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Just Being A True, Red-Blooded Patriotic American59813Mar 2017Apr 2017May 21
It's About Time!1,0055Nov 2016Nov 2016May 20
1960's Abandoned Satellite Comes To Life!1,58040Nov 2016Nov 2016May 21
All Women Are Sexy!4,388120Jul 2016Jul 2016May 20
Language Translators, Star Trek Style!1,33630May 2016Jul 2016May 21
Fortune Cookie2,05231Jan 2012Jan 2012May 21
Should CS put a forum thread posting limit per day, and if so what limit?1,9370Jan 2012Jan 2012May 6
Ooops Profiles!83713Dec 2011Dec 201113 hrs ago
The Love Calculator2,83275Oct 2011Oct 201113 hrs ago
To realize1,08132Sep 2009Sep 200919 hrs ago
Politics: What a Joke!53210Sep 2009Sep 2009May 20
This is for you..........1,21328Apr 2009Apr 200911 hrs ago
Fool me twice, shame on me!1,36337Dec 2008Dec 2008May 19
A Pondering Thought4740Dec 2008Dec 2008May 4
Are you afraid to post in the Kentucky forums?6370Mar 2009May 12

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