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June 25- NW GET TOGETHER in DONEGAL IRELAND46,0332,296Apr 2011Jun 201129 mins ago
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Dropping like flies2,642108Jan 2013Jan 20132 hrs ago
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Number one songs87322Aug 2012Sep 20124 hrs ago
i bring luck1,49669Nov 2010Nov 20104 hrs ago
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What's on your mind part 15ish ..................or something like that20,2831,000Nov 2013Dec 20135 hrs ago
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HIV3,742129Aug 2011Aug 20116 hrs ago
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WOMAN ONLY THREAD maybe the men folk on here will learn something about US7,419260Jun 2012Jun 20127 hrs ago
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Any interest in a northwest CS meet?1,357214Apr 2011Apr 201111 hrs ago
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been single at christmas1,22445Nov 2010Nov 201012 hrs ago
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