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Never thought we'd see an armed attack on a NZ Mosque3,966218Mar 15Apr 37 hrs ago
On average there's between 10 and 20 times as many VIEWS in any given thread30215Mar 19Mar 23Jun 20
The US is labouring under an opiod drugs crisis41028Mar 17Mar 18Jun 21
An informed view of current US Politics ( and why Pelosi is no longer screaming 'impeach him'1768Mar 16Mar 1711 hrs ago
Boeing to 'Upgrade' software across the 737MAX Fleet in coming weeks82155Mar 11Mar 1614 hrs ago
Love at last ... I finally found an intelligent woman !!!2888Feb 27Mar 5Jun 23
No one commenting on Mr Putin's remarks in his annual address ...81159Feb 21Mar 1Jun 22
Lying Loony Liberals ... Maxine Walters again! Trumps fault that Juicy Liar Smollett got beat up28815Feb 25Feb 274 hrs ago
Adam Sandler's tribute to the US auto industry890Feb 27Feb 27Jun 20
Songs from the past that have meaning for today ...1162Feb 25Feb 25Jun 20
That Jussie Smollett bloke is a bit of a character eh ?22716Feb 21Feb 22Jun 19
Breaking news ... Putin, Xi and Kim all to2719Feb 1Feb 11Jun 22
PC Gone utterly mad - UK Snr Police Officer suspended for telling officers they have to be beyond46018Sep 2018Jan 12Jun 20
Mattis Quit ... is the world1,58683Dec 20Jan 7Jun 23
It seems Time Travel IS Possible IF You Have An27510Jan 4Jan 6Jun 20
Happy Christmas Muppets ...2287Dec 24Dec 25Jun 23
Russians sink Norwegian Submarine Hunting Frigate ...2658Nov 18Nov 19Jun 13
Putin could honour Russia's WW2 war dead in the rain28719Nov 13Nov 14Jun 23
You are what you eat ...45121Oct 2018Oct 2018Jun 23
The Al Bundy Obesity Treatment Plan and best of all IT'S FREE2358Oct 2018Oct 2018Jun 21
Post something local ... music, art, creative2712Apr 2018Apr 2018Jun 22
Deer Skammas3668Apr 2018Apr 2018Jun 19
FREE BEER or WINE if you can beat this84938Apr 2018Apr 2018Jun 23
Wasabi peas ...3173Apr 2018Apr 2018Jun 22
Hex's Global Appeal for a Practical Solution62528Apr 2018Apr 2018Jun 21
Who can tell me "What is 2+2 ?"83028Apr 2018Apr 20187 hrs ago
For sale ... job lot sandpaper, now surplus to requirements2674Mar 2018Mar 2018Jun 23
Come's down to The Basic Principles of Life ... everyone's the same at heart4249Mar 2018Mar 2018Jun 21
Honda jokes ...2724Mar 2018Mar 201815 hrs ago
Cats .. behaving badly2714Mar 2018Mar 2018Jun 19
How long does you lot spend on here each day42210Mar 2018Mar 2018Jun 21
Wimpiest 'Men' in the world88938Mar 2018Mar 2018Jun 18
There's only TWO ways to write a profile1,29148Mar 2018Mar 20181 hrs ago
Who sends and receives the most initial approach messages ...60612Feb 2018Mar 20187 hrs ago
Take a song and mess with the title a little to make it relevant to the forums... eh2030Mar 2018Mar 2018Jun 5
So, you're all very quiet following1,10443Mar 2018Mar 20181 hrs ago
Those who state 'Smoking ... trying to quit'86512Apr 2017Feb 201810 hrs ago
" No Scammers "58116Nov 2017Nov 2017Jun 22
Save me some time29711Nov 2017Nov 2017Jun 14
hi my name is Hexagonkeyset6186530Oct 2017Oct 2017Jun 23
I suppose I ought not be surprised2994Oct 2017Oct 2017Jun 23
The Good Night Thread86636Sep 2017Oct 201734 mins ago

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