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Where does luck come from...?20019Sep 1310 hrs ago1 hrs ago
Are you too sexy...?97339Jun 13Sep 1719 hrs ago
Famous people of CS30911Sep 15Sep 161 hrs ago
was offered 4 plastering jobs this year, I need to get back to work42531Sep 7Sep 137 hrs ago
I am bullet proof now 20191325Sep 12Sep 1216 hrs ago
They say there is 3 sides to a story...!34723Sep 9Sep 1218 hrs ago
I didn't lose my mind, it was mine to give away510Sep 10Sep 1019 hrs ago
what makes feelings/moods...?752Sep 9Sep 9Sep 18
I'm growing a beard !!67134Aug 30Sep 920 hrs ago
Misunderstood23510Aug 30Sep 8Sep 17
I mean is there something unknown as in never said before that makes sense, like a new invention?925Sep 5Sep 5Sep 18
Give love and don't810Sep 5Sep 5Sep 15
Do you think your better of alone.?64132Aug 27Sep 318 hrs ago
is being fat1,27559Feb 24Sep 3Sep 20
Where were you?31214Jul 9Sep 2Sep 15
My love songs that are hits for your love songs27039Aug 18Sep 2Sep 17
Which alcoholic beverage do you prefare?80146Jun 14Sep 2Sep 19
Your life described in a song...!!21713Aug 23Sep 21 hrs ago
Broken heart30314Aug 2Sep 27 hrs ago
tanned skin1667Aug 20Sep 2Sep 18
The greatest invvention ever...?55450Aug 29Aug 3111 hrs ago
So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.30130Aug 26Aug 30Sep 20
The movie ''Trading Place's''955Aug 29Aug 29Sep 17
16 Myers-Briggs personality types22713Aug 20Aug 29Sep 16
I served my time...!!20113Aug 27Aug 27Sep 18
Can a hard life...?52146Aug 26Aug 2622 mins ago
I just keeping living for dreams..!662Aug 26Aug 261 hrs ago
Peace1578Aug 22Aug 26Sep 18
I know grudes are being holded74441Aug 24Aug 26Sep 19
19162583Aug 24Aug 243 hrs ago
The benefits of this site81861Aug 22Aug 244 hrs ago
ahh love this song...12513Aug 18Aug 235 hrs ago
Blanking lad's650Aug 23Aug 23Sep 15
Sweating29220Aug 18Aug 2315 hrs ago
''Inclusive''1707Aug 20Aug 21Sep 17
For one night only1362Aug 18Aug 21Sep 16
Gift of the Gab Vs full feeling852Aug 20Aug 20Sep 19
Feeding The Troll's............31125Aug 20Aug 20Sep 19
do you know anything about me?38618Aug 13Aug 19Sep 18
PUB20710Aug 16Aug 1913 mins ago
Itchy foot...?18113Aug 18Aug 1915 hrs ago
My psychiatric song....!! Post your's1238Aug 18Aug 18Sep 17

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