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A note from the unknown, really???!!!5723Oct 2011Sep 6Feb 23
Rate the member above3,36785Aug 2013May 2016Feb 20
How should I look for my age?1,82947Oct 2011Aug 2015Feb 17
Action Ads on CS2792Jun 2015Jun 2015Feb 21
Funny sayings3,10450Apr 2013Feb 201520 hrs ago
I am sure that you like my........................Cubs towel!!!!!58112Mar 2014Jun 2014Feb 16
True Love1,56333Jan 2014Mar 2014Feb 15
Sarcastic!!!1,08321Feb 2014Mar 2014Feb 21
Short Jokes8,161105Jun 2012Feb 2014Feb 22
Smile65914Nov 2013Nov 2013Feb 17
I have a desire for.....6,470201Sep 2013Oct 201314 hrs ago
Signaling2,19658Sep 2013Sep 201320 hrs ago
OMG!!! Someone is in LOVE WITH ME!!!3,13594Sep 2013Sep 2013Feb 19
Happiness2,12458Sep 2013Sep 2013Feb 13
If you made love with your partner(past or present), who gets to sleep in the WET SPOT(if any)?1,27636Sep 2013Sep 2013Feb 18
Compliments!!!2,21955Aug 2013Sep 2013Feb 15
Short Poems3,92861May 2013Jul 2013Feb 23
Would you slow dance with the person above you?54,662985Nov 2011May 201312 hrs ago
Wishes1,32620Dec 2012Dec 2012Feb 5
[color=blue]Simple Jokes, post yours and laugh..FREE of charge and great for your body and soul![/co5303Dec 2012Dec 2012Jan 30
Smile for Buddy4600Sep 2012Sep 201212 hrs ago
Good Girls/Bad Girls92210Jul 2012Jul 2012Feb 2
PLEASURE.3,83270Jan 2012Jun 2012Feb 22
Laughing4471Jun 2012Jun 2012Feb 20
Aweeeee sooo romantic!!!1,63438Jun 2012Jun 201220 hrs ago
Thought of the Day1,55330May 2012May 2012Feb 20
Karma2,12945May 2012May 2012Feb 21
Someone97417May 2012May 2012Feb 20
Blondie Blondie Blondie7573May 2012May 2012Feb 21
5 Terms By A Woman1,88656Apr 2012Apr 2012Feb 23
Healthier Sex Life78716Apr 2012Apr 2012Feb 21
Words that can mean something else, fun thread7604Mar 2012Apr 2012Feb 21
The drunk and the Bikers7306Mar 2012Mar 2012Feb 21
Lets see how smart are you?1,31428Mar 2012Mar 2012Feb 21
Licking/sniffing underarms4,82264Mar 2012Mar 2012Feb 22
Benefits of making love/having sex1,71224Mar 2012Mar 2012Feb 20
Ladies & toys78213Mar 2012Mar 2012Dec 25
How do you think your sex drive compares to what is typical of other people of your age and gender?3,324116Feb 2012Mar 2012Feb 23
Texting/email lingo1,24929Feb 2012Feb 201212 hrs ago
If you can take the person above you on a date....2,43773Feb 2012Feb 2012Feb 21
Give head & spread!!!8098Jan 2012Jan 2012Jan 21
Thanksgiving Day2,30271Nov 2011Nov 2011Feb 16

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