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The queen of England has died RIP4703710 hrs ago5 hrs ago1 hrs ago
Innocent to guilt46310 hrs ago6 hrs ago2 hrs ago
Who is the most richest on CS53638Sep 227 hrs ago2 mins ago
Proud to be European.................44211 hrs ago11 hrs ago1 hrs ago
How does one beat death...?41635Sep 22Sep 239 hrs ago
Has a female lesbian ever got with a gay male?23323Sep 22Sep 234 mins ago
Can the holy spirit keep you alive?1229Sep 22Sep 2322 hrs ago
who is the most lonely on CS....?792Sep 22Sep 224 hrs ago
Brexit now..........Can we vote on a united Ireland...?13910Sep 21Sep 22Sep 23
Are men allowed cry without being rediculed by other's87463Sep 20Sep 2215 hrs ago
Great mind's40644Sep 19Sep 22Sep 23
A frozen heart39629Sep 17Sep 2114 hrs ago
what is the meaning of life1,15131Aug 2015Sep 213 hrs ago
When was your last date...?88399Sep 11Sep 2016 hrs ago
no one is online610Sep 20Sep 204 hrs ago
Anyone on CS know more than me.....?35021Sep 12Sep 20Sep 23
So you finally die and meet God33629Sep 18Sep 191 hrs ago
taken a leaf of the muslim relgion973Sep 19Sep 194 hrs ago
I have this 100%---- Empathy16410Sep 18Sep 1914 hrs ago
Just looked at my hands14018Sep 18Sep 18Sep 23
what question's does the psychiatrist ask me?1027Sep 18Sep 1811 hrs ago
A open heart1087Sep 18Sep 1823 hrs ago
Beelzebub18811Sep 13Sep 17Sep 23
What went wrong in our last relationship?968Sep 17Sep 175 hrs ago
I've lost track of time.....25718Sep 4Sep 1712 hrs ago
The abyss1085Sep 17Sep 176 hrs ago
..............''normal'............17813Sep 15Sep 1611 hrs ago
Tarot card reading1588Sep 15Sep 1515 hrs ago
Have you ever seen a ''true mircle'' in your past.......?20218Sep 12Sep 15Sep 23
Do you trust your vibes when in company with one1315Sep 12Sep 144 hrs ago
no one is online21420Sep 13Sep 13Sep 22
Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world28216Sep 12Sep 12Sep 22
I'm learning to fly...!!!1109Sep 12Sep 12Sep 23
Sunday music on the radio491Sep 10Sep 12Sep 23
Can you offer the olive branch...........?58245Sep 10Sep 1123 mins ago
Roulette Wizard9012Sep 11Sep 1123 hrs ago
Who is the most honest person on CS...?1,77573Aug 29Sep 1018 hrs ago
Dying34625Sep 6Sep 8Sep 23
11111192Sep 7Sep 815 mins ago
the wrong settings in past relationships981Sep 7Sep 78 hrs ago
Empathy1377Sep 7Sep 7Sep 23
Prophet22620Sep 6Sep 721 hrs ago

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