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I have to scrap my car....!52542Jan 18Jan 209 hrs ago
Only for the super power of the USA35529Jan 16Jan 205 hrs ago
the stigma from gambling31135Jan 19Jan 209 hrs ago
different type tears621Jan 14Jan 1412 hrs ago
I'm making love now this minute .....num nums17219Jan 14Jan 1411 hrs ago
Schizophrenia21414Jan 6Jan 14Jan 20
the stallion gets up the mare330Jan 14Jan 143 hrs ago
Sunday..........380Jan 14Jan 145 hrs ago
It's pay day9810Jan 12Jan 1216 hrs ago
ok1112Jan 10Jan 1116 hrs ago
Amber Leaf tobacco30028Jan 9Jan 1021 hrs ago
Do you believe in Angels?55846Jan 5Jan 10Jan 20
Coffee time1076Jan 9Jan 1017 hrs ago
Roulette time now834Jan 9Jan 9Jan 19
Big Money1078Jan 8Jan 95 hrs ago
Post you're current mood/emotion below.....!!20620Jan 8Jan 918 hrs ago
How much is it worth...?22421Jan 8Jan 8Jan 20
did you get the money?1346Jan 5Jan 85 hrs ago
would you say i was diagnosed mad?30025Jan 6Jan 72 hrs ago
sweaty feet996Jan 5Jan 64 hrs ago
what was the worst humilation you recived from another person?1289Jan 5Jan 6Jan 18
Are we one big happy family here on CS55031Dec 30Jan 520 hrs ago
Will my sports car pass the test?1086Jan 4Jan 58 hrs ago
if you had a choice which character resembles you most in the movie1287Dec 31Jan 3Jan 21
if you get knocked down often and get back up again24421Dec 31Jan 25 hrs ago
what would big money do to you're life 201823020Dec 30Jan 1Jan 21
Are you Dateolicious....?63954Dec 30Jan 13 hrs ago
COLD COLD HEART640Dec 31Dec 3116 hrs ago
201831515Dec 26Dec 3112 hrs ago
all sumed up are you different than most people.........?12711Dec 29Dec 29Jan 18
Synchronicity1239Dec 28Dec 2912 hrs ago
it's nearly time 4 beer590Dec 25Dec 255 hrs ago
I KNOW YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW YET..!24429Dec 23Dec 2311 hrs ago
Telepathy84766Dec 22Dec 235 hrs ago
embrace or feel complexed in anixety?541Dec 23Dec 23Jan 20
Depression943Dec 22Dec 23Jan 21
Wisdom27125Dec 22Dec 223 hrs ago
what colour do I look..?23021Dec 22Dec 22Jan 18
intuition732Dec 22Dec 22Jan 21
Can you be a prophet and a staint at the same time?611Dec 19Dec 19Jan 19
Tuesday beers Ah sure why not.....10911Dec 19Dec 1913 hrs ago
Thers's cure in this song for me.............683Dec 19Dec 19Jan 15

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