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Lumix GX7 Starting with the Peace Rose6,434249Oct 2014Mar 20155 hrs ago
Unwanted1,64740Mar 2015Mar 201518 hrs ago
Jacks been around...!!!1,32848Aug 2014Oct 201416 hrs ago
Just seeing if this coolest of sites is perhaps not having difficulties..1,00730Oct 2014Oct 2014Nov 16
Calling all Fat Cats - Work for the dole2,646114Jul 2014Aug 2014Nov 15
Spin a yarn.. true or false..3,834168Feb 2014Feb 2014Nov 15
Uruguay become first to legalise, grow n sell marijuana.1,19237Dec 2013Dec 20137 hrs ago
World Cup...Oh dear... Freak Out... Ok your thoughts... ???1,10423Dec 2013Dec 2013Nov 6
so what do you think of voluntary euthanasia ?1,85152Dec 2013Dec 2013Nov 15
Almost 10 percent of female births are prevented due to preferences for boys1,60845Oct 2013Nov 2013Nov 6
Bald no more..1,04423Oct 2013Oct 201310 hrs ago
So do you have a pair43812Oct 2013Oct 2013Nov 3
SHOW TIME - BRIDGES - Buddy Blackwelder Memorial Comp.7,598165Oct 2013Oct 2013Nov 15
SHOW TIME theme " what goes around" Buddy Blackwelders Memorial Photo Comp5,953121Sep 2013Oct 20132 hrs ago
TIE BREAKER VOTES pls.. for Show Time . Reflections ..1,46537Sep 2013Sep 201312 hrs ago
SHOW TIME VOTING thread for REFLECTIONS2,56962Aug 2013Sep 201313 mins ago
It occurred to me today3,74268Aug 2013Sep 20135 hrs ago
SHOW TIME 'REFLECTIONS' Buddy Blackwelder Memorial Photo Comp..5,969140Aug 2013Aug 201318 hrs ago
Show Time Voting for BIRDS. Buddy Blackwelders Memorial Photo Comp2,74151Aug 2013Aug 2013Oct 31
SHOW TIME " Birds" Buddy Blackwelders Memorial Photo Comp..7,370180Jul 2013Aug 201315 hrs ago
SHOW TIME Water, Waterfall, Sea... Buddy Blackwelders (Jeepers) Memorial Thread.7,083157May 2013Jun 2013Nov 14
Struggling so hard with5108Jun 2013Jun 2013Nov 14
The VOICE who's watching...97827Apr 2013Apr 2013Nov 11
SHOW TIME. Buddy Blackwelder's JEEPERS Memorial Thread.- SUNRISE, SUNSET5,624147Apr 2013Apr 2013Nov 6
What questions would you ask if3,189104Apr 2013Apr 20135 hrs ago
Nighty Night...2,16461Dec 2012Apr 2013Nov 16
SHOW TIME VOTING - Buddy Blackwelder Memorial ( Jeepers) VOTING thread2,67160Mar 2013Apr 20137 hrs ago
So, if anyone has done this brewing1,00226Feb 2013Mar 2013Nov 10
Buddy Blackwelder Memorial (Jeepers) SHOW TIME Photo COMp.8,629218Mar 2013Mar 20132 hrs ago
So... to all the Americans re the gun thingo..4,896172Jan 2013Feb 201351 mins ago
Chrissy time laughs... about now I reckon we should start to have a laugh.. Enjoy.5828Dec 2012Dec 2012Oct 29
Happy Deepavali and Diwali6299Nov 2012Nov 2012Nov 10
Gosh, I reckon I need help... I am totally engrossed in online shopping.1,51141Sep 2012Oct 2012Nov 16
Is anyone else sick to death1,77458Sep 2012Sep 20127 hrs ago
Too much to take in.61810Jul 2012Jul 2012Nov 15
Apology thread..69514Jul 2012Jul 2012Nov 16
Happy Ramadam for all who celebrate it.2,40951Jul 2012Jul 201215 hrs ago
Do I or dont I ?1,62339Jul 2012Jul 2012Nov 15
AND THE WINNER IS:4828Jul 2012Jul 2012Nov 15
Nightmare day... what a con.1,24630Jun 2012Jun 2012Nov 12
lets just have a bit of discussion here about1,55846Jun 2012Jun 2012Nov 15
Photo Comp - Subject is STILL LIFE3,097119Jun 2012Jun 201211 hrs ago

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