Klondike Game

Play the most popular solitaire card game online.

Instructions: Put all the cards to the upper corner, the rules are as follows:

  • The upper right corner decks must follow suit, and must put from A-K
  • You can pile up the cards at the bottom, the cards must be put in alternating colors and in descending order of consecutive numbers.
  • Only a K can be put at an empty column at the bottom
  • You can get new cards by clicking the deck at the upper left corner

Comments (10)

I was the 3rd one to make the high score list last year and since i am using a 12 yr old home computer(not a laptop) with the old windows 8 will probably never get over the 44,860 score but still I keep trying .
Stick the game up ur a** ill fire the laptop out the window hahaha
jeezz this is getting harder..only 3 new winners this year.....frustrated
yahooo i finally got my big 0cheering
Well, well. Lokks like I fell off the Top 10 in this game. Oh, that's O.K., exactly one year from now, I'll probably be falling off Everybody's Radar. This really sucks! But I have no way of trying to deal with it.

Maybe, I'll cry about it. Maybe I won't. Give me some advice on how to cope with something like this, without being Suicidal. Because right now, I almost feel like digging a 6 foot hole and burying myself in it.

But on the other hand, in reality I should consider myself "A Trendsetter". because when I first played this game, there was no Teufel, or Crazylegs, or anyone else. I remembered when I would have a High Score with only 1,000. But now, Teufel has The High Score of almost 50,000, and I am out of the Top 10.

After I started playing, then I saw the High Scores really kick in. I really should be happy to have put this game on the Map, instead of kicking myself. Anyway, Congradulations to all of you who did make the Top 10 in this Game.
You're welcome Lonelymamasita(Viviana), those things do happen. Right about now, I am almost tired of this game. After months and months of playing this game, I have seen myself drop from 3rd all the way down to 7th in a period of 2 weeks.

During the 2 weeks when I have dropped 4 spots, all day and night, I have been playing this game and doing my level best, but the best I have done is the same 7th place I am currently holding on. Mentally, I am drained from this game.
Thanx Worshipper for yourhelp ONLY YOU & one other person has tried to help me! I do have scores on 2 or 3 other games but on certain ones they just don't allow me to put my score Take Care Have A Nice Weekend Ciao Vivianasad flower
Well Lonelymamasita, maybe it is the computer that you were on when playing this. Sometimes, I use different Computers when I am on this Website. And the Computer that I am currently on will not load any scores that I have achieved in any of these Games here on Connecting Singles.

Something to really think about here.
Yay. I got my spot back on top of the leaderboard!!!

laugh laugh laugh
I decided to give up! Since Tulefel got the High Score Today of 45,360, dropping me one spot(I am currently in 4th Overall), all day long I have tried, and tried, and tried, and in all the games I have played today, the best I have done was 6th, meaning that I could have never moved up from my current standing of 4th.

I've done the best that I could, but since my best was not good enough, I have decided to just "Pack It In", as far as Klondike is concerned. If and when the day comes when I have fallen out of the top 10 Overall, I'm not going to cry about it in my bed.

Good Luck to the rest of the Players of this game.

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1to1to193,700 12/7/2015
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