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Adam's apple18417Feb 10Feb 1616 hrs ago
Handsome looks72456Feb 10Feb 158 hrs ago
A great profound check-mate641Feb 13Feb 131 hrs ago
Which do you stigmazise the most?520Feb 13Feb 1319 hrs ago
I'm on a starvation diet............15615Feb 12Feb 1217 hrs ago
Valentines Day 14th of Feb16810Feb 12Feb 1217 hrs ago
Grab the bull by the bollox816Feb 12Feb 125 hrs ago
Biggest problem of the world...!34617Jan 16Feb 116 hrs ago
I believe in woman my oh my, my song for women1252Jan 23Feb 112 hrs ago
Suicide70243Feb 3Feb 1115 hrs ago
it's 17;22 here.............Spring744Feb 11Feb 112 hrs ago
One2note50426Feb 10Feb 115 hrs ago
I've the same memory of elephant ..!2179Jan 1Feb 9Feb 16
In life what creates the most power overall?611Feb 8Feb 819 hrs ago
Denied1529Feb 6Feb 6Feb 17
Name the one thing thet scared the hell out of you34522Feb 1Feb 3Feb 16
120 million tonight in the Euro Millions Lotto1248Feb 1Feb 2Feb 16
Have you a soft spot for anyone here chat wise?66041Jan 30Jan 3124 hrs ago
Green Tuesday tomorrow....:(1665Jan 21Jan 31Feb 15
Blue Monday30625Jan 21Jan 3012 hrs ago
Vodka25320Jan 30Jan 30Feb 16
Travis - Turn (Official Video)590Jan 30Jan 30Feb 16
Notice......!!42128Jan 25Jan 2940 mins ago
............I wake every morning with 100% gratitude 2019........1435Jan 27Jan 281 hrs ago
My pet greyhound bit me on the nose last year!!1,02981Jan 23Jan 284 hrs ago
Vitamin D and the Irish weather...!22823Jan 28Jan 283 hrs ago
gratitude is about being grateful for what you got1306Jan 27Jan 276 hrs ago
Existence Form & Matter15814Jan 27Jan 27Feb 16
Have you peace of mind...?20112Jan 25Jan 27Feb 16
! ! ! ! ! ! !1619Jan 24Jan 25Feb 16
I want too run again.....!37921Jan 21Jan 231 hrs ago
Is it possible for God to strenghten you...?66744Jan 18Jan 229 hrs ago
Was the moon landing real or a big hoax?1,557106Jan 3Jan 2210 hrs ago
The pen is mightier than the sword37920Jan 16Jan 224 hrs ago
BEER30118Jan 14Jan 222 hrs ago
Chubby Checker - Let's Twist Again740Jan 21Jan 21Feb 16
Say Anything weird58540Jan 14Jan 207 hrs ago
2019 Do prophets still exist.............?22217Jan 13Jan 19Feb 7
is she round or is she flat out.........yes planet EARTH1807Jan 14Jan 172 hrs ago
lost 6 stone twice1052Jan 16Jan 16Feb 16
Proud to be European.................1,60095Sep 24Jan 1513 hrs ago
Do I look Spanish in my profile pic?66549Jan 10Jan 139 hrs ago

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