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Good wishes to you all.24812Dec 31Dec 3117 hrs ago
The real question is .27520Dec 29Dec 2916 hrs ago
Trying to break this addiction.1,855136Dec 18Dec 29Feb 17
Christmas songs /music , Likes and dislikes.26024Dec 15Dec 17Feb 16
IF YOU WANT TO DATE A NICE MAN!81445Dec 8Dec 16Feb 16
Well there i was minding my own business.39423Dec 14Dec 1416 hrs ago
Some Lighthearted Fun !!45528Dec 6Dec 147 hrs ago
What Does It Mean ?28222Dec 13Dec 13Feb 16
A Simple Question.54038Dec 9Dec 1120 hrs ago
What Goes Through Your Mind19913Dec 3Dec 8Feb 16
Has fear restricted you!!1859Dec 7Dec 8Feb 12
WHAT NEXT!!!!!1,32581Nov 30Dec 23 hrs ago
There May Be Trouble Ahead.46932Nov 26Nov 28Feb 17
Friendly Or Flirting!58238Nov 21Nov 2110 hrs ago
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Adios Amigos, Adios My Friends!!61222Aug 28Nov 20Feb 14
Do You Think It Is Safe1,17572Nov 15Nov 18Feb 14
Wouldn't it be nice!!79552Nov 13Nov 1513 hrs ago
How Old Is Too Old To Become A Dad, In Your Opinion!81142Nov 14Nov 1513 hrs ago
International Womens No Bra Day!!1,90540Oct 2016Nov 14Feb 16
No For November& December63040Nov 12Nov 12Feb 16
Is Sex Overrated, Or Underrated !!!1,00471Oct 29Oct 3119 hrs ago
IS THIS ENOUGH FOR YOU !!72741Oct 28Oct 2916 hrs ago
I'M JUST GLAD!74849Oct 28Oct 2823 hrs ago
I COULD HAVE GOOGLED THIS!!51844Oct 26Oct 26Feb 15
One Week On ,Two Weeks Off !25312Oct 26Oct 265 hrs ago
FLIRTY, IN A PROFESSIONAL WAY !!61341Oct 24Oct 25Feb 16
Would You Satisfy My Requirements!! ( Just For Fun)1,09470Oct 4Oct 921 hrs ago
What would you bring to the relationship table !61939Oct 7Oct 9Feb 1
There was me thinking that !!!!1232Oct 7Oct 7Feb 10
Cockney Rhyming Slang43428Sep 27Oct 59 hrs ago
How Law Abiding Are You!!30020Oct 3Oct 3Feb 16
Missing These Guys !48426Oct 2Oct 2Feb 13
Do I look Like A drug Abuser !!62742Sep 17Oct 223 hrs ago
Someones Opinion Of You ,Does Not Have To Become Your Reality !!66347Sep 30Oct 2Feb 16

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