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Should Ireland leave the EU?42413Apr 10May 2521 hrs ago
Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding3547Apr 1Apr 821 hrs ago
Katy Hopkins5239Jun 2017Feb 1Jul 16
Mr President8994Apr 2016Jun 2016Jul 16
NY Primary7,0170Apr 2016Apr 201610 hrs ago
More migrants?4,291102Oct 2015Jan 2016Jul 16
California and the drought92924Oct 2015Oct 2015Jul 16
Sepp Blatter and FIFA86125Jun 2015Jun 20159 hrs ago
IN or Out of the E.U.?8255May 2013Feb 2015Jul 13
I draw a blank2651Aug 2014Aug 2014Jul 13
True or false: John 10:386,062187Sep 2013Sep 2013Jul 13
Julian Assange for senate1,67165Aug 2013Sep 2013Jul 15
If there were an election tomorrow which party would you vote for?1,04414Jul 2013Aug 2013Jul 16
County of origin2,11443Jun 2013Jun 201318 hrs ago
Does anyone know the true implications?3683May 2013May 20136 hrs ago
It beggars belief4634Jan 2013Jan 2013Jul 14
Should we really listen6107Aug 2012Aug 2012Jul 13
one thing better than sex2,05835Nov 2011Jan 2012Jul 15
Funeral Music2,40458Dec 2011Dec 2011Jul 16
Feck Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!97310Nov 2011Nov 2011Jul 17
How calm and peaceful3120Oct 2011Oct 2011Jul 13
Rory Mc3734Apr 2011Apr 2011Jul 13
Ian Paisley5878Feb 2011Feb 2011Jul 13
Get ready to lose against France!3333Feb 2011Feb 2011Jul 13
Why Oh Why?4275Feb 2011Feb 2011Jul 13
Can America really afford to be spending3261Feb 2011Feb 2011Jul 14
Any regrets?3873Jan 2011Jan 2011Jul 13
War, death, misery and destruction.2832Jan 2011Jan 2011Jul 13
Favourite book.3627Jan 2011Jan 2011Jul 13
Wikileaks3786Dec 2010Dec 2010Jul 13
England Football Team3806Jun 2010Jun 2010Jul 13
Uneducated footballers3,0861May 2010May 2010Jul 16
Tiger Woods1,68543Apr 2010Apr 2010Jul 13
A real hard kick up the arse could be interpreted as77416Apr 2010Apr 2010Jul 13
Three all-time favourite songs55718Apr 2010Apr 2010Jul 13
Santa was buried in Cavan1,30826Dec 2009Dec 2009Jul 14
Oil cotracts3377Dec 2009Dec 2009Jul 13
why do people argue4,596303Dec 2009Dec 2009Jul 15
18/111,13040Nov 2009Nov 2009Jul 13
She was 6 foot 1" and I am 5 foot 7'' tall4,627111Sep 2009Nov 2009Jul 15
would you be happy if the army1,22650May 2009Sep 2009Jul 13
I'm being an a**hole here but2,31886Sep 2009Sep 2009Jul 17

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