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high and dry...?1448Jul 20Jul 216 hrs ago
i have a memory692Jul 20Jul 207 hrs ago
shaped into the person you are today 201834522Jul 14Jul 194 hrs ago
Universal message............1095Jul 17Jul 1714 mins ago
Kitten or Ox808Jul 17Jul 176 hrs ago
It's coming home..?33124Jul 11Jul 116 hrs ago
England Vs Columbia63960Jul 3Jul 84 hrs ago
INTP Personality (“The Logician”)1136Jun 29Jul 7Jul 17
In shock from psychotic episode ?30222Jul 1Jul 2Jul 22
BRB993Jul 1Jul 113 hrs ago
born 2 be14812Jun 29Jun 3022 hrs ago
What do you know Spain34524Jun 20Jun 21Jul 20
d8 me plz1554Jun 21Jun 2113 hrs ago
Spain v Iran750Jun 20Jun 2023 hrs ago
England Vs Tunisia20012Jun 18Jun 185 hrs ago
Which famous person do you look like...?25918Jun 15Jun 1623 hrs ago
tuna fish41129Jun 6Jun 1512 mins ago
banana ice cream1347Jun 14Jun 144 hrs ago
3 in 1.........!!!!!!!1612Jun 11Jun 11Jul 21
bed1372Jun 8Jun 8Jul 21
abcdefghijklnopqrstwyz26321May 30May 316 hrs ago
Doctors or psychiatrists in the 50s used to take LSD1385May 24May 308 hrs ago
My reply to a scammer..!33016May 24May 2719 hrs ago
Come mon Liverpool1435May 26May 26Jul 22
who keeps pressing the dis agree botton on each post?27311May 25May 26Jul 20
Ice cream55036May 21May 25Jul 20
Greek36420May 20May 2523 hrs ago
Trump on the sunbeds1304May 24May 25Jul 19
Visa Versa1143May 24May 2422 hrs ago
Fruit21720May 22May 22Jul 21
A sun tan in Iceland20013May 12May 2121 hrs ago
GIRLFRIEND2169May 17May 1710 hrs ago
Asking a woman out on facebook57828Mar 9May 163 hrs ago
The women of my past...!!2285Apr 9May 16Jul 16
which colour clothes were you told suit's you best............?58543Mar 23May 1610 hrs ago
Instant noodles2749May 10May 1223 hrs ago
Trump is live on TV now2808May 4May 1021 hrs ago
Testosterone & Estrogen1721May 8May 8Jul 21
It all boil's down too..!1888Apr 29May 7Jul 22
The bird's and bee's are mating...ha1411May 6May 7Jul 19
Did you ever get tested for HIV AIDS...?22814May 6May 69 hrs ago

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