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When you mind your own business life becomes peaceful ?48815May 82 hrs ago1 mins ago
Any place world wide A-Z7,158554Nov 20197 hrs ago6 mins ago
post your current weather ..33828May 1211 hrs ago2 hrs ago
Does love win?37620May 15May 165 hrs ago
Hardcore and Blipper1621May 10May 122 hrs ago
who do u understand most here...?32314May 8May 911 hrs ago
Thought provoking threads2709Apr 28May 47 hrs ago
Vibe1101May 2May 211 hrs ago
A truthful song1083May 2May 211 hrs ago
I can see clearly now27513Apr 30Apr 3011 hrs ago
What do u do when someone hurts your feelings with words thats close to you?1862Apr 28Apr 2811 hrs ago
Post ur age65528Apr 19Apr 257 hrs ago
Does God know u..?36213Apr 17Apr 2411 hrs ago
Muslim vs Christ ?81937Apr 14Apr 222 hrs ago
Do you live in your own reality?37014Apr 19Apr 2010 hrs ago
A brilliant French song32324Apr 19Apr 2010 hrs ago
vaccine V miracle32017Apr 9Apr 17May 16
fooling1302Apr 17Apr 17May 17
Benefits from beating covid ?30420Apr 7Apr 149 hrs ago
Benefits of getting through the ''REAL'' hell in your opinion ?39019Apr 13Apr 1410 hrs ago
Music Vs ART....?18810Apr 13Apr 1310 hrs ago
smile Vs laughter ....?1252Apr 9Apr 920 hrs ago
What caused the covid 19 in your opinion ...?1,74359Oct 8Apr 75 hrs ago
Are the thumbs people lurkers?1,10541Apr 6Apr 622 hrs ago
will I walk 10km tmra1897Apr 6Apr 6May 15
Best tune ATM1262Apr 4Apr 4May 14
I made a quote myself40112Mar 6Mar 15May 17
Design -----------29110Mar 3Mar 12May 15
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz3507Mar 7Mar 9May 13
A Poem---Did you?1762Jan 7Mar 2May 11
Post a sexy song1,79499Dec 11Mar 110 hrs ago
Off for my daily 2 hour walk4343Feb 27Mar 110 hrs ago
Love songs and hits------Post one----------:)32114Feb 16Feb 2710 hrs ago
Twitter Page2901Feb 22Feb 2210 hrs ago
Meekness1964Feb 16Feb 1610 hrs ago
Did God ever think twice about making the human race?44620Nov 8Feb 12May 15
Losing weight and quitting the booze plus training....!1,03537Jan 29Feb 129 hrs ago
11 Causes Of Rudeness1,02930Dec 29Feb 1210 hrs ago
I have tranquillity1673Feb 10Feb 10May 13
Top of the world1470Feb 10Feb 1010 hrs ago
The outcome of the lockdowns33911Jan 31Feb 8May 13
Super foods list31612Feb 6Feb 7May 13

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