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Please may someone ask Apollohad76 in UK to contact me1183Apr 5Apr 96 hrs ago
Terrorist attacks in Nice, French Riviera, South France. Again. So sad.17,02222Jul 2016Nov 1612 hrs ago
Cannes Film festival 20138040Apr 2013Apr 2013May 19
The Pope Benedict XVI resigns12,782253Feb 2013Mar 20131 hrs ago
What's your favourite beer or beverage?3,0156Jan 2013Feb 2013Apr 28
What's your favourite drink during Xmas and NYE?76416Dec 2012Dec 20123 hrs ago
Do you agree with that?!!!1,37624Nov 2012Nov 2012May 16
What book or newspaper are you reading? What's the story?1,89861Sep 2012Oct 2012May 24
Lana Del Rey1,17521Jun 2012Jun 2012May 20
Lana Del Rey3823Jun 2012Jun 20127 hrs ago
Chatroom3678Mar 2012Mar 2012May 19
Chatroom77210Mar 2012Mar 2012May 22
Chatroom4300Mar 2012Mar 2012Mar 24
Do you rates photos?2,14974Sep 2011Sep 2011May 15
Groupe francophone public créé sur ce site4796Jun 2011Jun 2011May 22
Groupe francophone public créé sur ce site2,37246Jun 2011Jun 2011May 15
Groupe francophone public créé sur ce site4372Jun 2011Jun 2011May 20
Do you like French people?2,66336Apr 2010Jun 2011May 23
Marc is going back to Australia. Hello everybody!1,90766Sep 2010Dec 2010Apr 28
Do you like French people?1,39347Mar 2010Apr 2010May 21

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