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Say Anything59,5131,424Jun 202023 hrs ago37 mins ago
This Is My Page1,67951Mar 21May 53 hrs ago
I don't know about anyone else but...1,48744May 3May 45 hrs ago
Dreams1,05245Aug 2020Aug 2020May 2
Pet Therapy83740Jul 2020Aug 20203 hrs ago
Recipes!84338Jul 2020Jul 2020May 4
Kanye West going for President of the USA1,24744Jul 2020Jul 2020May 4
Tweets4194Jun 2020Jun 2020May 6
Say Anything217,0208,000Feb 2018Jun 202053 mins ago
'Childless' or 'Childfree'2694Mar 2020Mar 2020Apr 25
Club Femme95631Feb 2020Mar 2020May 6
Random Thoughts1,09930Aug 2019Feb 202020 hrs ago
Should children be allowed in pubs?97541Feb 2020Feb 2020May 6
Thinking of You at Christmastime70926Dec 2019Dec 201924 hrs ago
Book Club1,28765Nov 2019Nov 2019May 2
Anyplace in Australia/New Zealand A-Z49821Nov 2019Nov 2019May 3
Eat It19,375635Mar 2016Nov 20193 hrs ago
What Pisses You Off1,25541Jul 2019Sep 2019May 1
The Soundtrack of your Life43918Aug 2019Sep 2019May 7
Some Things never Change3771Aug 2019Aug 2019Apr 25
Do men require a partner in life more so than women?2,855108Jun 2019Jul 2019May 4
Get Well Soon Mick X3957Apr 2019Apr 2019Apr 25
Easter Holds no Significance1,26555Apr 2019Apr 20192 hrs ago
Wish Me Luck!5,863189Jan 2017Apr 2019May 7
This is my Beatles Page1,87584Jul 2018Mar 2019May 7
Aus Music1,40281Sep 2018Mar 2019Apr 25
Social89634Oct 2018Mar 2019May 6
Old Blokes and Young Women5,869144Feb 2019Mar 201914 mins ago
American Politics belong on the USA forums1,48052Jan 2019Feb 2019May 6
I Really Don't Care1,02727Jan 2019Jan 20192 hrs ago
What Pisses You Off33,255935Dec 2015Nov 2018May 7
What are you Not wearing right now1,23954Oct 2018Oct 2018Apr 25
Tell me right now!!!1,10251Oct 2018Oct 2018May 6
Sons and daughters1,64962Sep 2018Oct 2018May 7
Say Nothing thread9,487215Mar 2016Oct 201814 hrs ago
Random Thoughts9,360314Oct 2017Oct 2018May 6
What Are You Wearing?6,828227Mar 2017Sep 201819 hrs ago
The Women's Room1,93870Aug 2018Sep 2018May 6
Attention Admin1,76968Sep 2018Sep 2018May 2
A question for the Mods1,27132May 2018Sep 2018May 2
This is my Peace page17,744524Sep 2014Sep 20186 hrs ago
Has anyone else noticed ..1,96065Sep 2018Sep 2018Apr 25

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