I promise to God to remain a virgin till marriage Group

I promise to God to remain a virgin till marriage Group Sex outside marriage is sin ! This group also exists on Facebook. We must show the Gods power to this world.

Those who accept the Bibles teaching about marriage can join.

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You shall not commit adultery.113
You have heard that it was said, "You shall not commit adultery." But I say to you that every one who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.114

I believe that here Jesus Christ did not teach on the actual natural act, sex is in line with the laws of nature. HE referred to the lustfulness of the mind and the desires. I also believe that this is a commandment which is very difficult to understand. In my humble opinion, the 10 Commandments govern the laws of nature. They speak of the love for one's neighbour. Therefore even this 6th Commandment should not be interpreted out of the context of the love or injury to one's neighbours. I am a simple man in the street. Therefore my opinion does not have any theological backing.

What is marriage? are they 2 women? 2 men? a mixture? multiples?. Jesus taught about what is marriage and it is in direct line with the Laws of Nature. Reproduction is the fruit of 2 different sexes. When does marriage take place? is it a declaration in public? or to a statal/public official? or to a society? or when two people commit an act of s*xual intimacy? or when conception has taken place? Which are the instances? Western States speak of polygamy on a contractual basis, but does a contract create births? A man/woman may have as many offsprings from as many partners, that is not polygamy, but dare you not exclaim a marriage contract to a second partner, even being of the same sex.

OH DEAR JESUS I beg YOU do give us some direction.
Mr_Amoronline today!


I think,
Sex before marriage is wrong, But it can not be SIN.
Hurting, harming, cheating, killing, etc is SIN

Being virgin till marriage is good. But it doesn't mean they will go to heaven.
Sex before marriage is wrong. But it doesn't mean they will go to hell because of SIN


I am new in this group
Kindly lead me about it
I will be thankful

But on the other hand

For a few of us it's been so long
Surely I Must Be A Born Again Virgin


Love is more fun then War

banana angel teddybear


I appreciate your group

RE: sex out side of marriage is sin

I am also saving for my future husband if i ever get married ( I Agree I feel like ONLY A HUSBAND AND A WIFE Should do those things. And I am a faithful religious person

God bless u all

and Merry Christmas!!!!!

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RE: How many peoples think purity in there life

Count me in. I believe in Gods word!

RE: sex out side of marriage is sin

You are right. I am sorry I was not believer when I was young so I became promiscuous because I thought it was manly to have sex alot. I'm glad I am a saved Christian now. I have been celibate for 15 years and counting!

How many peoples think purity in there life

purity matters,
in life
in deeds
in talks
in give n take
in prayers
in relations
lets see how many peoples accept that, purity matters

bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet
heart wings heart wings heart wings heart wings heart wings heart wings

sex out side of marriage is sin

not only bible guide us to wards right path, but also Quran attest the saying of bible.
we as Muslim believe all four torat, zabur, ingil, quran with other scriptures raveled by God to men, All messengers say same thing all books describe same guidelines.

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