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After life745May 215 hrs ago3 mins ago
Do you smoke..?2742311 hrs ago5 hrs ago1 mins ago
why do we have to die?62945May 149 hrs ago9 mins ago
What is the meaning of life...?82157May 7May 233 hrs ago
Post two songs of wisdom22025May 17May 2216 hrs ago
Share your best advice in 4 words79993May 20May 228 hrs ago
God's will70562May 17May 2113 hrs ago
French kissing55036May 10May 21May 22
And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."1477May 12May 187 hrs ago
Synchronicity12816May 18May 18May 23
Let's face it folks, listen to the words long written down...!!470May 17May 1712 hrs ago
Is the best yet to come in your life...?983May 13May 13May 22
wedding today1054May 10May 1013 hrs ago
Magical thinker12513May 10May 10May 21
What connects all human's?1,02571Mar 21May 10May 20
what are your grand parents doing this minute in heaven?39938May 8May 912 hrs ago
The sunbeds have me looking more attractive, I am like a Italian stallion going around15913May 6May 6May 22
Juvenile delinquency56844May 2May 620 mins ago
what colour is me face?1155May 6May 655 mins ago
I love myself21425May 5May 52 hrs ago
I would say I saved lifes across the board1294May 1May 522 hrs ago
does the weather effect your mood?38536Apr 25May 319 hrs ago
The workings of heaven1658Apr 1May 3May 22
Is a spiritual awaken linked to ''The dark night of the soul''...?46339Apr 27May 3May 23
Genetic deficiency30226May 2May 2May 23
Is it true.............?32928May 1May 219 hrs ago
Do you care about anyone on CS?40521Apr 29Apr 2910 hrs ago
sun kissed by the sun1002Apr 21Apr 2913 mins ago
Casino time1145Apr 29Apr 292 hrs ago
anything special you learnt here on CS from other's1857Apr 28Apr 28May 23
Personality type19712Apr 27Apr 2824 hrs ago
6th sense......?1237Apr 26Apr 265 hrs ago
From a Distance.....30921Apr 25Apr 26May 23
A song about suicide37523Apr 16Apr 257 hrs ago
Febles Campos Santa cruz de Tenerife1027Apr 23Apr 23May 17
What's the name of the game...?731Apr 22Apr 223 hrs ago
What's your personalty type?1368Apr 21Apr 2110 hrs ago
INTP650Apr 21Apr 2115 hrs ago
Are you a nervious person?29120Apr 13Apr 2113 hrs ago
Frist post wins30129Apr 17Apr 2014 hrs ago
The Book of Revelation21015Apr 19Apr 20May 23
First post loses1084Apr 19Apr 1916 hrs ago

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