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WV To Ban Barbie1,31085Mar 2009Mar 2009Apr 12
Thoughts/prayers/whatever needed48513Oct 2008Dec 2008Apr 13
Bra for the boys an online bestseller in Japan81323Nov 2008Nov 2008Mar 29
Virtual affair leads to real divorce for UK couple39914Nov 2008Nov 2008Mar 30
Management Consultant Joke2601Nov 2008Nov 20088 hrs ago
Fun with the English language2,38122Oct 2008Nov 2008Apr 18
The North and South2412Nov 2008Nov 2008Apr 7
The Woman Who Loved Beans3797Oct 2008Oct 2008Mar 2
Good News!!!!41019Oct 2008Oct 2008Mar 29
HAPPY DIWALI!45015Oct 2008Oct 2008Mar 25
81-year-old finds love online1850Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 10
Manhattan Woman Looks For Date With $3M Super Bowl Ad1891Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 9
What would you do?1,20428Aug 2008Oct 2008Apr 17
How to Identify Where a Driver is From57818Oct 2008Oct 20089 hrs ago
The New Priest3046Oct 2008Oct 2008Mar 12
The E-mail3015Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 18
Warning about flashing2462Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 18
What are you paying for gas?1,24245Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 4
more funnies3062Oct 2008Oct 2008Mar 20
hit-and-run near my office6412Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 15
Grandma's Been Kidnapped!7188Sep 2008Oct 2008Apr 10
How to tell if you're in Love, Lust, or Marriage76911Sep 2008Sep 2008Apr 5
What are you an expert in?3,206143Sep 2008Sep 2008Apr 13
Our Trip To The Vet3657Sep 2008Sep 2008Mar 9
Technically Challenged5239Sep 2008Sep 2008Apr 14
Toilet Paper Facts3694Sep 2008Sep 2008Apr 13
Jesus is watching you4087Sep 2008Sep 2008Apr 15
Malaysian man gets nut stuck in delicate place66611Sep 2008Sep 2008Mar 22
Eskimo Initiation2180Aug 2008Aug 2008Apr 9
Male Perspective Please?87936Aug 2008Aug 2008Apr 19
National Go Topless Protest Day2,90194Aug 2008Aug 2008Apr 17

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