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Theresa May1,66248Jul 2016Jun 2012 hrs ago
Berlin lorry attack probably a terrorist attack.1,67556Dec 2016Jan 2017Jan 15
Is this Italexit30812Dec 2016Dec 2016Jan 18
The Hotties of CS.5,76684Mar 2016Nov 2016Jan 22
What would it be like if men and women switched roles-1,59431Dec 2013Oct 2016Jan 22
trending in UK (the bag)2,53724Oct 2015Oct 2016Jan 3
Britain is sinking.56111Feb 2014Oct 2016Dec 22
Brexit86223Oct 2016Oct 2016Jan 18
Internet addiction57313Sep 2016Sep 2016Jan 16
Internet addiction3844Sep 2016Sep 2016Jan 19
Suicide attack85511Aug 2016Sep 2016Jan 18
Britain wins first gold at Olympics8084Aug 2016Sep 2016Jan 4
Cyber Bullying5,78654Aug 2016Sep 20161 hrs ago
Heatwave forcast in the UK from Friday3911Aug 2016Aug 2016Jan 17
Another terror attack in France2,38372Jul 2016Jul 2016Jan 17
Vocaroo1,51712Jul 2016Jul 2016Jan 18
European Union: Member States Warn Turkey Against Use of Death Penalty After Failed Coup Attempt2,06363Jul 2016Jul 2016Jan 22
Do Cyber relationships work2,07167Jul 2016Jul 2016Jan 20
Coup failed in Turkey2,183113Jul 2016Jul 2016Jan 21
EU Imigrants, some will be asked to leave UK3875Jul 2016Jul 2016Jan 17
The English invented the WWW.55511Jul 2016Jul 2016Jan 21
Prime minister Cameron resigns.2,838112Jun 2016Jun 2016Jan 22
Do long distance relationships work2,141107Jun 2016Jun 2016Jan 17
Today is the vote2,736126Jun 2016Jun 2016Jan 21
Does CS work.1,32246Jun 2016Jun 2016Jan 19
Brexit2,74852May 2016Jun 2016Jan 17
A new attraction of men75626Jun 2016Jun 20161 hrs ago
say anything thread continued35,1961,000Mar 2016Jun 201622 hrs ago
Everything comes to an end.75219Jun 2016Jun 2016Jan 18
Whisper1,51657May 2016Jun 2016Jan 17
Golden Oldies1,63039Feb 2016Jun 2016Jan 17
The Brits are jumping ship1,61838May 2016May 2016Jan 12
Golden Oldies15,164349Jul 2015May 201610 hrs ago
Vote Brexit.5819May 2016May 2016Jan 19
Leave Europe1,41643May 2016May 2016Jan 13
Sy George and England.1,94351Apr 2016Apr 2016Jan 17
Pure unadulterated sex.2,75732Feb 2016Apr 20162 hrs ago
Another day in Paradise1,51324Mar 2016Apr 2016Jan 21
If you fell for someone and they say they feel the same but will not marry under any circumstances w2,18153Feb 2016Mar 2016Jan 21
Happy St Patrick's day to you all1,45942Mar 2016Mar 2016Jan 20
Car bomb in Berlin.1,15020Mar 2016Mar 2016Jan 18
Only in America1,44030Mar 2016Mar 20162 hrs ago

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