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What Is Australia's Favorit Food's.66021Nov 2008Feb 2009Feb 26
Stand face to face--!!!32612Dec 2008Dec 2008Mar 15
Xmas Grab Bag !!!45529Dec 2008Dec 2008Apr 8
Dose Bad Language Make You Intelligent ??1,05243Nov 2008Nov 2008Mar 9
Out Of Your Heart !!38212Nov 2008Nov 2008Mar 31
Do Not Draw Conclusions About Other's86129Nov 2008Nov 2008Apr 4
Why Stay Married !!!1,80560Oct 2008Nov 2008Apr 12
If You're Alone !!54719Nov 2008Nov 2008Mar 21
Feeling Broken From The Inside69316Nov 2008Nov 2008Apr 2
THANK'S GIVING STINKS !!!82428Nov 2008Nov 2008Feb 27
How Dose One Handle The Loss Of Their MOM ??75129Nov 2008Nov 200817 hrs ago
OK IT'S SATURDAY AND I'M STOCK CLEANING !!30718Nov 2008Nov 2008Mar 7
!! Thongs Tourcher !!74031Nov 2008Nov 2008Apr 9
===== PAST LIFE REGRESSION=====4709Sep 2008Nov 2008Mar 11
So What's The Beef !!!1,53057Nov 2008Nov 2008Apr 16
## Be A Be-ar-itch ##1926Nov 2008Nov 2008Feb 26
Put Up Your Dukes2251Nov 2008Nov 2008Mar 15
It's Raining -- What would Like To Do ??82151Nov 2008Nov 2008Mar 16
Stop Telling Me what I Should Do84453Nov 2008Nov 2008Apr 6
!! Ok the over 40 group !!46618Nov 2008Nov 2008Feb 26
When Was The Last Time !!1,12950Nov 2008Nov 2008Apr 10
<<<When was The Last Time>>>1,10448Nov 2008Nov 2008Mar 29
<<What Will Shake Up This Place >>41812Nov 2008Nov 2008Feb 26
<<<When was The Last Time>>>1731Nov 2008Nov 2008Feb 26
<<< TRUE GENEROSITY >>>1954Nov 2008Nov 2008Apr 1
Before U Judge Me:60022Nov 2008Nov 2008Apr 11
Love Is Here!!72321Nov 2008Nov 2008Mar 27
Expected2,53984Oct 2008Nov 2008Apr 9
Stripped of Illusion's52716Nov 2008Nov 2008Mar 16
:::::: I Wish I'd Done That :::::::45912Oct 2008Nov 2008Mar 12
The Things I feel.....2717Oct 2008Nov 2008Apr 6
Observing The Fabric Of Personalities.71228Nov 2008Nov 2008Apr 9
<< How Do You Stop The Heart>>89025Oct 2008Nov 2008Apr 16
Dirty Dancing !!2124Oct 2008Nov 2008Mar 23
Easy Simple & Open.40511Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 9
So How Is Patient's !!93134Oct 2008Oct 2008Mar 27
Feeling detached and confused98529Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 16
SHOULD THIS BE DONE ???35714Oct 2008Oct 2008Feb 24
Far Away !!!!43116Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 9
Let me know what you think of flirting.67132Oct 2008Oct 2008Mar 4
7777 OK WHAT DO YOU DO 777776922Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 4

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