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Children as Friends4609Dec 2010Apr 2011Apr 16
"All Because Two People Fell In Love"5462Nov 2010Mar 2011Apr 2
Children as Friends5933Dec 2010Jan 2011Apr 2
Do Your Standards Drop With Time?1,88927Nov 2010Jan 2011Apr 2
The Justice System80212Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 13
Loving...and being In Love70218Dec 2010Dec 2010Mar 8
Donation Kettles5766Dec 2010Dec 201013 hrs ago
A Thing of the Past?5775Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 4
Post vs. Poster1,13235Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 12
The Christmas Language2925Dec 2010Dec 2010Mar 21
Survival41711Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 5
When Do You Stop?1,54635Dec 2010Dec 2010Mar 15
Self-Discipline1,03939Dec 2010Dec 2010Mar 28
Where is the justice...some help here please!1,68554Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 8
Where is the justice...some help here please!3973Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 9
What part of your body do you think shows your age the most?2,103139Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 6
Donation Kettles1,24157Dec 2010Dec 2010Mar 31
Different Ends of the Spectrum47413Dec 2010Dec 2010Mar 12
A Thing of the Past?2281Dec 2010Dec 2010Mar 1
Takes a "village" to raise a child?1,43540Dec 2010Dec 2010Mar 30
Method Of Introduction4993Nov 2010Dec 2010Apr 10
Children as Friends59515Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 16
Met...on the Internet...96224Dec 2010Dec 2010Mar 23
Takes a "village" to raise a child?...2830Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 9
Innocent!!3634Dec 2010Dec 201015 hrs ago
The Monsters In My Home...47310Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 16
This job?...Forever?...2663Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 18
Aggresive Women...4,379122Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 1
s*xual Chemistry...1,31651Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 17
Harmless Flirting...Is It Really??69020Dec 2010Dec 2010Mar 16
They're Innocent!47718Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 3
Not Even Close!!1,13739Dec 2010Dec 2010Apr 12
Do Your Standards Drop With Time?2,50684Nov 2010Dec 2010Mar 27
Death4174Nov 2010Dec 2010Apr 18
Near Sighted...or Far Sighted...1941Nov 2010Dec 2010Mar 8
Gender Identity by Nurture7201Nov 2010Nov 2010Apr 2 gotta love 'em!4042Nov 2010Nov 2010Apr 2
To What Length?48611Nov 2010Nov 2010Apr 10
Death...97526Nov 2010Nov 201010 hrs ago
Death...33911Nov 2010Nov 2010Apr 15
Gender Identity by Nurture4006Nov 2010Nov 2010Apr 2
Pets...You gotta love 'em!1711Nov 2010Nov 2010Mar 31

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