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Hello Birthday Girl1,72639May 2018May 2018May 3
Say Anything Thread1,12125Nov 2017Apr 2018May 5
I am loving it!!!!!!1,65420Oct 2016Nov 2016May 3
Say it isn't so...Shirley Temple RIP1,60223Feb 2014Feb 2014May 4
Deal Breakers!3,44861Sep 2013Sep 2013Apr 25
Bad timing?1,07213Aug 2013Aug 2013Apr 25
Is anybody Home?84015Aug 2013Aug 2013May 1
Searching for love2,80047Jul 2013Aug 2013Apr 28
Poets Corner Comment Notifications!!!!!!9482Jan 2012Jan 2012Apr 22
Does anyone have any information :-)3,35557Sep 2011Sep 2011May 4
My Wish For You8077Sep 2011Sep 2011May 4
WVM1,12017Jul 2011Jul 2011May 1
I am a little late :-(1,85927May 2011May 201114 hrs ago
I am wondering about how others figure their.........1,80039Feb 2011Feb 2011May 4
Happy Birthday!!! To an awesome lady.1,63928Feb 2011Feb 2011Apr 26
Sayanything23,1301,000Feb 2011Feb 201110 hrs ago
Are you able to personalize a person you have never met?2,95388Oct 2010Jan 2011Apr 30
Happy Birthday MJAMES1,49721Jul 2010Jul 2010Apr 30
Are You Appreciative???????1,71834Jun 2010Jun 2010May 4
Do you ever have a difficult time leaving your computer?1,66972Feb 2010May 2010May 3
This is for you1,53026May 2010May 2010May 4
Do you ever think of sex???????1,01119Apr 2010May 2010May 1
Need some advice on how to handle a situation2,27853Apr 2010Apr 2010Apr 27
Why is it whenever I get up and come back everyone is gone?60812Mar 2010Mar 2010Apr 22
Would you.......3,00583Mar 2010Mar 2010May 1
If you have a problem in life is it-1,39138Feb 2010Feb 2010Mar 25
Is it important in a long term relationship to have the person live under the same roof as you1,09415Jan 2010Jan 2010Apr 8

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