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Have We Become Like One Big Disfunctional Family, On C/S1,656163Sep 215 hrs ago24 mins ago
Whatever Your Taste In Music!!16,857480Apr 20166 hrs ago4 mins ago
Why The Difference!!!!1,143105Sep 18Sep 192 hrs ago
Crikey, some chemistry!!29125Sep 14Sep 159 hrs ago
Is my O C D out of control!52940Sep 13Sep 152 hrs ago
Not a political thread!16913Sep 3Sep 105 hrs ago
If You Can't Be With The One You Love,Would You Love The One You're With?86279Aug 31Sep 31 hrs ago
What Would You Do If!!46843Aug 29Aug 306 hrs ago
Alternative Holidays!!16716Aug 28Aug 282 hrs ago
Are holiday romances the new online dating87475Aug 26Aug 286 hrs ago
Trolls& Trolling1,16167Aug 18Aug 25Sep 19
Isn't It A Weird Concept!89277Aug 11Aug 1214 hrs ago
Do You Think That A New Relationship Can Withstand,Ex'es, Being Part Of Your Partners Life!86561Aug 5Aug 1110 hrs ago
Can anyone tell me about this?34218Jun 29Jul 89 hrs ago
Laugh It Off!33525Jun 30Jul 5Sep 19
If I Could Read Your Mind,What Would I Read!90577Jul 1Jul 2Sep 21
Basic Use Of This Site RE Profiles23817Jun 30Jul 1Sep 20
Would You Come off C/S1,20672Apr 25Jun 30Sep 20
Does Anyone Have This Problem?78264May 28May 3114 hrs ago
What is the nicest thing said to you on the forums?73445May 20May 22Sep 20
What is the right formula!1,24660Apr 30May 911 hrs ago
Would you leave him/her for this1,18859May 1May 821 hrs ago
What Do You All Think?2269Apr 23Apr 23Sep 16
What's New?77048Apr 22Apr 231 hrs ago
Damn Fine Win At Twickers, Don't You Know,Old Chap!!21219Mar 17Mar 19Sep 15
What Is It That You Have Done.62437Mar 12Mar 13Sep 21
Does Chatting On The Forums Count1,759110Mar 10Mar 114 hrs ago
Every,Cloud/Storm/Blizzard Has A Silver Lining!!21412Mar 2Mar 221 hrs ago
The tables are turning!33916Feb 24Mar 15 hrs ago
I will name but not shame!!35919Feb 27Feb 28Sep 19
How Amorous Are You!64532Feb 13Feb 1411 hrs ago
Anonymous Valentines!!2,03462Feb 9Feb 142 hrs ago
Nice To See The Irish Forums Stirring Again!!1785Feb 14Feb 1412 hrs ago
What Advice Would You Give To C/S Members On Here!1,62197Feb 13Feb 14Sep 21
What is it about Cigarettes after a certain activity!26210Feb 2Feb 3Sep 21
Only in Ireland!!85857Jan 22Jan 23Sep 21
Good wishes to you all.41012Dec 2017Dec 201711 hrs ago
The real question is .40820Dec 2017Dec 201721 hrs ago
Trying to break this addiction.2,150136Dec 2017Dec 201729 mins ago
Christmas songs /music , Likes and dislikes.35724Dec 2017Dec 201721 hrs ago
IF YOU WANT TO DATE A NICE MAN!1,01245Dec 2017Dec 201723 hrs ago
Well there i was minding my own business.51723Dec 2017Dec 2017Sep 21

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