140Dec 2014Jan 2015Feb 29

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