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Santa's Sleigh Game

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Give Santa Claus his sleigh.

Instructions: In this game there will be some Santa's on a grid, and you will need to give one sleigh to each Santa so that each Santa has one sleigh and each sleigh belongs to one Santa. The sleigh shall be put adjacent (horizontally or vertically) to the Santa and the sleighs shall not be adjacent to each other either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. At the start of each row and column, there will be a number specifying the number of sleighs that row or column has. Use the mouse to point and click to put in a sleigh, right click (or shift click) to put snow on the grid to remind you that that grid cannot have sleighs.

Comments (4)

  • vilas73
    vilas73 Nov 2011 seattle, Washington USA
    The bad thing about the game is...there is more then one correct way
  • sharina
    sharina Dec 2009 dublin, Dublin Ireland
    neither do i...dunno the time just goes wont stop till you get it right...frustrated
  • gulfstream2009Hidden Profile
    gulfstream2009Hidden Profile Dec 2009 clonmel, Tipperary Ireland
    Dont get this game at all even with the tipsconfused
  • GameAdmin
    GameAdmin Dec 2009 Connecting Singles, California USA
    We have added "Game Tips" to this game. Click the "Game Tips" link below the game, or use this link:

    This will walk you through the game and give you tips on how to complete the puzzle.