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illegals measles n polio,etc.outbreaks is coveredup by CDC!1,109106Dec 20Jun 157 hrs ago
trump will be the last n then a dem dictator25523Apr 5Jun 14Jun 15
firefox google n facebook team up to freeze u out online/block n block ur free speech.2,483153Nov 17Jun 116 hrs ago
civil war soon here.3,272189Jun 2018May 163 hrs ago
canada give up your guns plz.1,34864Jul 2018May 11Jun 11
REX 84 bush,sr.fema plan/the end of america as we know it!894Apr 14May 1Jun 7
saudi takeover soon?25124Mar 12Apr 2712 hrs ago
DEEP STATE/voter fraud,etc.list em here.1349Apr 9Apr 268 hrs ago
muslim tosses a 5 yr.old down 3 floors n no media coverage!47547Apr 15Apr 26Jun 14
DC has sold the usa for 60 million illegals n 20 million radical muslim off our SOC.SECURITY!84036Jun 2018Apr 1522 hrs ago
knights of malta rule usa via the UK crown.12313Apr 7Apr 13Jun 14
the d*ck ACT of 1902 forbids any gun control.13717Dec 21Apr 1216 hrs ago
HOTEL CALIFORIA/the china affair958Apr 9Apr 115 hrs ago
chem trails/cant kill us fast enuff!27827Feb 6Apr 11Jun 14
the russia hoax to overthrow trump n legit govt.for the UN/NWO!17210Dec 14Apr 9Jun 14
usa trade war v.NWO n deep state49626Jul 2018Apr 98 hrs ago
FBI/FIB cant stop shooters but they want ur guns n they want to take down trump!28314Apr 2018Apr 9Jun 14
human DNA in dyes,etc.NWO wants us to be cannibals!24928Mar 15Mar 306 hrs ago
the gun control dem n rino setup n b/s congress fight to pass it!44248Mar 2Mar 25Jun 14
social security is broke thx dems n rinos!15515Feb 21Mar 17Jun 11
usa citizens killed by illegals since 1965 250,000 thx LBJ!51334Dec 26Mar 17Jun 15
motor votor law signed by bill clinton the real deal for the NWO/voter fraud!856Mar 12Mar 14Jun 10
freedom to chains/fema camps paul harvey was right!1006Mar 12Mar 14Jun 9
why all the green planet fuss n yet we get chem trailed,hm.38421Mar 2Mar 13Jun 15
did you like david allen coes XXX rated old album?1,926162Jun 2018Mar 1311 mins ago
muellers report due soon.3367Jan 6Feb 289 hrs ago
speaker nancy tear down ur wall around ur house n soros/killary,etc.!55644Dec 21Feb 268 hrs ago
9/11 caused by govt.death rays n calif.fires,etc.!1896Dec 24Feb 14Jun 15
no justice for the elite n their hencemen!1167Feb 6Feb 9Jun 14
if commie countrys are better why are illegals n refugees coming to the usa?51130Dec 14Feb 710 hrs ago
FDR put usa decline in motion pearl harbor n need for the UN takeover of the world.1516Jan 9Feb 614 hrs ago
DOJ IG report is out today snowflakes n DEEP STATE actors/bye!99148Jan 15Feb 222 hrs ago
operation paper clip nazis used to build the CIA then rule the usa!23813Jan 10Feb 113 hrs ago
what do u do when ur govt.sells u out?21812Jan 12Jan 27Jun 8
why does congress make us fund illegal sanctuary citys/sue em time!25414Dec 27Jan 19Jun 14
killary n kerry stop illegals in the EU it ruined the EU,hm.but not here/why?1414Nov 28Jan 14Jun 13
bush signed the bill for a 50 billion dollar wall obozo where is the money?27811Jan 11Jan 14Jun 15
1946 a ww2 bomber crashed into the empire state building!25017Jan 10Jan 1314 hrs ago
atty.gen.sessions/deep state must go,jan.3rd.2,33826Dec 2017Jan 126 hrs ago
UN says usa needs 123 million more illegals on top of the 123 million we have/wtf!38926Dec 11Jan 8Jun 14
FB shadow banning n selling ur info.scam n lies again!18914Dec 19Jan 2May 30
RFID chips/666 bill passed in 2005!govt.says we must comply by 2020.18712Dec 24Jan 2Jun 15

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