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who wins killary n the vampire deep state or trump.929Apr 185 hrs ago41 mins ago
top 3 terrorist arab nations.1,16099Feb 255 hrs ago5 mins ago
far left n far right deep state will be exposed in 6 days!11915Apr 197 hrs ago3 hrs ago
illuminati.5,101147Feb 2015Apr 2424 mins ago
CS is like FB taking threads n cant get into old threads/bye.78044Apr 12Apr 232 hrs ago
usa illegal voting n dead voters by libs58250Apr 5Apr 224 hrs ago
atty.gen.sessions/deep state must go,jan.3rd.1,25017Dec 19Apr 226 hrs ago
usa flu.90264Jan 28Apr 198 hrs ago
FBI/FIB cant stop shooters but they want ur guns n they want to take down trump!1017Apr 12Apr 18Apr 22
FAKEBOOK BANS.69350Mar 23Apr 183 hrs ago
snow on dec.23rd!17210Dec 23Apr 15Apr 23
elected officials should take drug tests,also.2,730130Jan 2014Apr 15Apr 23
albert pike.88142May 2017Apr 1523 hrs ago rip off.congress2,65199Oct 2014Apr 138 hrs ago
bomb syria n not south africas leaders?!983Apr 10Apr 11Apr 23
utube shooting is fading away!ok wait no its a muslim shooter.1124Apr 10Apr 113 hrs ago
why are MS 13 n illegals still here illegal is still illegal time to deport em mr.trump.29231Mar 30Apr 715 hrs ago
tarmac blues for bill n killary?771Apr 7Apr 7Apr 19
deep state!45627Dec 17Apr 5Apr 19
why are muslim refugees still here in the usa!2,02147Dec 15Apr 56 hrs ago
shadow govt. in the usa.2,826126Dec 9Apr 15 hrs ago
islam peaceful.2,73495May 2017Mar 278 hrs ago
one hit wonders or favorite song.9,306220Sep 2013Feb 254 hrs ago
iran.54926Jan 2Feb 1216 hrs ago
bully govt.usa no we the people anymore!2,26570Aug 2014Feb 10Apr 22
DHEA1131Jan 5Jan 6Apr 20
can you gals tell when a guy freezes up asking you out?43328Dec 16Dec 31Apr 20
russia war?2,686133Aug 2014Dec 27Apr 24
KC.25114Dec 24Dec 27Apr 23
best places in usa to live/retire.4,51772Oct 2011Dec 23Apr 22
if you had ED would you?4,243174Sep 2013Dec 237 hrs ago
grammar nazi police.4,139263Dec 2013Dec 22Apr 23
7 year itch fact or fiction?2,87494Dec 2013Nov 29Apr 17
JFK 50yrs./Lone gunman?3,418208Nov 2013Nov 278 hrs ago
reporter said 10 dollar a gallon of gas for usa.2,06144Feb 2012May 2017Apr 23
is UK/EU headed for a split up/soon?6,454144Dec 2014May 2017Apr 23
election day/usa.1,99435Nov 2014Aug 20169 hrs ago
jade helm 153,42339May 2015Apr 2016Apr 23
GOP/Rs are rigging/defrauding voters here!1,70052Sep 2014Mar 2016Apr 16
tesla4,57172Mar 2015Dec 2015Apr 23
sheria law court in TEXAS!4,448111Feb 2015Sep 2015Apr 23
transfat/diabetes1,23726Jul 2014May 2015Apr 24

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