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friends4friends Group This group is simply for friends. It does not matter you are a man or a woman. If you look for somebody to talk to via the Internet this group is for you.

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hi yes come here to talk and write


Hey everyone am joel.

Like to do some chatting tonight


I'm am new to the group. I like to chat about events that happened during the day mostly and what people do on vacations.

RE: friend

I would like friends. I do not have many friends, that is why I joined this site to find new friends and get to know them better.

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Hi yes friends is allways nice to have I am from Galway so anyone that mite like to chat and met feel free to mail me

RE: friend

I am a bit "older" than most everyone on these sites and, believe me, I'd rather meet/chat with friends than seek a love interest! Those days are long gone and relationships are a continual work in progress. Friends can be friends without drama or issues to contend with. Does that make sense to anyone besides myself? grin

RE: friend

Hi I came on this site with hopes of finding new friends and hopefully true love as wellhelp makeing friends is something i have always found hard because im qute shy when it come to meeting new peopleblushingSpecially with girlscrying so any help you can give will be most appreciated.


RE: friend

Yes. Just read a study that suggests that happiness is directly related to relationships.


Would you like to find new friends? just to talk to or write?wave

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