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should profanity be allowed in the forums1,05410Dec 2007Jan 2010Apr 5
Jails overcrowded, state budget cuts... what type of lawbreakers should remain in jail1,51684May 2009Jun 2009Mar 8
when is this "the world owes me" mentality going to end?2,576118Apr 2009Jun 2009Apr 15
whats the longest you've gone "UnPlugged"46711Apr 2009May 2009Apr 13
Relationship style or type2961May 2009May 2009Apr 10
What song identifies the kind of relationship, or women or man you would like to have?2,22796Apr 2009Apr 2009Apr 18
Rebound relationships... do they last or just a tool/path to get back into dating?4,64137Oct 2008Apr 2009Feb 28
how much income do you need to "just survive" from month to month?1,60652Apr 2009Apr 2009Mar 3
Has the current economy affected your decisions / choices in the dating game?3132Apr 2009Apr 2009Mar 8
having a "wingman" when out at clubs events and parties.3283Apr 2009Apr 2009Mar 8
Expectations and "Big man on campus"3685Apr 2009Apr 2009Mar 12
is the never ending drive and creations to prolong/extend life a good thing for the worlds economy3022Apr 2009Apr 2009Feb 25
Is it to early to consider some libations where you are at.2441Apr 2009Apr 2009Mar 31
Hillary the Movie3142Mar 2009Mar 2009Mar 29
Wise man that Warren Buffet fellow...4155Mar 2009Mar 200921 hrs ago
All this talk about Transparency, is it a good idea?4548Mar 2009Mar 2009Mar 8
do you think our governments peruse Interent forums?76412Mar 2009Mar 2009Apr 10
Hey Obama how about pardoning those imprisoned border patrol officers?2501Mar 2009Mar 2009Mar 6
in your opinion what are the outstanding characteristic of each of these ?2981Mar 2009Mar 2009Apr 3
is it cheating if you honestly in your heart of hearts feel no guilt or remorse?55510Mar 2009Mar 2009Mar 13
Where are all the past political movers and shakers now?2580Mar 2009Mar 2009Mar 20
taxing internet purchases world wide48714Mar 2009Mar 2009Mar 29
hand washing3364Feb 2009Mar 2009Mar 9
would you date someone and ALL YOU KNEW was thier name and you liked their looks.99855Feb 2009Feb 2009Apr 17
ideas from citizens on ways to spend stimulus package...2971Feb 2009Feb 2009Mar 18
what signs or how do you know if someone is Bi-s*xual?7,23224Feb 2009Feb 2009Mar 13
shorter traffic lights and fewer speed limits signs3132Feb 2009Feb 2009Apr 5
medicine cabinets/drawers... to look or do not look, that is the question52217Jan 2009Feb 2009Mar 25
Whats your Definition for phrases like these...1,10221Feb 2009Feb 2009Mar 4
Should ignorance of the law be a valid excuse?93433Jan 2009Jan 2009Apr 2
any other country have digital signal TV reception?38910Jan 2009Jan 2009Mar 30
I want a relationship, but only on my terms....1,08050Jan 2009Jan 2009Apr 18
economic woes and employment problems and possible solutions51518Jan 2009Jan 2009Apr 15
3 date rule or 3 day rule, what guidelines do you have?74721Jan 2009Jan 2009Mar 7
The Beauty of a Woman2832Jan 2009Jan 2009Mar 30
why are these people not "taken" or in a" relationship"?3,854152Dec 2008Dec 2008Apr 16
after christmas shopping... will there be deals galore?2601Dec 2008Dec 2008Mar 8
which are you more inclined to date99325Dec 2008Dec 2008Apr 14
s*xual ZODIAC2,31060Dec 2008Dec 2008Apr 9
out going personality( over friendly)47610Dec 2008Dec 2008Mar 17
you just experienced the best s*xual encounter in years...1,19537Dec 2008Dec 2008Mar 14
"Joe the plumber "arrested for not paying taxes.1,88620Oct 2008Dec 2008Apr 2

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