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Asking again 'Has anyone contracted CV19 disease or PERSONALLY knows someone who has, or who died2,342106Jul 3Jul 132 hrs ago
Nicest guy ever - Woman claims alleged isolation escapee wouldn't have done so intentionally651Jul 10Jul 1024 hrs ago
Soy bean recipes ...953Jul 4Jul 10Jul 10
If you could change one thing about yourself ...78550Jul 5Jul 72 hrs ago
The Path of Wan King ... make lotta lotta money Wan King1121Jul 3Jul 3Jul 12
Real reason US lost Vietnam War - US troops were in open revolt killing over 300 Officers29114Jun 23Jul 323 hrs ago
I suppose there's a lot of you can score 26 or above on The Alien Abduction Test ?1935Jun 29Jul 2Jul 10
So very many READERS yet so very few CONTRIBUTORS on the boards1,27132Jun 29Jul 19 hrs ago
Right ... let's set about civilising the world ...69533Jun 17Jun 28Jul 12
US plan trip for Mars - unanswered questions remain1634Jun 28Jun 2810 hrs ago
Well, that was a first time for me ...24712Jun 22Jun 244 hrs ago
Women would you date a Hermit ... and men would you date a Hismet24611Jun 19Jun 2422 hrs ago
How about a dating a Man with Mummy Issues ...2,806199Jun 19Jun 244 hrs ago
I suppose gene Wilder will have to be cancelled for his Nazi30913Jun 19Jun 23Jul 10
Political correctness ... would you1,04250Jun 11Jun 224 hrs ago
Happy days ...1152Jun 22Jun 2210 hrs ago
I agree 'Black Live Matter' as do ALL lives yet Africans themselves kidnapped and sold slaves26011Jun 17Jun 194 hrs ago
I've just has a rollicking from a dimwit who attacked me for saying sni**ers46216Jun 17Jun 1857 mins ago
Currant Thoughts ...51224Jun 15Jun 1724 hrs ago
I wonder, do any of those rioting and despising the men and women of history ...1,04950Jun 11Jun 1312 hrs ago
I'm gonna be rich rich rich as I've just filed a patient cure for CV191387Jun 10Jun 106 hrs ago
US Civil War 2 ?3,159191May 30Jun 636 mins ago
Face masks eh ...36613May 3May 136 hrs ago
The REAL Problem is NOT China .. it the UN and esp the UN Security Council60431May 5May 13Jul 12
Predictions as to events when lockdowns end ...1,08251Apr 13Apr 2217 hrs ago
So, now that bernie Sandr is gone, how long before Creepy Joe is dropped1985Apr 12Apr 22Jul 11
Some like it hot whereas other like authentic ...33519Apr 7Apr 17Jul 12
So, now Mr DT Rump is blaming the WHO for being China-centric1,31264Apr 7Apr 16Jul 12
MAFS ... Married At First Sight75056Apr 7Apr 1510 hrs ago
" Here's what we know ..."38031Apr 12Apr 12Jul 9
There's one VERY Good Thing about this lockdown lark ....48420Apr 1Apr 12Jul 12
The Elder DUchess of CS suggests I 'need a good woman' so1,25653Apr 7Apr 1210 hrs ago
The Latest on Boris ... he's had a2696Apr 6Apr 6Jul 12
IF CS had a theme tune ( and Hotel California were not it )58034Mar 30Apr 516 hrs ago
Is it a crime to2355Apr 4Apr 4Jul 11
Those nasty horrible Russians are sending CV 19 Humanitrian Aid to the US2406Apr 1Apr 1Jul 12
I know EXACTLY who should be put in charge of Coronavirus situation ...2628Mar 25Mar 28Jul 6
24 hours into NZ's 28 day lock down and the funniest story to date ...2745Mar 26Mar 26Jul 9
Do you own your own motor vehicle - yes... you may be at risk35519Mar 17Mar 21Jul 7
Absolutely MEN ONLY ... best news you ever heard3577Mar 18Mar 2010 hrs ago
Corona beer has lost $445 million in sales and rising due to dummies who linked it to coronavirus1833Feb 29Mar 259 mins ago
Well, enough of this nonsense - I'm off50514Dec 8Dec 15Jul 10

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