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What are you or would you be doing on a Fri night? Which scenario is closest to describing you?24623Jun 1Jun 2Jun 17
What Kind or Woman / Person are You? Choose the BEST answer.34717Mar 31Apr 1Jun 17
Dear Abby: Man uses security cameras to spy on stay-at-home wife27220Mar 17Mar 2250 mins ago
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AT&T do you think we are stupid?46919Nov 22Dec 2519 hrs ago
Share What You are Listening To Part ? 1,00017113Nov 11Nov 22Jun 11
Solar Eclipse36621Aug 2017Aug 201713 hrs ago
Older Guys1,68089Aug 2017Aug 201721 hrs ago
RIP Chris Cornell32116May 2017Jun 2017Jun 13
Prayers Needed - any religion is fine28619Apr 2017Apr 2017Jun 13
Better Check Dinner1995Apr 2017Apr 2017Jun 13
Happy Holiday Wishes....While Still Sober3018Dec 2016Dec 2016Jun 18
Us Presidential Race: Polls Closing, Close race72715Nov 2016Nov 201624 hrs ago
My Genration2,00650Sep 2016Sep 2016Jun 12
Windows 10....MY computer is MINE not yours2,49580Jun 2016Jun 201622 hrs ago
Canadian Sinkholes72416Jun 2016Jun 2016Jun 2
Fav Rap Tunes85020Jun 2016Jun 2016Jun 16
Low Maintenance1,92938Apr 2016Apr 2016Jun 18
Us Foreign Aid1,56339Nov 2015Nov 20156 hrs ago
What Personality?2,74991Sep 2015Sep 2015Jun 16
Post What You Love To Listen To and tell is a little about this music you love2,53568Aug 2015Sep 201511 hrs ago
Personal Space88924Jul 2015Jul 2015May 28
TGIF!1,48447Feb 2015Apr 2015Jun 18
Ides of March64718Mar 2015Mar 2015Jun 11
Tomorrow43518Mar 2015Mar 2015Jun 16
Happy St Pat's2672Mar 2015Mar 2015Jun 5
Felix's Coffee Klatch1,65159Feb 2015Mar 2015Jun 11
Winter Wonderland!1,01026Feb 2015Feb 2015Jun 14
Ummmm .......... Sunglasses....Really?97929Feb 2015Feb 2015Jun 15
sirens48514Jan 2015Jan 2015Jun 15
This is a first for me1,46246Dec 2014Dec 2014Jun 18
Sooooooo...It;s Christmas Eve....80723Dec 2014Dec 201416 hrs ago
Wrong/Right4,032104Dec 2014Dec 2014Jun 16
WooHoo1,22525Dec 2014Dec 201420 hrs ago
Think Fast1,83250Dec 2014Dec 2014Jun 17
omg Another Year....83520Dec 2014Dec 2014Jun 13
US - Elizabeth Warren Speech1,12836Dec 2014Dec 2014Jun 15
Christmas Cheer1,38036Dec 2014Dec 2014Jun 12
Happy Holidays in Your Culture1,08138Dec 2014Dec 2014Jun 13
What's ON Your Christmas List?1,39058Nov 2014Nov 2014Jun 12
Shopping1,29241Nov 2014Nov 2014Jun 15
Where would you...?3,015109Nov 2014Nov 20147 hrs ago

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