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human DNA in dyes,etc.NWO wants us to be cannibals!577Mar 153 hrs ago1 hrs ago
civil war soon here.2,647177Jun 20183 hrs ago42 mins ago
the gun control dem n rino setup n b/s congress fight to pass it!35147Mar 2Mar 20Mar 21
social security is broke thx dems n rinos!11115Feb 21Mar 17Mar 20
illegals measles n polio,etc.outbreaks is coveredup by CDC!52855Dec 20Mar 1711 hrs ago
usa citizens killed by illegals since 1965 250,000 thx LBJ!46734Dec 26Mar 1717 hrs ago
saudi takeover soon?16322Mar 12Mar 172 hrs ago
firefox google n facebook team up to freeze u out online/block n block ur free speech.2,066136Nov 17Mar 158 hrs ago
motor votor law signed by bill clinton the real deal for the NWO/voter fraud!656Mar 12Mar 1419 hrs ago
freedom to chains/fema camps paul harvey was right!756Mar 12Mar 14Mar 22
why all the green planet fuss n yet we get chem trailed,hm.30621Mar 2Mar 1310 hrs ago
did you like david allen coes XXX rated old album?1,546162Jun 2018Mar 1323 hrs ago
muellers report due soon.1957Jan 6Feb 286 hrs ago
speaker nancy tear down ur wall around ur house n soros/killary,etc.!50944Dec 21Feb 2614 hrs ago
DC has sold the usa for 60 million illegals n 20 million radical muslim off our SOC.SECURITY!72235Jun 2018Feb 2115 hrs ago
chem trails/cant kill us fast enuff!13013Feb 6Feb 14Mar 21
9/11 caused by govt.death rays n calif.fires,etc.!1536Dec 24Feb 1420 hrs ago
no justice for the elite n their hencemen!907Feb 6Feb 97 hrs ago
if commie countrys are better why are illegals n refugees coming to the usa?41130Dec 14Feb 720 hrs ago
FDR put usa decline in motion pearl harbor n need for the UN takeover of the world.976Jan 9Feb 613 hrs ago
DOJ IG report is out today snowflakes n DEEP STATE actors/bye!93748Jan 15Feb 222 hrs ago
operation paper clip nazis used to build the CIA then rule the usa!20013Jan 10Feb 1Mar 21
what do u do when ur govt.sells u out?19812Jan 12Jan 27Mar 22
why does congress make us fund illegal sanctuary citys/sue em time!21614Dec 27Jan 1915 hrs ago
killary n kerry stop illegals in the EU it ruined the EU,hm.but not here/why?1144Nov 28Jan 14Mar 17
bush signed the bill for a 50 billion dollar wall obozo where is the money?17711Jan 11Jan 145 hrs ago
1946 a ww2 bomber crashed into the empire state building!19317Jan 10Jan 137 hrs ago
atty.gen.sessions/deep state must go,jan.3rd.2,27126Dec 2017Jan 1217 hrs ago
UN says usa needs 123 million more illegals on top of the 123 million we have/wtf!34126Dec 11Jan 8Mar 21
FB shadow banning n selling ur info.scam n lies again!17014Dec 19Jan 2Mar 22
RFID chips/666 bill passed in 2005!govt.says we must comply by 2020.13612Dec 24Jan 222 hrs ago
convention of states to protect the usa the govt.sure wont!1063Dec 22Dec 30Mar 22
JFK/RFK the men who killed them,a tall tale.56628May 2018Dec 2812 hrs ago
after iran-contra gary webb exposes the CIA n cocaine to the usa.823Dec 26Dec 27Mar 19
dems n rinos plan to derail trump is in full motion his fmr.attys.takes guilty plea!16516Nov 29Dec 2619 hrs ago
is trump close to dropping the hammer on dems n rinos after jan.1st.39134Dec 2Dec 26Mar 22
pres.IKE warned usa n JFK on military industrial complex!1079Dec 12Dec 25Mar 12
the d*ck ACT of 1902 forbids any gun control.738Dec 21Dec 22Mar 12
dems trump hired illegals lets e-varify n deport em all i say!1478Dec 7Dec 21Mar 16
usa protest time the weekend after the superbowl in DC,etc.946Dec 18Dec 19Mar 18
the russia hoax to overthrow trump n legit govt.for the UN/NWO!1075Dec 14Dec 18Mar 19
climate change due to influx of illegals in the usa/new study.50230Dec 6Dec 11Mar 21

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