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Your status?6238 hrs ago32 mins agojust now
Eminem - The Real Slim Shady (Official Video - Clean Version)707 hrs ago7 hrs ago6 hrs ago
Loco In Acapulco - The Four Tops (Buster)1408 hrs ago8 hrs ago27 mins ago
self centered2509 hrs ago9 hrs ago4 hrs ago
Jane Birkin et Serge Gainsbourg - Je T'aime,...Moi Non Plus1309 hrs ago9 hrs ago4 mins ago
Are your intentions for oters ok?47111 hrs ago10 hrs ago2 hrs ago
Post your current mood in one word1,14084Jun 14Jun 293 hrs ago
A tune 4 ur next lover....!1128Jun 28Jun 2956 mins ago
70-80320Jun 28Jun 2817 hrs ago
A tune about knowin yourself520Jun 24Jun 2419 hrs ago
d feelins you av for oters ter feelins r d same 4 u400Jun 23Jun 237 hrs ago
brinin out d best in oters?1388Jun 22Jun 2318 hrs ago
Drinkin V celebratin ?600Jun 23Jun 234 hrs ago
A Horse with No Name (2001 Remaster)570Jun 22Jun 224 hrs ago
fancy720Jun 21Jun 2142 mins ago
Just toppin up me tan atm 0000 ;)821Jun 21Jun 216 hrs ago
can u b me?1795Jun 14Jun 20Jun 29
Is d exams papers different for all of us?1685Jun 10Jun 20Jun 29
anti-anxiety effect950Jun 18Jun 18Jun 29
vibration your on?1786Jun 17Jun 18Jun 29
Words V feelin's772Jun 18Jun 18Jun 29
I am unique and different to everyone else17312Jun 17Jun 17Jun 29
10 k1351Jun 17Jun 17Jun 29
I care to make you feel bliss1879Jun 15Jun 1621 hrs ago
fear v love950Jun 16Jun 1615 hrs ago
Paul Hardcastle - 19 (Nineteen)1132Jun 15Jun 1521 hrs ago
past v past670Jun 15Jun 15Jun 29
Supplement 's28519Jun 14Jun 1518 hrs ago
goosebumps17411Jun 15Jun 1521 hrs ago
Words don't come easy900Jun 15Jun 15Jun 29
wat was your last celebration?40715Jun 7Jun 1123 hrs ago
troll2063Jun 9Jun 10Jun 29
Heart Of Gold1050Jun 9Jun 9Jun 29
Matrix18514Jun 5Jun 911 hrs ago
R u sexy.....?58326May 30Jun 82 hrs ago
A tune in praise of our Lord51030May 22Jun 812 hrs ago
rejected2296Jun 7Jun 7Jun 29
fallin inlove1511Jun 7Jun 7Jun 29
Tomcatty2,37174May 27Jun 62 hrs ago
Pay----- day23811Jun 2Jun 4Jun 29
ave u wat oters ave/1473Jun 1Jun 2Jun 29
mind V eart913May 31May 31Jun 29

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