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Loose Lips Sink Ships!!40141Dec 14Dec 145 hrs ago
Are You a Ho Ho Ho!58851Dec 11Dec 1317 hrs ago
If You are Not Where You Want To Be !67861Dec 1Dec 1016 hrs ago
Are You a Traditionalist ?68251Nov 28Dec 84 hrs ago
Don't look Back In Anger!!48334Nov 28Dec 81 hrs ago
Would You Give Your Partner A Hall Pass For Christmas?71861Dec 7Dec 714 hrs ago
Always Be Nice!!38424Dec 7Dec 7Dec 14
Be Honest, Would You Like1,356110Dec 3Dec 48 hrs ago
Whatever Your Taste In Music!!18,456549Apr 2016Dec 42 hrs ago
Why Oh Why!1,028102Nov 29Dec 421 hrs ago
What Women Really Want!!46632Dec 1Dec 120 hrs ago
Not a political thread!24614Sep 3Nov 21Dec 14
Are you living, or just merely existing!! ??75347Oct 31Nov 17 hrs ago
Do You March To The Beat Of Your Own Drum58546Oct 29Oct 298 hrs ago
An Abundance Of Knowledge!27121Oct 16Oct 1819 hrs ago
Women Rule, Men Serve!! ????1,01773Sep 28Oct 728 mins ago
I Get It Now,It's All One Big Joke!36620Oct 5Oct 6Dec 13
Food For Thought!!4132Nov 2015Oct 519 hrs ago
Can You Believe This!!4,152347Oct 2Oct 420 hrs ago
Will You Do It In October And Or November!!58751Oct 2Oct 211 hrs ago
Would You Allow Your Religion Dictate To You About Your Sex Life!!97586Sep 26Sep 29Dec 14
Do You Believe In Karma!1,06384Sep 24Sep 25Dec 14
Have We Become Like One Big Disfunctional Family, On C/S2,016163Sep 21Sep 223 hrs ago
Why The Difference!!!!1,297105Sep 18Sep 19Dec 15
Crikey, some chemistry!!35625Sep 14Sep 1523 hrs ago
Is my O C D out of control!60840Sep 13Sep 15Dec 14
If You Can't Be With The One You Love,Would You Love The One You're With?96479Aug 31Sep 312 hrs ago
What Would You Do If!!58343Aug 29Aug 3010 hrs ago
Alternative Holidays!!20216Aug 28Aug 28Dec 14
Are holiday romances the new online dating99475Aug 26Aug 2810 hrs ago
Trolls& Trolling1,25167Aug 18Aug 25Dec 15
Isn't It A Weird Concept!1,00377Aug 11Aug 12Dec 13
Do You Think That A New Relationship Can Withstand,Ex'es, Being Part Of Your Partners Life!96661Aug 5Aug 1116 hrs ago
Can anyone tell me about this?37318Jun 29Jul 815 hrs ago
Laugh It Off!39825Jun 30Jul 5Dec 14
If I Could Read Your Mind,What Would I Read!1,00577Jul 1Jul 2Dec 14
Basic Use Of This Site RE Profiles26117Jun 30Jul 1Dec 10
Would You Come off C/S1,32172Apr 25Jun 30Dec 14
Does Anyone Have This Problem?85164May 28May 31Dec 13
What is the nicest thing said to you on the forums?79845May 20May 22Dec 14
What is the right formula!1,36660Apr 30May 912 hrs ago
Would you leave him/her for this1,30359May 1May 8Dec 14

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