• 198 records

Far Hazard

2,349 times played
13 comments, 13,982 views
Action Games

Kill invaders. Protect the Earth. Shoot without missing to get bonuses, and earn a higher score....

Ballie Shoot

27,123 times played
39 comments, 117,423 views
Action Games

BallieShoot is a quirky casual shooter that is hopefully fun to play even for non shoot-em-up fans. Simple mouse only controls with auto firing makes it a breeze to pick up and play....


704,382 times played
219 comments, 672,097 views
Sports Games

Pop all the red balls into the pockets....

Spider Solitaire

80,191 times played
20 comments, 85,484 views
Card Games

Play Spider Solitaire, one of the most popular solitaire card games....

Bridge Crossing

13,772 times played
38 comments, 24,060 views
Logic Games

Use your intelligence to help these people cross the bridge before the lamp runs out....

Dress Up Time

15,535 times played
77 comments, 49,254 views
Action Games

Dress up the girl and make her beautiful!...

World Capitals Quiz

15,487 times played
7 comments, 19,242 views
Quiz Games

Do you know the capital of each country?...

Eight off Solitaire

41,316 times played
21 comments, 72,427 views
Card Games

Keep eight cards in the reserve and play solitaire....

Yukon Solitaire

72,447 times played
15 comments, 102,756 views
Card Games

Play this Yukon version of solitaire...

Aces Up Solitaire

216,658 times played
25 comments, 73,906 views
Card Games

Remove all the cards until only aces are left...

Forty Thieves Solitaire

285,676 times played
56 comments, 351,432 views
Card Games

Clear the 40 thieves in this solitaire card game....


9,929 times played
10 comments, 20,251 views
Strategy Games

This is the ancient game of Mancala, the object is to collect as many gems in your mancala (the large cup on the right) as possible....


1,137 times played
8 comments, 23,266 views
Puzzle Action Games

Original Puzzle Game Mix n Match Kullors (cute brightly coloured creatures) to clear each level. Player Selects route through game....

Lucky Clover

306,006 times played
129 comments, 175,425 views
Puzzle Games

Find four leaf clovers and have good luck....


666 times played
3 comments, 14,698 views
Logic Games

Make everything green for St. Patrick's Day....

Easter Eggs

337,470 times played
123 comments, 242,294 views
Puzzle Action Games

Line up Easter eggs four by four in this addictive game....


7,621 times played
12 comments, 19,132 views
Action Games

Shoot at the fish with your bubble! Shoot 2 of the same fish to remove them. How high can your score get?...

Tower of Hanoi

1,942 times played
13 comments, 16,721 views
Logic Games

Are you organised enough to move a pile of ten pieces? Come and play!...


NA times played
4,860 comments, 1,063,225 views
Action Games

Real time particle fx firework show! Auto show or manual show....

Maze Race

3,301 times played
7 comments, 17,649 views
Puzzle Games

Race against the computer to reach the flag in a maze....

Fly ButterFly

5,273 times played
10 comments, 13,263 views
Action Games

Keep your butterfly flying over the flowers. Avoid the bee along your journey....

Knight Switch

1,890 times played
9 comments, 11,990 views
Logic Games

Challenge your mind with this simple and yet difficult game. It has 5 levels....

Bricks Breaking Hex

94,933 times played
31 comments, 76,457 views
Puzzle Action Games

Destroy blocks in this hex variant of the classic Bricks Breaking game....


151,171 times played
178 comments, 239,843 views
Action Games

Blockies is a light hearted feel good puzzle game. Match 3 or more blockies. Soothing sound effects and music....

Smiley Puzzle

31,019 times played
32 comments, 87,336 views
Puzzle Action Games

Slide the cute girly smilies to match 3 or more of the same color. Make combos, earn bonuses, break locks, and fill up the big smiley within the time limit! Beat all 12 levels in the timed Challenge mode, or have untimed fun in the Relaxed mode. New...


2,697 times played
8 comments, 15,916 views
Puzzle Action Games

Five brick stacking modes! Take it easy, race against the clock, or stack in bad weather! How high can your brick tower reach!?...


10,935 times played
3 comments, 19,610 views
Action Games

This nice remake of the classic arkanoid game is guaranteed to be fun. Come and play it now!...


13,214 times played
18 comments, 34,322 views
Puzzle Action Games

A winter-inspired tetris clone! Move and rotate the falling blocks to form lines and gain points! The more lines u form at once the more bonus points u will get for each line. Each 10 lines the level goes up and the blocks fall faster. Good luck and...


4,968 times played
6 comments, 62,349 views
Action Games

Point and click matching, reaction game with colorful graphics and smooth game play....


26,851 times played
32 comments, 32,952 views
Action Games

Glom the balls of the same color together to make bigger balls and drag them off the screen. If balls of different colors collide, the game is over....

Scene Memory

6,897 times played
6 comments, 13,523 views
Memory Games

Can you be a detective?...

Bricks Breaking

119,191 times played
29 comments, 165,551 views
Puzzle Action Games

Remove groups of bricks of the same colour until they are all gone....

Christmas Gifts

1,022 times played
2 comments, 10,488 views
Action Games

Help Santa Claus deliver Christmas gifts to the houses! Can you put the gifts right into the chimneys?...

Crazy Taxi

51,554 times played
45 comments, 54,262 views
Action Games

Drive as fast as possible, dodge other cars and jump over them!...

Halloween Shooter

34,799 times played
71 comments, 51,938 views
Action Games

Kill as many pumpkins as you can.Shoot without miss. Get bonuses and earn more scores....