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civil war soon here.68334Jun 22Sep 1220 hrs ago
canada give up your guns plz.1,06761Jul 23Sep 118 hrs ago
video killed the radio star.1,196189Jul 16Aug 1913 hrs ago
new word on the week.827111Jul 18Aug 123 hrs ago
usa illegal voting n dead voters by libs1,44588Apr 5Aug 6Sep 17
did you like david allen coes XXX rated old album?914161Jun 29Aug 57 hrs ago
say hello to the 3rd world soon USA EU.17510Jul 1Jul 193 hrs ago
FBI/FIB cant stop shooters but they want ur guns n they want to take down trump!19712Apr 12Jul 19Sep 15
spit or swallow?1,25995Jul 13Jul 184 hrs ago
usa trade war v.NWO n deep state33124Jul 9Jul 12Sep 16
ZTE china scams on the usa.29916Jun 4Jul 950 mins ago
DC has sold the usa for 60 million illegals n 20 million radical muslim off our SOC.SECURITY!51630Jun 8Jul 87 mins ago
atty.gen.sessions/deep state must go,jan.3rd.1,98520Dec 2017Jul 75 hrs ago
albert pike.1,12545May 2017Jul 44 hrs ago
freakin at the freakers ball dr.hooks old song would u join in?13210Jul 2Jul 4Sep 16
why are MS 13 n illegals still here illegal is still illegal time to deport em mr.trump.80340Mar 30Jul 3Sep 16
CS is like FB taking threads n cant get into old threads/bye.1,56161Apr 12Jul 2Sep 15
HIDRA/UN plan.89467May 31Jul 1Sep 16
islam peaceful.3,278106May 2017Jun 2714 hrs ago
who wins killary n the vampire deep state or trump.32210Apr 18Jun 18Sep 17
if you had ED would you?4,824196Sep 2013Jun 1757 mins ago
deep state!64828Dec 2017Jun 152 hrs ago
bomb syria n not south africas leaders?!1634Apr 10Jun 12Sep 17
the pelican scandal56934Jun 2Jun 10Sep 14
JFK/RFK the men who killed them,a tall tale.38023May 28Jun 10Sep 17
roseanne my hero PC is dead.94743May 29Jun 9Sep 16
why are muslim refugees still here in the usa!2,83556Dec 2017Jun 411 hrs ago
tesla4,76573Mar 2015Jun 2Sep 16
FAKEBOOK BANS.1,03651Mar 23Jun 2Sep 15
far left n far right deep state will be exposed in 6 days!36118Apr 19May 21Sep 14
top 3 terrorist arab nations.1,695106Feb 25May 21Sep 17
usa flu.1,13964Jan 28Apr 19Sep 17
snow on dec.23rd!24110Dec 2017Apr 15Sep 17
elected officials should take drug tests,also.3,077130Jan 2014Apr 154 hrs ago rip off.congress2,96599Oct 2014Apr 1315 mins ago
utube shooting is fading away!ok wait no its a muslim shooter.1874Apr 10Apr 11Sep 15
tarmac blues for bill n killary?1291Apr 7Apr 7Sep 17
shadow govt. in the usa.3,267126Dec 2017Apr 16 hrs ago
one hit wonders or favorite song.9,642220Sep 2013Feb 25Sep 17
iran.73026Jan 2Feb 1216 hrs ago
bully govt.usa no we the people anymore!2,44670Aug 2014Feb 106 hrs ago
DHEA1531Jan 5Jan 6Sep 15

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