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Do Men really care about their looks?1,66599Jan 10Feb 147 hrs ago
Its 2018 A new Year,what you gunna do.?26914Jan 10Jan 11Dec 10
Snow tree? Sun Tree?2667Dec 2017Dec 20179 hrs ago
Many!2115Dec 2017Dec 2017Dec 9
What would be the most terrifying time of your life69929Nov 2017Nov 201720 hrs ago
Looks like Alien to me? Glowing head wise, to clawed feet! Few crosses in the background.2130Jul 2017Jul 20177 hrs ago
New Zealand school abolishes gendered uniforms1,10251May 2017Jun 20177 hrs ago
Agenda 2184424Sep 2015May 2017Dec 10
Are You "Bright and Sunny? Or "Dark and Interesting"95643May 2017May 20178 hrs ago
Whats Happening out the corner of your eye, right now?44427Apr 2017Apr 201712 hrs ago
I Love my Dog, do you love yours?40810Apr 2017Apr 2017Dec 8
Snippets2518Apr 2017Apr 2017Dec 6
Easter Coming up28414Apr 2017Apr 2017Dec 10
Draw Card,Dam it!2385Mar 2017Mar 2017Dec 9
I loved my Ex and am still happy for him and hs new wife.2383Mar 2017Mar 201711 hrs ago
Childhoods End6288Dec 2016Feb 201720 hrs ago
Whats the difference with Republicans and Democrats?1,57331Nov 2016Feb 201719 hrs ago
14 Feb New Zealand Time its 11:42pm2637Feb 2017Feb 2017Dec 8
52 Hertz The lonely Whale2706Jan 2017Jan 20178 hrs ago
Whataya after?.....Bright and Sunny?...or Dark and Interesting!!67429Jan 2017Jan 2017Dec 7
Merry Christmas!3223Dec 2016Dec 2016Dec 9
Prime Minister John Key resigning New Zealand69228Dec 2016Dec 201619 hrs ago
Eden Park (ALL BLACKS!)1,39923Oct 2016Dec 201624 hrs ago
Sunshine makes me Happy and cool songs!8685Nov 2016Nov 2016Dec 9
What countries former, speak of this USA election7450Oct 2016Oct 201616 mins ago
Awkward landing on Mars2580Oct 2016Oct 2016Dec 5
Your coolest Radio station3914Oct 2016Oct 2016Dec 10
What do I say? How do I deal with it?1,40132Oct 2016Oct 201615 hrs ago
Is this site still cool?3,457101Sep 2016Oct 20169 hrs ago
My feel good moment1,18229Sep 2016Sep 2016Dec 10
yummy cup cakes/ stickey date pud/ Yeh Right!74016Aug 2016Aug 2016Dec 10
14 August, what happened over theEarth?2,15885Aug 2016Aug 20161 hrs ago
Whats Truth or maybe?74812Aug 2016Aug 2016Dec 5
Gimme A summit interesting (Lion Rock)....? Piha1,29425Jul 2016Jul 2016Dec 6
So What, I'ma Christian6,755335Jul 2016Jul 20163 hrs ago
wtf is going on!90721Jul 2016Jul 2016Dec 10
Fun! we need FUN!59412Jul 2016Jul 2016Dec 10
Why North Korea? 'afraid?'1,07423Jul 2016Jul 2016Dec 8
Done some stuff3,62253Jul 2016Jul 2016Dec 9
hello to Hippocrates83124Jul 2016Jul 2016Dec 8
Can men "really" have a conversation2,01869Jul 2016Jul 201614 hrs ago
What does family mean to you1,08220Jun 2016Jun 2016Dec 9

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