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Trojan6455Oct 2011Mar 2015Jun 14
Pumpkin art2,63116Oct 2011Oct 2013Jun 17
Any Shysters on board???1,91343May 2013Jun 2013Jun 17
I`ve been exposed to pure awesomness7177May 2013May 2013Jun 18
Witch Hunt2,29345Feb 2013Feb 201313 hrs ago
$3 mln to be spent on ‘internet trolls’4213Feb 2013Feb 2013Jun 18
Is sex with a minor ( juvenile) same as pedophilia???2,15854Feb 2013Feb 2013Jun 18
Fine Manners ...93619Jan 2013Feb 2013Jun 15
Smooching in public2,32851Jan 2013Jan 2013Jun 17
Jesus in Japan1,15722Jan 2013Jan 201310 hrs ago
What ,What, in the Butt93413Jan 2013Jan 2013Jun 14
25 years50213Jan 2013Jan 201315 hrs ago
Would you date...1,09322Jan 2013Jan 201310 hrs ago
Holy Fook1,81923Oct 2012Oct 2012Jun 17
We steal from travelers all the time...5535Oct 2012Oct 20128 hrs ago
Lets legalize Polygamy ...2,29947Sep 2012Sep 2012Jun 17
Teacher of 43 pregnant from 16 year old student3,97665Sep 2012Sep 201224 hrs ago
Overcoming Shyness1,64024Aug 2012Sep 2012Jun 18
Ladies and Gentlemen ...82012Aug 2012Sep 201211 hrs ago
Kegel Exercises For Men95317Sep 2012Sep 201216 hrs ago
Psychology of women !!!2,74961Sep 2012Sep 2012Jun 15
There is one shop in India...5384Aug 2012Aug 201224 hrs ago
The Beast in Us1,98345Aug 2012Aug 2012Jun 16
Supervision1,27127Aug 2012Aug 20122 hrs ago
So, what are you wearing ???1,34621Aug 2012Aug 201223 hrs ago
I almost soiled my undies...1,04515Aug 2012Aug 20124 hrs ago
Depressed women crave 's*xual intimacy'3,37966Aug 2012Aug 2012Jun 15
What`s going on in Anaheim2,71860Aug 2012Aug 2012Jun 14
Greece expel triple jumper over racist Twitter remark1,05022Jul 2012Jul 2012Jun 18
Artificially cooling the planet7709Jul 2012Jul 2012Jun 12
Flippin` the bird1,1137Jul 2012Jul 2012Jun 18
Hey you...yeah you...1,16020Jun 2012Jun 201216 hrs ago
CS exchange office1,92036Jun 2012Jun 2012Jun 17
Demotivational morning after ...1,44924May 2012May 2012Jun 18
Battle plan for Iran ‘ready’5,826140May 2012May 2012Jun 18
Disco time...2,80560Apr 2012May 20125 hrs ago
Planning a trip to Canada or the Caribbean? US Immigration may have other ideas...2,07247Apr 2012Apr 20125 hrs ago
The conspiracy,Myth or truth ...6,512112Dec 2011Mar 201220 hrs ago
Dad goes to jail for 4-year-old daughter’s drawing1,65030Feb 2012Mar 2012Jun 18
Holocaust Memorial Days4,321119Jan 2012Feb 20127 hrs ago
Sky is the limit...98615Jan 2012Jan 2012Jun 16
Setting History Free7124Dec 2011Dec 2011Jun 10

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