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How to celebrate xmas?3,45921Dec 2008Nov 201730 mins ago
Number of unmarried women increases every year2,27294Dec 2008Oct 2009Sep 21
When a man trust his woman!1,22045Dec 2008Apr 2009Sep 13
Choose your mama or your wife! i2,828113Dec 2008Mar 2009Sep 16
Why most successful Men have a foreign wife?1,81568Dec 2008Feb 2009Sep 22
Parents should not stick together for the rest of their life!1,62838Dec 2008Jan 2009Sep 21
What is a perfect man for women?1,05641Dec 2008Jan 20097 hrs ago
Looking for a wife!!85324Dec 2008Dec 2008Sep 18
With or without a woman!33613Dec 2008Dec 2008Sep 23
How to slay your wife?97650Dec 2008Dec 2008Sep 21
The Power of Female!1,23562Dec 2008Dec 2008Sep 21
Life with a single woman or with many!!19510Dec 2008Dec 2008Sep 4

This is a list of threads created by Capone1.

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