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Scrabble part II2,668157Aug 287 hrs ago2 hrs ago
What is your opinion/view on money?32918Sep 2715 hrs ago1 hrs ago
DLmac36913Sep 26Sep 279 hrs ago
My song is this one6,206243Dec 2022Sep 262 hrs ago
Wine V beer1946Sep 23Sep 243 hrs ago
what caused covid...?64821Sep 15Sep 2322 hrs ago
What is the literal meaning of psyche?2276Sep 20Sep 204 hrs ago
do you hold grudges against people52222Sep 18Sep 188 hrs ago
Threw caution to the wind2216Sep 17Sep 1735 mins ago
May light the fire2355Sep 15Sep 16Sep 25
A CS song3268Sep 11Sep 16Sep 26
Aphrodisiacs can work2545Sep 8Sep 11Sep 27
Robert De Niro father again at 833006Aug 31Sep 911 hrs ago
Metaphorically speaking like a car63219Sep 8Sep 95 hrs ago
Have you sussed yourself out yet?1150Sep 8Sep 8Sep 27
Sun versus Moon2939Sep 3Sep 814 hrs ago
heatwave here til Saturday2185Sep 6Sep 78 hrs ago
how would you make your family happier?3207Sep 3Sep 720 hrs ago
Conversation?2884Sep 4Sep 5Sep 27
Beard3252Aug 25Sep 420 hrs ago
A poem1203Sep 2Sep 25 hrs ago
UzerName: V Pedro1,00721Aug 28Sep 220 hrs ago
Why did Judas rat on Jesus?2024Sep 1Sep 1Sep 27
sense of humor1260Sep 1Sep 1Sep 27
The next Super Blue Moon after Aug. 30, 2023 will be in January 20371330Aug 29Aug 29Sep 27
the key to relationships4567Aug 19Aug 28Sep 26
A more advanced planet in human intelligence wise on another planet in the universe2141Aug 23Aug 27Sep 28
"God created man in his own image. . ."3869Aug 23Aug 2719 hrs ago
Do you give others too much influence over you?2248Aug 16Aug 26Sep 25
This song will set you free enjoy !!!2044Aug 24Aug 2521 hrs ago
cloudiest July on record2963Jul 31Aug 25Sep 24
How is God 3 in 1?1,03325Aug 16Aug 24Sep 27
football world cup ( womens) 20234,063143Jul 20Aug 241 hrs ago
the truth of your life3184Aug 18Aug 231 hrs ago
how r u handling life folks ?51912Aug 15Aug 21Sep 27
Peace is liberty in tranquility1510Aug 21Aug 211 hrs ago
What is your sense of humor like?42617Aug 18Aug 20Sep 27
thoughts on schizophrenia?49011Aug 15Aug 18Sep 26
Misunderstanding and miscommunication1540Aug 18Aug 18Sep 25
Intuition3448Aug 14Aug 17Sep 27
homemade poem2795Aug 15Aug 153 hrs ago
Trials and tribulations1660Aug 14Aug 14Sep 27

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