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FFS1,25439Aug 2017Aug 2017Apr 8
Help Needed71816Apr 2014May 2014Apr 9
Just Poppin Back To Say1,57834Oct 2011Oct 20119 hrs ago
Didn't Think I Would Be Doing This, But Bye For Now.2,38774Jul 2011Jul 2011Apr 17
50yr Old Woman Stripped,Beaten And Dragged Naked Through Village In Pakistan, Why?????12,206189Jun 2011Jun 2011Apr 17
Moderatots Where Are You When We Need You ???2,93876Jun 2011Jun 2011Apr 4
Please Can Someone Explain To Me ?????9,743325Jan 2011Jan 2011Apr 15
Would Like To56316Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 7
Why Is It???1,28426Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 15
Just A suggestion re Forum Flooders4,142142Oct 2010Oct 2010Mar 15
This Place Has Turned Weird so......1,69147Oct 2010Oct 2010Apr 7
Please Keep This Young Man In Your Thoughts2,59762Sep 2010Sep 2010Apr 2
In Memory Of The Victims Of 9/11 Across The World51410Sep 2010Sep 2010Mar 26
If We All Think Men/Women Lie So Much......2,48682Jul 2010Jul 2010Mar 23
Volcanic Coffee Machines, Spitting Beer Pumps !!!!!!1,00035Jun 2010Jul 2010Mar 24
There Has To Be An Easier Way To Earn A Living1,22628May 2010May 2010Apr 5
Is It Just Me???3,803119May 2010May 201018 hrs ago
OK, This One Takes The Biscuit !65916May 2010May 2010Apr 13
Got Some Really Sad News Today And Need To know I'm Not Alone3,913113Apr 2010Apr 2010Apr 9
What's your Take On It?????2,97299Mar 2010Apr 2010Apr 13
How Are You Spending Your Easter Break???81120Apr 2010Apr 2010Apr 5
WooHoo!! My First Sales Today, And A New Contract!!!1,10631Jan 2010Jan 2010Apr 1
Please Help If You Can4198Jan 2010Jan 2010Apr 14
This Puts Things Into Perspective1,46725Jan 2010Jan 2010Apr 9
A Day In The Life Of A Sun Care Advisor!81321Jan 2010Jan 2010Mar 31
WooHoo I Wanna Share This With My Friends!!!!2,298104Jan 2010Jan 2010Mar 15
Surrogacy , Your Views1,04331Dec 2009Dec 2009Mar 23
For All Of You Out There94728Dec 2009Dec 2009Apr 4
WTF!!!! Is Going On ???2,14061Dec 2009Dec 2009Mar 27
Fetishes! What weird/strange/funny fetishes has someone shared with you???8,210129Oct 2009Dec 200923 hrs ago
Is It Just Me ??????2,921120Dec 2009Dec 2009Mar 29
What Does Christmas Mean For You?2,322100Dec 2009Dec 2009Apr 17
The CS Two4,326121Nov 2009Dec 2009Apr 15
Your Child Tells You They Are Gay2,839155Oct 2009Nov 2009Apr 17
Yuri, Congratulations To You And Your New Husband2,36143Nov 2009Nov 2009Apr 12
Puppy advise please?????4429Nov 2009Nov 2009Mar 23
Friendship What Does It Mean To You????1,60144Oct 2009Oct 2009Apr 17
What 3 Words Would You Say After Sex.....10,692738Oct 2009Oct 2009Apr 16
How's Your Day Been? Mine Has Been2,497103Oct 2009Oct 20098 hrs ago
Ok Guys ....... Help Me Out Here3,443245Oct 2009Oct 20094 hrs ago
Well, It's Saturday...... What You Up To????4,301300Oct 2009Oct 2009Apr 11
OMG!!!! Think I'm Going To Faint.......2,818177Oct 2009Oct 2009Apr 15

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