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Let's all get drunk41826Jul 857 mins ago5 mins ago
Lucky Vs Unlucky........I have a 12 inch scar on my neck and a 1 inch stab wound in the back33427Jul 958 mins ago32 mins ago
Any place world wide A-Z37829Nov 20192 hrs ago2 hrs ago
What type of nut are you.....?140910 hrs ago2 hrs ago29 mins ago
Full blown love24311Jul 414 hrs ago7 hrs ago
“Pog Mo Thoin,”1408Jul 9Jul 99 hrs ago
Is schizo the modern day leprosy ..?51925Jul 6Jul 92 hrs ago
I nearly got expelled from secondary school.....!22514Jul 8Jul 945 mins ago
tomcat won't reply to my banter18216Jul 9Jul 912 hrs ago
In your teens solvent abuse...?450Jul 9Jul 914 hrs ago
The Avalanches - 'Frontier Psychiatrist'632Jul 9Jul 99 hrs ago
anyone online now.....?510Jul 9Jul 912 hrs ago
What type of nut are you.....?934Jul 8Jul 84 mins ago
Peace came upon me................400Jul 8Jul 815 hrs ago
Ladies of CS?53422Jun 26Jul 76 hrs ago
Did you get..?2479Jul 1Jul 710 hrs ago
I got a job....!!42923Jul 4Jul 550 mins ago
Folks !!! can you recall your greatest blessing....?27015Jul 2Jul 42 hrs ago
Who said..? What you do to others you do to me?22911Jun 25Jul 32 hrs ago
My pet dog just said f off to me19312Jul 3Jul 33 hrs ago
Light hearted humour1321Jul 3Jul 39 hrs ago
If it makes you happy it can't be that bad....1594Jul 3Jul 32 hrs ago
The thong song...!1536Jul 1Jul 1Jul 10
My casino opens tomorrow...!43825Jun 28Jul 13 mins ago
Post the song that taught you the most .74449Jun 28Jul 116 hrs ago
what makes you truly ''smile''....?56223Jun 17Jun 303 hrs ago
When was the last time you laughed ....?..........:)55022Jun 27Jun 2916 hrs ago
My son wants 2 b a carpenter when he leaves school....31012Jun 20Jun 2916 mins ago
Rain drops keep falling on my head1322Jun 26Jun 29Jul 10
Anyone going to a night club tonight ....It's friday30510Jun 26Jun 296 hrs ago
Does God know the true contains within your heart/soul...?60226Jun 28Jun 29Jul 9
What would cheer the twitter up...?2588Jun 23Jun 292 hrs ago
The way I am...1501Jun 19Jun 283 hrs ago
2020 this is the most special thing l ever heard...!!1581Jun 28Jun 28Jul 9
It's 2020 but what year are you still living in...?1608Jun 22Jun 28Jul 9
11113942Apr 20Jun 282 hrs ago
100 year old pics on my profile2743Jun 20Jun 287 hrs ago
Name the one thing you miss from the past...?1,04836Jun 26Jun 283 hrs ago
The mysteries of the universe1375Jun 28Jun 283 hrs ago
I've ran out of thread topics50535Jun 27Jun 288 hrs ago
''Friends with benefits''3697Jun 25Jun 2718 hrs ago
28 views for people not online?2332Jun 26Jun 26Jul 9

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