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shadow govt. in the usa.2,434124Dec 9Feb 2041 mins ago
usa flu.70360Jan 28Feb 1921 hrs ago
albert pike.76141May 2017Feb 183 hrs ago
illuminati.4,927144Feb 2015Feb 166 hrs ago
iran.48526Jan 2Feb 126 hrs ago
bully govt.usa no we the people anymore!2,19870Aug 2014Feb 105 hrs ago rip off.congress2,35389Oct 2014Feb 8Feb 21
deep state!29421Dec 17Feb 8Feb 21
why are muslim refugees still here in the usa!1,44434Dec 15Feb 79 hrs ago
atty.gen.sessions/deep state must go,jan.3rd.8444Dec 19Feb 421 hrs ago
DHEA1021Jan 5Jan 6Feb 19
islam peaceful.2,53393May 2017Jan 59 hrs ago
can you gals tell when a guy freezes up asking you out?40128Dec 16Dec 31Feb 21
russia war?2,604133Aug 2014Dec 27Feb 21
KC.23114Dec 24Dec 27Feb 21
snow on dec.23rd!966Dec 23Dec 2420 hrs ago
best places in usa to live/retire.4,47972Oct 2011Dec 23Feb 21
if you had ED would you?4,182174Sep 2013Dec 2316 hrs ago
grammar nazi police.4,075263Dec 2013Dec 22Feb 21
one hit wonders or favorite song.9,115219Sep 2013Dec 17Feb 21
elected officials should take drug tests,also.2,532126Jan 2014Dec 1522 hrs ago
7 year itch fact or fiction?2,78694Dec 2013Nov 293 hrs ago
JFK 50yrs./Lone gunman?3,337208Nov 2013Nov 2710 hrs ago
reporter said 10 dollar a gallon of gas for usa.2,04244Feb 2012May 2017Feb 16
is UK/EU headed for a split up/soon?6,401144Dec 2014May 20176 hrs ago
election day/usa.1,97535Nov 2014Aug 2016Feb 19
jade helm 153,38939May 2015Apr 201618 hrs ago
GOP/Rs are rigging/defrauding voters here!1,68452Sep 2014Mar 20166 hrs ago
tesla4,54272Mar 2015Dec 2015Feb 20
sheria law court in TEXAS!4,423111Feb 2015Sep 2015Feb 20
transfat/diabetes1,20226Jul 2014May 2015Feb 20
shocking,post office spys on us.1,74638Jul 2013Apr 2015Feb 20
break up or sad songs.12,217374Dec 2013Apr 2015Feb 19
spring has sprung1,40138Mar 2012Apr 2015Feb 20
old buzzards5,32070Jun 2013Mar 2015Feb 16
give ireland back to the irish.4,733135Feb 2014Mar 2015Feb 16
no free speech law2,12650Mar 2012Mar 2015Feb 19
nudge/govt.gone too far.1,84166Aug 2013Mar 2015Feb 18
something with a ring to it.1,65935Oct 2014Feb 2015Feb 19
like to?1,63075Jul 2014Feb 2015Feb 11
vile vortexes1,98548Nov 2014Jan 2015Feb 21
happy new yrs.86726Dec 2014Jan 2015Feb 16

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