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Ireland V New Zealand......................Rugby2592617 hrs ago5 hrs ago57 mins ago
Is there stigma against gambling..?25716Aug 2311 hrs ago2 hrs ago
Who would you like to bath on the forums?51640Nov 16Nov 164 hrs ago
when in doubt,,,,,do this...!!722Nov 14Nov 1613 hrs ago
Spice Girls'' and West life''26025Nov 10Nov 1619 hrs ago
My ex left me just a week after giving birth to our son in 200759037Oct 28Nov 156 hrs ago
A fun & friendly thread36030Nov 12Nov 1512 hrs ago
where you ever called GAY?44325Aug 16Nov 14Nov 16
Types of public toilets to avoid60454Oct 22Nov 138 hrs ago
Funerals48528Nov 1Nov 13Nov 14
My date here on CS28014Nov 12Nov 1330 mins ago
How old is your computer32829Nov 4Nov 1323 hrs ago
The most attractive colour skin in the world83395Nov 10Nov 1019 hrs ago
Beard33437Nov 9Nov 916 hrs ago
Psychosis1929Oct 18Nov 85 hrs ago
The house always wins....!1358Nov 7Nov 713 hrs ago
woke at 5AM14110Nov 7Nov 716 hrs ago
11111787Oct 30Nov 7Nov 10
Tonights new moon meaning....!440Nov 7Nov 7Nov 16
I am in sync with the universe32124Nov 5Nov 615 hrs ago
Does one2note make the most interesting threads ?2,252148Oct 30Nov 53 hrs ago
cottage pie39130Nov 5Nov 5Nov 16
sex51531Oct 28Nov 4Nov 15
has a lot of people left CS?1,20156Oct 27Nov 3Nov 16
Did you get the power?755Nov 3Nov 3Nov 16
I'm dreaming1338Nov 2Nov 37 hrs ago
I might make a thread19623Nov 1Nov 1Nov 13
Ali from Pakistan38120Oct 24Oct 31Nov 15
My heart is on fire16715Oct 24Oct 302 hrs ago
Did you get the money..?1446Oct 28Oct 295 hrs ago
What if CS closed up and was no more...!86887Oct 28Oct 2813 hrs ago
World without end.11112Oct 26Oct 267 hrs ago
how many miracles did Jesus preform ?27322Oct 18Oct 26Nov 16
Let him without sin cast the first stone63443Oct 18Oct 2619 hrs ago
I've become like1656Oct 24Oct 25Nov 13
CS is now the X factor36821Oct 16Oct 23Nov 16
I'm leaveing CS and no one cares in this64535Oct 16Oct 2314 hrs ago
Types of women and men to avoid.15110Oct 22Oct 22Nov 12
Is the internet the best invention ever..?26220Oct 17Oct 229 hrs ago
BILLIONAIRE1224Oct 22Oct 2210 hrs ago
Peace746Oct 22Oct 22Nov 16
Mega bingo641Oct 21Oct 21Nov 15

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