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Terrace Solitaire Game

Play this popular and difficult version of solitaire.

Instructions: At the start of this game 11 cards will be dealt as the reserve cards (also known as the terrace) and 4 cards will be dealt to the tableau (the bottom piles). First, you need to decide the base card of the foundation by dragging one of the cards to the foundation (the middle piles). After that, cards will be dealt to the empty tableau and the game starts. The object is to move all the cards to the foundation (built up in alternate colours, wrapping from K to A if necessary). The tableau piles should be built down in alternate colours (also wrapping from A to K if necessary). Emtpy tableau can only be filled by a card from the waste pile (the pile to the right of the covered stock pile). The reserve cards can only be moved directly to the foundation. You can click the stock pile to open a card and put in to the waste pile. When the stock cards are exhausted, you can flip the waste cards and deal again, but this time any card on the waste pile must be used immediately. If there are no valid moves, then the game is over.

Comments (10)

What is up with games not working with laptops? Is this temporary or permanent?
heeeeeeeeeapplause cheering banana yay
banana cheering applause yay i got it at last rolling on the floor laughing
I DID IT..I DID ITcheering cheering cheering
This one requires some concentration.
1st win niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
applause applause applause
peace peace peace peace
Yes peace
I like this game a lot but I have not beat it yet. Donna from Orillia, Ontario, Canada.
a good game .you have to remember what you started with...laugh
Good game, takes some thought but won on 2nd go :)

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mzbyrdie31,200Jun 10
dapubman31,200Jun 6
Jefke5931,200May 12
angelloves31,200Apr 17
LaraOrgana31,200Mar 10
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