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adore bluener lol and f4f = be a fan for fun

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Anybody home?????

Hi there all(who have taken the time to come see whats happening)

I think I especially am guilty of not checking the group section.
So I'm not throwing any stones. doh

I'm not around much anymore, but would still like to play catch up with you guys once in a while.

Let us know if you are still around or just popping in.

Blue hug hug its good to see you again.

Morg, if you still pop in, say hiwave

Love and hugs to all


RE: Hey ALL!

Where is everybody? uh oh

RE: welcome

Hello Red,

Hope you are well? I've a message from Dimi to forward onto you in regards to his wishes to hand over his duties to your good self as new club administrator.

I'll leave it with you,bye now and be well.bouquet wave

RE: welcome

Hey Blue thank you wine ....... Hope you well, I do miss you on the blogs hug

RE: welcome

Thank you Cofy ......

The Discussion NOT about Obama

The fall colors are in full spectrum. The lakes are still to give focus to the changing leaves that will soon be raked and bagged. It won't be long before the grass goes silver in the morning and crunches under foot, only to melt mid-day.
I have found my favorite sweaters, alpaca, wool and llama wool. I need to find my boots.
Soon it will be like the first steps into cold water, with timid steps I tread.
The sky will be exposed by bare trees and sleeping lawns. It won't be long before even I can track animals in the snow, and the snow hushes all things and brings a strange calm to the world.
It won't be long, and the waters will freeze and like the frosty grass, it too will crackle under foot with an eerie whisper.
Winter is not my favorite time of year. I must armor myself with layers of fibers and boot-up. I must put on fighting gloves and make my way and search for the other side, when the invitation to spring is the first leaf.


Yes, it is very sad that the club has taken another turn. But I was grateful to be a part of it and had fun with it..! I guess this is my last posting.

I also understand the confusion and frustrations of this site as to who is who? With so many scammers and beautiful photo's of people,it does leave one feeling is it worth it if you are real?. I get confused all most every time I'm on here. It's rather sad,as if you are genuine? then there are those who will think other wise.
As far as photo's/'shop photo's', I don't understand the big deal,if people we know on here are having fun with it,why not...?
And no,my Profile pic is not 'photo shop'.. but I wouldn't mind having fun with putting my head on an animal or something....

laugh I'm sure that everyone on here are very real,and thank you for having me, especially 'Blue'.

wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave teddybear bouquet handshake


I have read ur comments on Camel's blog this morning,
i understand that u can be confused as u have often said that urself.
But i ask u to ask Blu, Morg and any other here that u trust, if i am me or camel or parti or jack or fred or whoever.
As for psting a video, there r other ways to prove who is real, and i again ask u to ask those that u seem to trust.
Once u have found out that i am me and only me, i wont seek an apology cause i figure that u were and may still be confused.
so Pls accept my challenge and ask those that u trust.
Blu, Morg, Cofy, Plain June, anyone i dont care.
I am just tired of ur insults to me thinking i am someone else.cheers handshake


I am sad our little club collasped, everyone gone. I hope all are happy and okay not least of all our blue. Hope to see you in the blogs sometimes.hug hug hug wave wave wave

RE: My vacations , september 2012

Blue, my friend I hate goodbyes, but as we are a couple of demoniacs, unbelievers, not my farewell to you, we will be in in hell sooner than later, my friend!

laugh devil laugh

hug cheers


RE: welcome

Nothing to forgive but certainly I will not forget you.
Hoping your life goes good blueteddybear

RE: Hey ALL!

hug Blue I think everyone is so sad at your leaving us they have not said a goodbyewave crying hug
I was going to announce on the blogs but you yourself have not so thought better of it. teddybear
One last time my friend will I bring our empty club room back to the foremoping moping moping

RE: My vacations , september 2012

Hi cofy yes it is sad but in a way i am happy blue has found a peace to move on, I too wish him well, wish we could have a party to give him a love send off. teddybear teddybear party balloons beverage delivery buddies danceline

RE: My vacations , september 2012

Blue, I must admit since I haven't been participating too much at the blogs lately, the club has been where I've been hiding out. IT served its purpose, and it was good.
I'm sorry that you feel its time to move on, however... I'm also glad for you that you reached a place in your live where you could think it through and make the decision.
I would be blessed if you added me to your mailing list.

Be at peace, be happy and be fulfilled.

teddybear kiss


RE: Hey ALL!

i think the club did it great even with so little participation.
we did a post score very diff to be beaten.morg i believe if u really need a shelter , on cs , create a new group . jmo.
handshake cheers wave

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